The court of a feudal ruler of go smoothly of England of TRB Lightweight Structures (pauses) announce development goes baffle of bottom of a kind of complex vehicle, can decreasing while weight is measured, showing raise concussion to absorb ability. This company shows, these face plate are made by the TRB colophony that adds pliable but strong, use the big batch workmanship that has cost effectiveness, workmanship and this kind of new solution is developed at the same time, mix in North America now British operation. New baffle uses the interlining structure of advanced material, intelligence is statified draw strength with offerring disparate impact according to the position. Say according to TRB, the test makes clear, with steel solution photograph is compared, concussion absorptivity turns over times normally, at the same time weight halve. Board can lacquer, but what differ with steel is, do not need to use coating to be used at corroding protection. These board structural heft is light, can simplify to install and change. “ slide batholith designs need to provide better batteries protection for highway and cross-country traffic, richard Holland of president of ”TRB Lightweight Structures says. Our method used “ tens of year the knowledge that comes in material and the development of production method and test respect, offerred a kind of solution that has cost effectiveness for car assembly thereby, can reduce weight and improve performance. ”TRB is exhibited at will beginning the European batteries that holds in Situjiate on November 30 on show its product and skill.

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