Twine with without solidify of solvent low temperature double horse comes acyl inferior amine colophony system is increasingly conspicuous. Lab of engineering stress of material of high polymer of university of science of high polymer of close Sichuan university and project institute, Sichuan, in modified of vinyl benzyl compound double horse comes acyl inferior in amine colophony system, add thinner of active of Xi propyl phenol, got viscosity is less than 1000mPa? S, treatment working life is more than 8h, in 150 ~ 155 ℃ are finished solidify and hind solidify, apply to twine shape the resinite of craft is. Temperature of transition of this resinous vitrification achieves 261 ℃ after the modified that add pliable but strong, tensile strength and flexural strength are 73MPa and 133MPa respectively. According to expert introduction, composite material twines colophony radical shape the technology is early appear at going up century 40 time, start housing and research of system of pressure vessel development to solid rocket namely. Through the development of half many century, twine one of important steps in shaping to had become composite material workmanship, the housing of solid rocket motor that uses from aerospace arrives canister of civil vitreous steel tube, lay aside has twine shape goods is being used extensively. Needing what pay close attention to particularly is in respect of the cost that make, twine those who shape to had been regarded to be products of construction of low cost production composite material to choose a method. Will tell commonly twine shape craft should have the following requirement with colophony: Have to fiber good wellability and stick relay; Solidify hind has higher intensity and the outspread rate that suit with fiber photograph; Inferior initiative viscosity and stability of better keep in storage; Inferior solidify shrinkage and low noxiousness, origin is extensive and the price is low. Application is twined extensively shape to with colophony basically colophony of epoxy resin, phenolic aldehyde, polyester waits. These colophony have good treatment craft sex, but its hear resistance all poorer, the application that cannot satisfy a few special domains asks. Below this kind of circumstance, acyl of double Ma Lai inferior the treatment craft sex that amine colophony holds similar epoxy resin concurrently as a result of its, and get together acyl inferior amine resinous is able to bear or endure stability of damp and hot, already became afterwards in aerospace domain structural composite material is medium after epoxy resin another kind of important base material. The expert says, the acyl of double Ma Lai that is used at making advanced composite material twine to shape at present inferior amine colophony delicacy appears in the newspaper. To get used to the development of aerospace domain, need development goes a kind to suit to twine acyl of shaping double Ma Lai inferior amine colophony. This colophony must have the following characteristic: Use active thinner; Have superior microtherm solidify performance, in 150 ~ 155 ℃ are finished solidify and hind solidify; Twine shape temperature is inferior, for 40 ℃ left and right sides; Colophony condensate has better heat-resisting performance and mechanical property. The experimental raw material that develops for this includes: 4, 4’- 2 amino acyl of double Ma Lai of 2 benzene firedamp inferior amine (BMI) , industrial product; Modifier, compound of benzyl of double phenolic A vinyl (VB) ; Active thinner, 2, 2 Xi of 4- propyl - 6- armour oxygen base phenol (DMP) ; Accelerant, oxidize too benzene of 2 different third (DCP) , chemical pure reagent; Add modifier of pliable but strong, for compound of Lin of liquid evil Zun (OXAZOLINE) . Colophony mould system has measure is first: BMI and modifier VB compare by corporeal quantity (1: 1) mixes, in 90 ~ reaction gets together beforehand between 120 ℃ 10 ~ 15min, after the capacity that adds active thinner DMP and flexibilizer OXAZOLINE(active thinner fastens the 30%) of quality for colophony main body, react again below this temperature 5min, fall to join accelerant DCP to 40 ℃ , after agitate makes an appointment with 5min, must get together beforehand namely body colophony. Take the advantage of heat to will get together beforehand colophony irrigates a person already in warm-up mould, design craft solidify via person oven moving to press after deaeration of 60 ℃ vacuum: 80 ℃ / 4h+100 ℃ / 4h+120 ℃ / 4h+150 ℃ / 10h, repass 155 ℃ / of 4h hind solidify processing. The refrigeration that let oven comes room temperature, hind of drawing of patterns gets sample of colophony mould body namely. As a result of VB compound (the electron gives put oneself in another's position) can accept put oneself in another's position with BMI(electron) form charge to change complexing thing, this kind of freedom that reacts mechanism is different from a tradition base reaction mechanism, accordingly this system has microtherm solidify property. And the difference that goes up as a result of the structure, the colophony of styrene modified BMI that the function of BMI of modified of compound of this kind of VB is different from a tradition. Additional, accelerant DCP can quicken the microtherm solidify of BMI, keep better be able to bear or endure function of damp and hot and mechanical function. And the active thinner DMP that uses low viscosity in order to reduce systematic viscosity, improve composite material shape craft sex. According to expert introduction, colophony of BMI of VB compound modified has superior integral performance. Through 80 ℃ / 4h+100 ℃ / 4h+120 ℃ / 4h+150 ℃ / 10h program solidify, repass 155 ℃ / processing of the solidify after 4h, temperature of transition of mould body vitrification is 248.1 ℃ , show better heat-resisting performance. The specification is in while colophony photograph compares solidify temperature and other BMI to drop considerably, the heat-resisting function of system of colophony of BMI of VB compound modified drops not apparent, still can yet be regarded as a kind exceedingly good high temperature resistant colophony. And, as a result of function of solidify of its low temperature, shape for the following composite material craft offerred more alternatives. But tenacity of resinous of BMI of VB compound modified is poorer, still need farther modified in order to raise its mechanical function. Commonly used addition the method of BMI tenacity basically has catenary of enlarge of modified of compound of 2 Xi propyl, 2 amine, balata to add pliable but strong, thermoplastic colophony adds pliable but strong to wait. In system of BMI of VB compound modified, because above method cannot realize microtherm solidify, increase colophony viscosity or sacrifice to wait for a reason greatly and cannot be used relatively to colophony hear resistance. Be aimed at system of BMI of VB compound modified, researcher lab synthesized OXAZOLINE of a kind of new-style modifier that add pliable but strong. Is viscosity of this compound itself less than 100mPa below room temperature? S, have cricoid structure, and contain rich electron base round, can form charge to change complexing thing with BMI colophony. Each other is formed to wear network structure after OXAZOLINE and BMI react, have the better effect that add pliable but strong consequently. OXAZOLINE is right the effect adding pliable but strong of system of BMI of VB compound modified is very apparent. The expert expresses, use charge to transfer complexing content to form a principle, the matrix of colophony of high-powered composite material that by VB compound BMI colophony makes modified so that one kind suits to twine shape. This colophony has superior microtherm solidify performance, mould system performance considers to make clear, colophony has good hear resistance and mechanical property.

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