From 2018 of composite material crop distributing in light of, although start later, but development is swift and violent, already held large share in crop 2018. Ever since ordinal it is North America, Asia (do not contain) , Europe and South America. range of composite material production is wide, among them the crop of fibre glass holds the majority, also hold the output that exceeds an in part; carbon fiber yield is higher also, in recent years its produce technology, character and application to have very great progress; The crop such as fiber of basaltic fiber, polyethylene of freeboard element quantity all is resided, development is rapid. Composite material production of North America basically is in Canada and United States centrally, start earlier, crop is occupied 26% , main application is carried at aerospace, traffic reach industry to construct 3 big fields. The field uses in technology of a few high end, the United States is having larger dominant position, be like fine of the carbon on air bus, military plan the application of composite material. Composite material production of Europe basically is centered at fibre glass (1.141 million tons) with carbon fiber (fifty-two thousand five hundred tons) . Europe has distinguishing feature each individually: Technical level of Germany and crop all are Europe; Italian technology more apt is practical; The technology of Russia develops very lopsided ……Composite material crop is resided, developing ceaselessly. And composite material market of Europe is relatively mature market, technical level is higher, to us prospective development has referenced sense. Later development was 2020 European fibre glass enhances report of composite material market, from which we can get market of composite material of a few concerned future grows a tendency inspire. European fibre glass enhanced author of   of Reinforced Plastics (GRP) In 2020 of   of   of The Market For Glass Fibre of   of   of report of composite material market 2020: Dr. Elmar Witten, volker Mathes (AVK)

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
1. Introductive     2. The demonstrative     of market condition 3.   of overall trend   4. European GRP produces     5. Craft /   of   of hardware development trend 6. 2020   of   of crop of each country GRP 7.   of   of of other composite material 8. Look into
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
01   introductive   is in virus of new-style coronal shape (virus of new coronal of the following abbreviation) the enveloped European GRP market below, be in successive after growth of 6 years, the crop last year second backwater not before. 2020, european GRP market was experienced since crisis of 2008/2009 annuity be in harmony low confused period, GRP output fell 12.7 % , have about 996000 tons of yield only. This kind of main reason that drops considerably is since Feburary 2020 () popular all the time new coronal virus / SARS-CoV-2, be in Europe especially. Almost all losses that used a domain to suffer different level to go up, and traffic carriage domain is one of domains with stricken be hit by a natural adversity and serious economy more, among them the blow that car and aviation branch suffer is serious. From the point of area, meridional with England / of Ireland drop big. And the influence that Germany and hamster get is relatively minor. No matter the development of market of other staple data how, look from gross, fibre glass enhances composite material (GRP) at present till the 90 % above that still occupies fibre glass of dominant position —— to enhance composite material to hold composite material total output. As above, each economic domains got the influence of new coronal epidemic situation. In spring, the GDP that European Union committee forecasts whole European Union will drop considerably 7.4 % , the GDP of euro area can drop 7.7% . Later, european Union committee is in again in forecasting, adjust of the summer further to these numbers. According to the new investigation that will have July, predict the economy of euro area will be contractive this year 8.7 % , european Union whole will be contractive 8.3 % , economic situation of the coming year is met somewhat get warm again after a cold spell. Like the circumstance during financial crisis, the fall of GRP crop the fall that extent can compare macroeconomic range is bigger. Two of GRP product main users are traffic and construction industry, among them car (make) the domain is special, be in all the time suffer the serious effect with constrictive economy. New coronal epidemic situation and to it a variety of relevant measure, include a city first / country, be regarded as to create current economy low confused main reason, but not be only reason. Last year, the market already experienced the effect of the political uncertainty that increases increasingly in European Union interior and international trade. 2019 second half of the year, a lot of macroscopical economy incident, for example of the trade protectionism policy that England takes off conflict of Europe, trade, each country and trade growth put delay, the tremendous uncertainty that caused development of composite material market and development pessimism anticipate. Accordingly, had appeared last year a few undesirable phenomena, include: The enterprise cuts down cost, company to recombine, stock market wave motion, investment decreases and overall economy environment is not stable etc. Before new coronal epidemic situation erupts, the not affirmatory foreground of the core market such as car and commercial vehicle and continuously fatigued and weak also be the reason that pessimism forecasts. Of course, new coronal epidemic situation brought the concussion of arise suddenly to the market. However, in the consideration epidemic prevention is fought epidemic disease and when answering future, the structural sex that should not happen before negligence epidemic situation changes. The in explaining   reports originally to ensure data of market condition and data of before a few years have 02   can compare a gender, this report thinks GRP material includes all hot solid sexes fibre glass enhances composite material, in thermoplastic what average of composite material market sees is thermoplastic fibre glass felt enhances composite material (GMT) , thermoplastic long fiber enhances composite material (LFT) and all thermoplastic successive fiber enhances composite material. What produce about Europe is thermoplastic the data that short fibre glass enhances composite material consults for whole only, explain separately accordingly. In addition, the article reveals natural fiber to enhance composite material through the form of collect (NRP) data. This GRP market report included to be able to record all and relevant Europe that with test and verify its produce data.   of 03   overall trend this year (2020) , european GRP crop predicts to will drop 12.7 % , market gross predicts to be 996 thousand tons (see a picture 1) . Visible, this market is being experienced from 2008/2009 year drop greatly since economic crisis. But, like in former years, the trend of European Union interior is skimble-scamble. Although the output of any any areas, craft won't grow this year, but there is difference between area, differ especially the difference between technological process. These difference but the vast difference between the flexibility of the high otherness of ascribe treatment raw material, workmanship and applied domain. 2019, applied domain respect produced nature of a root to transform: Building / the dosage of infrastructure domain second carry a territory more than, this kind of trend still is continueing. Afore-mentioned circumstances make clear, the fluctuant meeting inside these two very large trades brings about fibre glass to enhance the wave motion of composite material industry. The certain domain in automobile industry and construction industry posture are compared, the crisis of the sale is more immediate to the influence of demand, this market that direct report strengthens composite material industry in fibre glass is forecasted and in the trend. On the whole, two afore-mentioned main fields are very big to the influence of GRP crop, one of reasons that this is trend of GRP crop change and gross domestic product and close of trend of gross value of industrial output (see a picture 3) . Although in recent years the masses and media put the emphasis on large project, for example the project of company of BMW, airbus, but composite material market still with many small-sized give priority to with miniature enterprise. A few years ago, according to Eu CIA estimation, be in European area, have the company of industry of 10000 composite material about, have about 125000 stuff in all. Although distributing,in different production quotient is measured numerous, but the 80-90 % that 10-20 % company is holding total output of answer lumber market. The GRP of 04   Europe produces     2020, european fibre glass strengthens composite material market will atrophic 12.7% , gross will achieve 996 thousand tons, ended in recent years moderate growth. This drops the influence all areas are mixed almost all applied domains. Begin from the 5th, the article is united in wedlock / area and application / manufacturing domain undertakes detailed analysis. Although in last few years the crop of European GRP is in,grow, but backward Yu Meizhou (basically be the United States / North America) with the Asia (especially) increase rate. According to data statistic, to 2019, the crop estimation of composite material industry is 1-1.2 ten million ton. AVK cannot inquire the relevant data 2020 temporarily. But the impact that considers new coronal epidemic situation, existence is contacted cheek by jowl between the production that enhances composite material according to fiber and economic growth, the key that can serve as reference via adding up to those who organize pair of GDP to forecast (see a picture 4) . In the analysis, distinguished via joining an organization so called click a scene (take no account of quadratic new coronal epidemic situation is affected) and doubleclick a scene (2020 happened the 2nd times to affect epidemic situation before the bottom) . Below these two kinds of circumstances, the European Union suffers the degree of the influence to will get the rate of the influence on average more than greatly, output of predicting euro region will fall 9.1 % or 11.5 % . Evaluate according to this, meridional will get the blow of greater economic depression, predicting United States (- 7.3 % and - 8.5 % ) drop so won't big, and overshot better it seems that the crisis (- 2.6 % and - 3.8 % ) . Although individually / area existence difference, but these estimation values support the following possibility: Europe will continue to lose its in this year the portion in composite material market, and whole market also will fall not to exceed 10 percent. This kind of slow growth that had lasted several years and current new coronal epidemic situation has nothing to do, the change that is workmanship and method and profit margin the bag outside inferior commodity brings about. Compare with European photograph, a few specific application of other area and industry development are more swift and violent, and the development of other sphere is putting delay. Although these domains undertook a few major companies recombine, but European GRP industry still has very tall international depend on sb or sth for existence to spend, and be given priority to with many small small company, and large company is supplier or company of raw material treatment commonly. Overall and character, the current that reduces cost and company to recombine currently still remains to observe to the influence of composite material industry. 05   craft / in recent years fibre glass enhances   of hardware development trend the indispensable craft in composite material production / the crop of the spare parts goes situation. The name of each parts is not absolutely certainly strict and correct, but this report will continue to use them to make the reader compares these costs effectively as far as possible. Besides, still have a lot of other production processes / technology, basically OK classify is one of afore-mentioned domains. With respect to system capacity character, SMC / BMC still is holding major market. It is craft of open mode of so called “ next (Open Processes)” , this part emphasizes manual skill and craft very much normally. With respect to crop character, afore-mentioned other parts (crop) the level that is in likeness. But, these are going up somehow to the number absolutely covered a map 5 in shown long-term trend. Although current market environment is unusual, but the trend already tended stable. Important is, in 20 years of in the past, open mode craft lost share of a lot of markets. SMC / BMC already held GRP to machine market of the much in the domain now, but its market share keeps constant almost, and thermoplastic the growth prep above of domain of composite material treatment is average level. Although current the sale crisis of this domain is very apparent, but from the point of metaphase, this domain will retain great growth opportunity. But, notable is, in growing fiber and successive fiber to enhance material domain, system of hot solid sex was held up to now large market share, and this one domain is returned develop in in a steady stream.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The following part is the separate analysis of all sorts of type GRP in be being accused to our newspaper. SMC of   of   of # 5.1 SMC/BMC (piece record pattern composite material) with BMC (conglomerate form pattern composite material) 1/4 what package holds total output about, and hold the market share with GRP large trade. Semi-manufactured goods / moulding material is shape through compressing or inject shapes will machine. SMC / BMC basically is used at large-scale batch production. Come for years, these two kinds of material already were in electric / the electron is used extensively with carriage domain, typical application includes the crust of the car in network of ark of headlight system, chimney, control and commercial vehicle, car and local public traffic and exterior package. This year, industry of SMC / BMC will be atrophic 15 % , reach 244000 tons. Accordingly, with thermoplastic composite material system is similar, this share market is by the influence of current crisis serious, the relationship that is it and automobile industry so formerly is close. Although at present this part is showing ameliorative sign, but the loss of a huge sum that this cannot offset the beginning of the year. SMC is a the scale in share of these two markets is larger, market gross is 174000 tons, BMC total output is 70000 tons. The output of BMC market fell 14.6 % , the rate that gets crisis effect slightly under SMC. Suffer epidemic situation effect, although this year SMC / BMC (market share) quick systole, but they remain the part with this extremely hopeful industry. The half-and-half finished product that observed last year and the strong interest of these processing technique still are in continuously. By guild of German composite material ( the investigation of index of groovy composite material that launch shows, people is improved somewhat in second half of the year to the expectation of SMC / BMC. Company of composite material of this investigation requirement undertakes to tendency of the market qualitative evaluate. Besides thermoplastic outside method of composite material treatment, technology of SMC / BMC is current also hopeful provides vast power for the market (see a picture 6) . Industry of SMC / BMC of picture     continues to devote oneself to all sorts of innovation products and product to enhance a function, among them important is high-powered SMC (carbon fiber enhances SMC) , successive fiber enhances SMC and natural fiber to enhance SMC. On one hand, these material aim to raise the wear of corresponding component; On the other hand, they are sought develop new applied domain —— to be in especially for this technology tall stress or structural component domain. Now, approve surveyor's pole project to already got revealing in many respects, now is moment yields these material / data system proves its value in batch production process. From long-term in light of, whether can be relevant application used extensively to return remain to observe. ” of craft of open mode of “ of   of   of craft of # 5.2 open mode (hand paste and spray) total output is 209000 tons, platoon of its market share is in the 2nd of European GRP market. But, if the graph is shown 7 times, its portion in whole market already from 37 % (1999) drop 21 % (this year) . This shows, came 20 years in the past, open mode craft is Europe drops all the time fast part. To 2020, per cent of its market atrophy is 11.8, the atrophy that compares whole market wants a few less. Spray (- 10.2 % ) paper with the hand (- 12.9 % ) having such downtrend. Although be compared with other part photograph, its drop this year extent is relatively lesser, but from long-term in light of, these market share that produce technology will drop further. Its output falls the enlarge that a kind of explanation with lesser extent is swimming-pool construction is added. Because reside the limitation of a segregation and relevant journey, swim the growth momentum that Chi Jian sets is swift and violent. This year, the apiration that private family investment improves housing is very tall. Overall and character, although predict in the near future its market share can drop further, but open mode craft will still continue to make important contribution to GRP crop. Really, because their investment cost is inferior, they are to book normally, custom-built or small lot product is medium want to choose. Although spray and hand burnt craft are the primitive technology that handles GRP, but its are behaved in the production in the package with large, complex height or product still very outstanding. Be in Europe, as a result of long and the increasingly strict relevant code that processes a technique, be opposite especially not saturated polyester / the code of styrene, and change to what other raw material is restricted to be worth etc, its production becomes higher and higher and difficult. The requirement besides these stricter code (ask to undertake costly face-lifting to producing establishment sometimes / revise) besides, industry (relevant enterprise) still say, find appropriate and well-trained employee becomes more and more difficult, this is the another challenge that manufacturer faces. Nowadays, with the production methods that close (adopt RTM technique especially) the climate that supersedes open mode craft has existed, and the likelihood still will continue go down.   of # 5.3 RTM is in this report, RTM (colophony delivers moulding) include to close colophony infuse model all measure in antrum, include all sorts of inject methods (HP-RTM, p-RTM, RTM-Light) and injection process. In recent years, various RTM flow already got developing. All methods all use dry fiber / fiber semi-finished products, once mould already line has enhance material (fiber product or core material) , its sealed, and be below pressure or vacuum go to colophony infuse in the cavity that close, colophony is in fiber or any other products / flow all round semi-manufactured goods. After the excellent performance that experiences period of time in its and growth, the market share of RTM already backwater do not add 4 years do not decrease, it is 13 % about. Accordingly, going up somehow the current that its increase is in abate. This year, its market share dropped 11.5 % , it is 131 thousand tons. This technology is used extensively in manufacturing process, covered bulk to arrive as a child all sorts of old technology are aberrant. It can be used at making small-sized component and large product. Additional, it is applied to make a variety of fiber-optic with base material, normally, it also uses at bottle base make. Accordingly, it is gone to at be being made from car by wide application wind- driven turbine, shipbuilding, sports, recreational and aerospace inside each domains. The detail of RTM craft makes its suit to make tall stress part very much. Took the place of 2010 first, a lot of people think RTM technology is large-scale car production choose the method that make, and now nowadays, research is centered on the other method that make however. Especially thermoplastic craft already was it seems that in mass production by more use widely, this explained RTM grows the phenomenon that motivation drops. # 5.4 makes craft     continuously 2020, use the successive technology that make (pull crowded shape to be produced with flat) GRP package of production fell 10 % . Although drop range is very big, but the rate that its get the crisis to affect is minor. Pull crowded shape the integral production level of craft fell 10.7 % , the integral production level of flat production technology fell 9.6 % , predict the total output 2020 is 135000 tons. With pull crowded shape (crop is 50000 tons) photograph comparing, flat produces the crop of craft to be 85000 tons, its market share should be gotten greatly much. Flat already was used in car old, of the ceiling that basically is used at lorry side face plate, circus wagon or commercial vehicle change one's costume or dress, useful still at outside the product that the wall makes. Resemble swim pool construction is same, circus wagon industry is on certain level also gained profit from inside the market environment of current depression, and main reason is its are exported to the United States. Pull crowded shape use at producing successive profile. Mix like technology of SMC / BMC thermoplastic technology is same, because craft is normative, pull crowded shape to be thought to have very wide perspective normally. The findings of the guild of German composite material that mentions in front also confirmed this. In pull crowded shape in the industry, building and infrastructure industry may be the staple market that its did not come to. The product of these domains has: The consolidate system of bridge and building, window, stair and ladder profile, and aerial system (keyword: 5G network) wait. In afore-mentioned products, besides light qualitative sex, the other property of material also is having crucial effect. For instance, they not the transmission of block up radio wave, anti-corrosive, need to safeguard scarcely, allow specific load design and be electric dielectric and hot dielectric. But, below a lot of circumstances, necessary general industry license and standard / the standard still did not decide come on stage. Because lack “ security ” , a lot of architect and policymaker do not wish to use these data. In addition, compare with photograph of other housing materials, a lot of policymakers are little still to the understanding of the advantage of GRP little. # 5.5 conduit and storage tank   this year, the market share that use centrifugal casting or filament twine the glass that craft makes to enhance composite material conduit and storage tank also dropped considerably 11 % . The total output of this part predicted to be 130000 tons 2020, among them filament twines craft to be 70000 tons, centrifugal casting craft is 60000 tons. With centrifugal casting craft (- 11.8 % ) photograph comparing, filament twines craft (- 10.3 % ) drop degree slightly small. Fibre glass enhances composite material conduit and storage tank to basically be used at the factory construction, communal / private conduit, and oil / natural gas and chemical industry. Current, market of this one share is main by relative to less large-scale production business palm accuses, at least to GRP industry character, these productivity that produce business are opposite taller. GRP conduit / storage tank and plant construction are the typical field that GRP material advantage is able to develop adequately, be opposite for example caustic medium (wait like salt) have outstanding anticorrosive capacity. Use GRP can be shown normally decrease safeguard (frequency) prolong service life. In addition, it still can be used at the design of specific load, because this is in,a lot of application domains all have huge advantage. Outside the requirement that raises besides the standard, the main obstacle that extends GRP product is operation business and policymaker do not know these material and its character. In pipeline industry, lead a field in storage tank and plant construction especially, GRP crop still has driving growth potential. Can dig this one latent capacity through raising people further to the general understanding of GRP. Consider to still undertaking in great quantities at present, twine craft domain in filament especially. For example, the hydric canister that at present filament twines craft to produce (have the aid of at carbon fiber) can bear hundreds of cling to (1 cling to =100 000 Pascal) pressure, quality is very light at the same time. Absorbing possibility appeared here, it is for example in the prospective application of car domain, GRP still did not hold significant market share.   of # 5.6 GMT/LFT investigated fibre glass felt to increase only in this GRP market report thermoplastic composite material (GMT) , long fiber increases thermoplastic composite material (LFT) increase with successive fiber thermoplastic composite material. The character of GMT material, application and (part) the influence that treatment method can be increased a lot of questions with same material of hot solid sex with long fiber and successive fiber. Accordingly, it is reasonable that at the same time these two domains the consideration remains the same. Short fibre glass enhances material (fiber length is less than 2 Mm) the material of the consideration in be being accused with our newspaper is mixed in material function (of specific load) notable difference exists on calibration. Accordingly, this GRP does not include short fibre glass to enhance material in market research. This year, of GMT and LFT market drop for 15.4 % , be more than average level, market share already dropped reach 132000 tons. Come for years, its portion in whole market second drop to 13.3 % (see a picture 8) . This chart showed his to drop quickly of crop, this can pass the close connection of this part and automobile industry to explain. Like part of SMC / BMC, be in especially this year first half of the year, the positive trend of automobile industry can't make up for serious atrophy. LFTs is had thermoplastic the major portion in material, graph the 9 estimation share that showed each manufacturing shares. Can see clearly, compare with GMT photograph, the market share of LFT already increased significantly in recent years. However, come for years, successive fiber enhances a system to already made the central point of attention. These basically are to originally beforehand the semi-manufactured goods of the knot, for example GRP cloth (Tapes) or compressed semi-manufactured goods (Organosheets) . In this one domain, the key basically is in of the processing technique blend on, for example: Will they and note model to shape to be united in wedlock. Approve major project already in the market base oneself upon, for example, the door module of large car in current Ford Focus is being used organic piece enhance material as the part, its crop is about annual 2 million. The project of automobile industry and the application in electron and sports domain are thermoplastic normally the growth momentum of material. The place that these products can apply includes automobile body bottom to protect (chassis) , bumper, dashboard and seat frame. This share market offerred tremendous growth potential for future. The new development of organic sheet and LFT domain, and afore-mentioned semi-manufactured goods infuse that increase with successive fiber mix product without what enhance material, levelled for a lot of heart-stirring application road. Besides the outstanding performance with inherent material, crucial impetus still includes can with efficient productivity, material can reclaim gender and will new product are compositive the superexcellent opportunity in existing system.   of crop of each country GRP was like 06     2020 place of “1 introductive ” is narrated, europe discovers in this report individually difference of tendency of the market is very big. Although total market falls compared to the same period,12.7 % reach 996 thousand tons, but what consider increase rate limits is - 8 % come - 17.4 % . Watch 2 showed every in detail / the tendency of the market of the area. Picture   is in 2020, these / occurrence growth of the neither one in the area. Be in England / Ireland, the market is atrophic 17.4 % ; In Spain / Portuguese, the market is atrophic 16.1 % . Like the circumstance during financial crisis, the capability that German industry appears to answer predicament at present is stronger the market of —— Germany only atrophic 8 % , be close friends more than average level. Hamster also succeeds with similar “ ” stand firm calcaneal, the market only atrophic 8.8 % . Here explains again, (new coronal epidemic situation) the crisis gives it seems that meridional brought the Europe in comparing and the blow with more serious hamster. The difference of trend line also brings about the market share of whole Europe to produce major change. The market share of Germany and hamster is growing quickly, and other and main / the area basically is in lose market share. The data that plan institute provides on showed each mixing area (market share) differ situation. Accordingly, the viewpoint of extensive Europe points out the basic trend that market share changes roughly only. What because the market mixes the specific core of each country to basically apply,specific progress meets normally is different and have very big difference. For example, be in a few meridional outside wall and front door are main applied field; But be in Germany, they did not produce any effect almost. In Turkey, conduit and storage tank system are holding the dominant position of the market all the time for years, own the share of nearly 50 % . Under photograph comparing, the action that they are in Germany is relatively lesser, and German car and electron / electric industry holds dominant position. Be in Norway and Sweden, fundamental application is to be in oil and natural gas industry. Come for years, this report is introducing the data of market of Turkey composite material all the time. Because lack long-term comparative information, accordingly these data still show alone. Report of Turkey trade association says, to 2020, crop will be compared on year drop 10 % , total output is 225000 tons. The crop that the half controls is used at bldg. and conduit and storage tank to make in. Car and carrying trade occupy 30 % , wind energy is domain of the 3rd big application, occupy 12 % . Short fibre glass of # 7.1 of   of   of of other composite material enhances 07   thermoplastic   of composite material as above, apparent difference exists between the performance that short fibre glass enhances material and long or successive fiber to enhance material. But, these important material still belong to composite material —— to because they are,use the composite material that fiber enhances especially. The length of its fibre glass is less than 2 Mm normally, but, they can make material comparing former solidder. Important is, they are measured to the stretch model of material and tigidity has positive effect. As the addition of fiber length, the stiffness of composite material and fight impact strength to also increase gradually. Those who be in Europe is thermoplastic in composite material market, thermoplastic the market share that short fibre glass enhances material maintains two years continuously drop posture. Although the crop 2018 is 1.544 million tons, but dropped 2019 10 % , reach 1.39 million tons. This year, its the fall of 15 % the fall of the market of the others GRP that extent mentions than this report place even extent is more remarkable. Predict 2020, thermoplastic the output that short fibre glass enhances material will fall reach 1.19 million tons. (data sources: AMAC) although   experienced these two difficult period, but should not forget in contemporaneity, thermoplastic the GRP market that short fibre glass strengthens the market of material to still be more than the article to consider apparently. On this market, the stuff that takes dominant place is polyamide (PA) , occupy this industry place to use the 60 % above of base material. The 2nd kind big is polypropylene (PP) , altogether of these two kinds of base material took the market of 85 % above, its take score cloth and before the picture that LFT takes score cloth differs somewhat the material that ——LFT exceeds 90 % is PP. Its application basically is in car domain, also be in electric / there is certain application in electronic domain and consumable. The close connection of this share market and automobile industry can explain this kind of downtrend, and new coronal virus also is the crucial reason with current not stable condition. Nevertheless, the structural sex change of automobile industry also nots allow to ignore. Erupt in epidemic situation even before, new drive technology (keyword: Electric car) use the replace that brought about a few material, but the detailed information that still must consider replace according to particular case, whether or why planting specific data is replaced on degree. The decision changes the prime cause of material is very complex normally, cannot treat as the same. # 7.2 natural fiber enhances   of composite material besides before the GRP that has mentioned and CRP, with respect to crop character, natural fiber enhances composite material (NRP) it is the 3rd kind of very important material. AVK shows in the investigation of composite material domain: Although also be put in material of hot solid sex, but thermoplastic composite material is the important material on this market as before. Regretful is, give without accurate new data here referenced. Hypothesis is in Europe here, the market of these material is 90 000 at least ton. Be opposite last time the investigation of crop showed 2012, the crop of NRP is 92 000 ton (origin: Nova-Institut GmbH) . The big application domain of these material is car domain, it is consumable industry next. Use fiber basically is flax, marijuana, Jute and ambary, main workmanship is moulding / suppress, also can use inject and push a technology. Main treatment business is Germany, France and a few hamster (republic of polish, Czech and Slovenian) . The material performance that because its are special,natural fiber enhances composite material (weight light, cost is low, sound insulation, mechanical performance is good) and be used extensively. They also can reduce the product effect to the environment, this domain is full of good luck in market development of future. 08   looks into   last year, the with political domain general uncertainty of concerned economic situation is whole industry especially the main factor with composite material not stable market. Although its scale is relative lesser, but composite material market still has close international connection. One of remarkable example are England takes off Europe, had caused the great attention of a lot of industry departments 2019. Of protectionism of the aggravate of uncertainty, trade look up and individual ethical desire is weakened greatly and block up inside trade of Europe. Sino-US also produce negative effect to commerce with the trade controversial issue between etc. Last year (we) had felt apparently (investor) cautious attitude is reduced with what invest apiration. Since January 27, 2020, new coronal virus begins to transmit Europe and other area from the Asia. On March 11, 2020, wholesome organization labels this kind of disease epidemic. A city is executed in Europe (Lockdown) hind, germany offers rigid limitation to population, industry and economy. Since crisis of 2008/2009 annuity be in harmony, the influence of new coronal epidemic situation is serious. Current, all governments and European Union reduce epidemic situation to erupt in effort the influence of a generation, or through all sorts of aids plan alleviates the influence of epidemic situation. For example, above of half of European Union general is long-term estimated capital (add up to makes an appointment with 1.8 trillion euro) with Yu Qianzhan sexual policy measure is mixed promote can last, steady economy anabiosises. By May, german government adopted the big total aid plan on the history, the budget stimulates amount to be 353.3 billion euro, assure amount is 819.7 billion euro. For this, will provide the new loan of about 156 billion euro federally. Spain and Italy other also offerring value for its country economy the total aid plan of billions of dollar. During writing this report, amount of case of illness is increasing all the time, some moment still can increase quickly. Have the discussion of craze of a lot of pairs of the 2nd epidemic situation socially. The uncertainty of people and be anxious to increasing to what economy may glide quickly again. According to present situation, official position is to not hesitate all cost prevent again seal a city in the round (Lockdown) . Epidemic situation craze can be regarded as to spark of course the conclusive incident of current economic depression. However, as above, should not forget it to hit the economic environment that has not decided to enhance its to affect. The main field in be being affected to economy of composite material industry is carriage industry, its core is car, public traffic, commercial vehicle and aerospace and building and infrastructure industry. These two main fields add up the 70 % that took all application almost. Besides suffer epidemic situation to affect serious trade (for example hotel / the tourist lodges) outside, carriage industry also gets particularly serious effect. Institute of German Ifo economy published his to report to the assessment of automobile trade situation: Crisis of virus of “ new coronal caused major blow to automobile industry. In recent years, of market of a variety of issues that arrange test standard place to bring as a result of the WLTP that puts forward persistent derv crisis, newly, export weaken etc, this industry already sufferred attack. From 2018 since metaphase, the sale after the price is adjusted and go up metabolic ratio is year of quarter that photograph of the corresponding period compares all the time - 5 % come - 10 % . Be in 4 to May, they fell historical low. ” says according to Ifo, in afore-mentioned time paragraph inside, the real sale of automobile industry dropped nearly 70 % . Epidemic situation of no less than erupts the fall that cause is euqally astonishing, its are potential the trend cannot ignore: The development of “ market decided the sale outstanding achievement of German automobile industry greatly. For example, because England takes off Europe controversy, Sino-US or the trade conflict between the European Union and slow down in demand, from 2018 since metaphase, (of Germany) exit drops considerably all the time. By January 2020, the auto industry that new coronal virus causes breaks down. (. . . ) to April 2020, people is right of prospective economy anticipate drop all-time low, even under 2009 the level during financial crisis. Although ” is put in more uncertainty, but (of people) the mood still is in can become more hopeful. A lot of experts think, this year or the economy in a close year will appear great anabiosis. Of course, the basic premise that anabiosis is the circumstance won't worsen further, and the market is met get warm again after a cold spell, mix especially American market. But, to automobile industry, important is had appeared before epidemic situation erupts to more the change of the traffic means of environmental protection. To composite material, this will bring tremendous opportunity, because it will be involved,reconsider already some builds a principle. Familiar (traditional) design concept should be forced possibly new light qualitative material, bearing structure or brand-new aesthetic give way. Composite material is the solution that can satisfy all ideal of these demand. Another core of composite material application gets job of region —— aviation, also got particularly serious blow. This year on August 20, " Frankfurt is reported " (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) “ aviation industry is to won't anabiosis possibly before 2024 in caption the future that aerospace course of study said in the article of ” develops prospect. Controller of air-freight of German Han Sha holds German Aeronautic Association concurrently (BDL) those gets new preside · case uncle (Peter Gerber) just assumed office to express very depressed. He thinks, epidemic situation crisis will be compared after September 11, 2001 or the downturn during financial crisis is more serious. Really, aviation industry may want the standard before ability restored the crisis 2024, its premise is the transmission that can restrain new coronal virus since 2021 through medicaments or vaccine. Another kind of commonner and commonner phenomenon in the industry may increase a travel to limit the loss that causes it seems that: Mix during the segregation that occupy the home after epidemic situation, people more apt family office and online conference. A large number of case make clear, the company had invested necessary infrastructure basically to be used. According to the view of German government: “2018, only the German employee of 5.3 % expresses to be during weekday, work a long time in the home at least. However, in April 2020, the stuff that has 23 % represents main office is in the home. ” has evidence to make clear, employee is reconsidering its job strategy, this likelihood is great to the generation such as journey activity influence. Confederative population institute is in charge of Norbert F. Professor Schneider thinks, the job that epidemic situation lets us relearn future arranges (can make what change) : The hypothesis with reasonable “ is, the segregation that occupy the home will affect people to allocate in the time in the office and home inside very long period of time. Till a few months before, aerospace is regarded as a crucial applied domain, it is one of foreground of prospective light. However, as a result of the influence of epidemic situation, look at least from metaphase, aviation industry regains the level previously very hard. Current, the applied field with big composite material is building and infrastructure domain. Compare with carriage domain photograph, the effect that afore-mentioned domains suffer the crisis wants small much, and appear can restore quickly. Ifo institute also thinks, the loss of this industry is very small, and have good latent capacity: “ is occupied as a result of appreciation than very big and up to now business loss is quite small also, because this is during crisis of new coronal epidemic situation, bldg. develops a respect to be able to produce main effect in steady economy. Of course, a lot of negative effects that build an industry to suffer new coronal epidemic situation to bring as much. But, this industry is having driving sale to grow a few years with the quite large space that raise price. Accordingly, arrive at the beginning of 2020, the financial standing of a lot of companies is satisfactory, very pretty good still below certain circumstance. In addition, be opposite with municipality federally the much investment fund of public traffic infrastructure also develops an ode for civil engineering domain can. Although will look from metaphase, the market of a few areas grows relatively alleviation, but a bureau case of the beginning of the year is very excellent really. ”Accordingly, evidence makes clear, bldg. and application of numerous composite material are in short-term inside the influence that get is minor. Michael Hüther of director of German economy institute says: “ falls in this circumstance, a few industries will rise with different speed (. . . ) . For example, the retail trade of the business street is in face online when shopping, had put in structural sex problem. Hotel does business very quickly normally with restaurant general, because there are more and more people now,go vacationing in Germany especially. Bldg. won't get probably particularly big blow. ” , his complement says: “ is right me, automobile industry is in particularly difficult condition it seems that. Because of the for love or money, the enormous challenge that the system meets changeover drive to put forward to this industry. ”The prospective development trend of composite material industry depends on the macroeconomic trend that a few months reach future a few years. Besides, it is very important also to use the replacement scheme that the market puts the chance that be in and actively offers material. Composite housing materials is in certain child been able to have applied in the industry, but applied rate and its excellent performance do not become direct ratio. Composite material industry must unite, persuade a client ceaselessly and stress the dominant position of these material. Standardization committee also needs to give greater effort. Below a lot of circumstances, the standard still is met related lack other sphere uses block these material. Structural sex changes, for example the change that automobile industry produces, always give already some supplies catenary to bring a burden. But, composite material has unique material character, can use in the other application beyond the technology related to internal-combustion engine. Electric car is not meant light quantify those who make is terminative, just can differ somewhat it seems that. Current, under the shadow that economy is in indulge in wilful persecution of new coronal epidemic situation. This is a tremendous crisis, affect all trades almost. Of course, it also is revealed gave new possibility and opportunity. Here, composite material (domain) offers solution and material itself are same diversification. Interpreter | Zhao Jia becomes fourth Guo Zhentang handsome sweet

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