Be in hundred years those who have no is big change bureau, science and technology free-standing self-improvement is propped up as the strategy of development, with implementation of science and technology answer of go back to work is produced, help force economy, make the main economy system that growing exclusively 2020. 2021, science and technology will be accelerated greatly in the application of socioeconomy domain. Did not come to foretell better trend of science and technology, master trends of forward position of science and technology, " brain truster of science and technology " editorial office is arranged trend of forward position of 10 old science and technology consulted with offerring 2021. TOP1 artificial intelligence (AI) develop   to depth in new coronal the concussion of pneumonic epidemic situation falls, AI technology develops quickly, will continue to become orgnaization of enterprise, government, scientific research and capital and market to wait for the heat that just pays close attention to each 2021. Kind cerebral computation system from “ special ” to progressively gradual progress of “ general ” ; Character of nerve configuration hardware gets disentombing further and use at implementing more advanced intelligence system; Artificial intelligence inspires trend structure and function from cerebral structure pay equal attention to; Center of artificial intelligence computation becomes intelligence to change the crucial infrastructure of the times.   of development of diversification of technology of ” of TOP2 “ cloud gets new coronal epidemic situation, block measure and handle official bussiness at any time and place mode drive, cloud demand appears to grow quickly. “ cloud ” will present diversification to develop a tendency 2021: Use many communal cloud; Cloud data security erupts the double round that receives the market and technology; Yunyuan gives birth to a technology to will drive cloud computation industry to upgrade again. TOP3 5G base station construction quickens     2021, telegraphic operation business will drive 5G to become independent energetically (SA) group net framework, divide outside providing high speed and high capacity communication, yi Kegen occupies applied process custom-built network and applicable exceed requirement of low defer network. Spread out in 5G technology, SK Telecom of Japanese NTT DoCoMo, Korea (SKT) wait to already began to pay close attention to 6G, emphasize future having conformity of more XR equipment (include VR, AR, MR, 8K and more picture) , use will become more true like umbriferous communication completely, far end the hopeful such as the job, control, medicine, education is able to popularize. Reality of TOP4 fictitious join is mixed to the experience   of setting depth gradual progress is fictitious and true change but 3D of have the aid of is printed wait for a technology, the complex structure object in will fictitious design appears in reality, still can carry fictitious message true in, let people and fictitious part, object undertake alternant; Holographic Internet is farther distributing umbriferous ” of “ of synchronism of the person at each district, thing, content arrives one case, span time, place and language, span even fictitious with true bounds, let everybody undertake truer and closer interactive; Future, in false or true compositive in, still will appear move back and forth at fictitious and true between, the intelligence that changes time and game regulation implements system. Net of TOP5 content couplet is evolution   of   of wisdom couplet net content couplet net was evolution wisdom couplet net 2021, with deepness combinative AI regards promotion as the main core of value. In the environment that occupy the home, content couplet net joins the equipment in the home. Blame contact technology quickens industry of 4 guide, in wisdom factory pursuit tenacity, flexibility and efficiency fall, AI will devote oneself to to make predestined relationship of equilateral of Cobot, unmanned aircraft carries equipment to provide more high accuracy and detect energy, enter by automation change independently. In respect of medical treatment course of study, faster video differentiate in order to assist clinical and decision-making and even far end interrogation and operation are auxiliary, all be conformity of future of net of AI cure couplet the technology comes wisdom courtyard place, far be apart from iatrical important way. TOP6 estate division piece catenary drives data element to commercialize   picture having pushinging the project that uses bank number money formally, will become last having to count word money. Hopeful of technology of area piece catenary made 2030 gross domestic product (GDP) rise 1.76 trillion dollar. Area piece catenary can be strengthened effectively in the application in the industry with all possible means the cooperation between is trustful, promote systematic security and authentic sex, simplify flow, reduce cost. Begin to undertake digitlization for the mainstream with traditional banking capital migratory, this one course is right of IOT equipment gain ground raised taller requirement, at the same time ecbolic also of asset gateway brand-new digitlization of part —— asset. TOP7 drives automatically trend dimensions changes commercial application   to drive automatically test and forerunner of intelligent network couplet set an example in tens of the city is rolled out in the round. As, the United States more mixing the area uses 5G-V2X technology level, more perfect car, communication and form a complete set of traffic industry capacity, and the test that cross a boundary enters public field of vision with demonstrative activity, our country 5G-V2X was entered from phase of key of commercial of dimensions of applied demonstrative trend. Interface of TOP8 head machine helps the mankind surmount interface of machine of head of biologic limit   is new generation interactive the crucial core technology that mixes intelligence with man-machine. Cerebral machine interface is the one big milepost that change of science and technology lives. Cerebral machine interface is the join gateway that builds between person head and computer or other equipment and control channel. Receive signal through the computer, person head can convey idea to perhaps control other equipment directly, nerve of the week outside Lai Yu notting comply and muscle —— control device with “ idea ” , emancipatory limb. 9 chapters ” realized the quanta computer “ that TOP9 quanta plan is and group of acting at ordinary times nuke   Pan Jianwei makes to calculate force bannerly, the quanta computer that exceeds Gu Ge to was released 2019 one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight times. Quanta computation can call the nuke of peaceful times, the cost that each big national capital cannot bear to fail in competition of quanta technology revolution. 2021 quanta computation opens source project to will be contributed deep with be being mixed extensively, reduce the cost that learn and studies greatly, pare is not scientific element to tear off the risk of quanta community. TOP10 chip technology can change change     from miniature Hua Xiangzhi 2020, the United States is aimed at China offer ” to wait for the “ core segment of the enterprise, make compatriots profundity experiences the pain that blocks neck ” to “ , crucial core technology must master in him hand, develop to pay close attention to particularly to the future of chip technology so. Chip technology is spending the change that spends to intelligence from miniature, 4 trends of prospective chip technology: New principle parts of an apparatus; Can reframe chip; Classical chip and quanta computation mix; Kind cerebral chip.

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