China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Picture origin: Twenco Cor Boksem depends on the experience that produces wind- driven blade since taking the place of 1980, founded 2007 Twenco (Holand nots Li Cenfen) . This brings about “ developed the new technology that is used at blade root ministry drill and more intelligent report heats mould, ”Boksem says. Come for years, twenco developed latter to be controlled in order to offer more and more courses. Twenco Products is dedicated outside heating to amount to 6 meters drill besides root ministry diameter with DEA process monitoring at intelligent mould, twenco is dedicated still now at two kinds of products: The intelligent mould that applies to all sorts of composite material and nondestructive of its NDT [detect] analyzer. Both made Twenco develop sensor technology, this technology is not to invade type interpose electroanalysis by described as “ (DEA)” . This company has proved this sensor can monitor the colophony flow in colophony perfusion process and solidify, and compound solder (include resistor and inductive welder art) medium temperature, viscosity and crystallization. Boksem returns the development to future to have vision, quality is offerred to assure during this will make manufacturer can see composite material craft passes interior to be produced in batch into line scanning (QA) .

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15-18 December

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