The chemical plant below division of group of Taiwan far east east couplet will hold partner to meet on July 15, partner is met one begin, xu Xu Dongzhi breathes out: Last year is a year of unusual challenge, because of new coronal pneumonic epidemic situation is affected, whole GDP was decreased 4.2% , international oil price also is to drop greatly, east battalion received couplet last year eighteen billion seven hundred and sixty-three million yuan, relatively shrink of the year before last year 16% ; Duty hind net decrease 1.064 billion yuan, more the flooey performance that achieves nearly 20 years to come, conversion every net decrease 1.22 yuan. President Xu Xu Dong expresses, be affected by epidemic situation, east although couplet had a deficit last year 1 billion yuan, but restore this year, light is the 1st season earned 500 million yuan, bad time already was passed!

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Accelerate product structure transition,   of put into production of next year of dose of wind report solidify is current east couplet EG (glycol) produce per year can 860 thousand tons, change especially produce per year can 360 thousand tons, and gas 1.8 million tons, is EG proportion made an appointment with 5? 6 into, change especially about 3? 4 into, the others is gas; Go a few years, the company lasts diversity EO (annulus oxygen ethane) change a product to apply downstream especially, include solvent chemical, daily expense chemical (the lotion, smooth solid, anti-foaming agent, emulsifying agent, agent that fight bacterium) , building materials chemical (get together) of anti-foaming agent of grey depressor of the carboxylic acid monomer, agent that decrease water, agent that defend fall, float, concrete, and careful chemical. Couplet expresses east: Will face towards continuously Leakey special chemically market transition develops, the 2nd baud changes material to build a factory to predict next year put into production, basically apply Yu Jiang to change hardness of wind- driven lamina, the product includes to get together ether amine and second 2 amine series, couplet is not pure EG company any more east, however multivariate the company of the product. In addition, taiwan factory makes chip Cheng adjust come to an end, spend product proportion especially will by at present 35% rise further 45% , and EG proportion by 65% fall for 55% . The mainland is east the epidemic situation of new coronal of solid backer   of couplet outstanding achievement was erupting last year, pound EG downstream polyester application, cause east the affiliation receives decline to go to 18.7 billion yuan, the deficit after every duty 1.22 yuan, yangzhou factory undertakes gas, special change, EG is new and integrated, swim actively downward from EO raw material outspread promotion product is add value, ji Shunli turns this year be filled with, benefit of the after duty is 559 million yuan, every profit 0.64 yuan. To reduce EG a large amount of raw material fluctuate, couplet increases EO to change product position especially continuously east, factory of its strategy Taiwan is given priority to with be being changed especially, mainland factory is supplied with EG give priority to. Xi Jiayi of couplet assistant president analyses further east: EG is produced can demand makes an appointment with 30.6 million tons, , the mainland is completely big EG consumption country, monopolize complete the EG demand of 62% , although a few this years the mainland has new increase production of not little EG to be able to leave in succession,go out, but with the mainland annual nearly 2, in light of 0 tons EG demand, still 8 million tons want to rely on an entrance, demand side does not have a problem. As to supply side, although mainland EG is produced newly not can little, but wait for two big factors because of environmental protection and efficiency, many old old produce can also can fall into disuse gradually exeunt, the yield that increases actually can be done not have so much. The mainland has put forward to wanted to realize carbon to neutralize a goal 2060, the EG that the mainland has 36% is coal chemical industry, efficiency is low, and can produce pollution, will naturally be washed out; Add refine of large advanced position to change produce can leave piece, make supply of raw material ethylene more comfortable, this to east couplet EG has openly help in market development; New plant scale is additionally larger and larger, second line small plant competes very hard on efficiency, exeunt possibly also stage by stage. Couplet fears EG produces can surplus problem not quite east. Look into this year, xu Xu Dong says, east the brunt product EG of couplet, downstream polyester demand is exuberant, product value hasten is firm, benefit needs improvement, east couplet this year gain profit kinetic energy has inverted to get the better of. East couplet gains profit after duty of the 1st season this year 559 million yuan, all show a turn from loss to profit compared with before the corresponding period was mixed last year one season, conversion odd season every pure profit 0.64 yuan, achieve the odd season since the 3rd season gained profit 2017 new tall.

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15-18 December

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