The contest of double phenolic A pats petrifaction of short for Zhejiang Province, it is the vane with main market undoubtedly, market of whole epoxy resin is paying close attention to: On November 4, price is sent since 15500 yuan / ton, afternoon 6 rounds hind go up to 16700 yuan / ton, market mood soars. 10 ” retrorse action was in “ Jin Jiuyin on market of double phenolic A, double phenolic A from September 28300 yuan first / ton perch drops all the way, during although once the callback of small wave band, but overall the situation that still is collapse, low reachs 16000 yuan / ton the following, two months of accumulative total drop 12500 yuan.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The market is this sole rebounded really, long-term since the declining tendency of double phenolic A, bring about epoxy resin whole industry is in low confuse condition, look continuously downstream empty. Trafficker dare not move easily, downstream application manufacturer also dare not take money more, one sky of 1000 drop, buy even if arrive fortunately. Chloric propane of oxygen of related product annulus is in when earning money, the market unexpectedly, the price is helpless also be to last shade drops in. Do not know this double phenolic A rebound, the market warms up, is benefit for chloric to annulus market be still benefit sky very? Double phenolic A is small go up can pull change the sales volume with chloric annulus, but soare the profit space with meeting nibble chloric annulus, the market is so contradictory. On November 4, sole of double phenolic A rebounds already was a fact, but epoxy resin market level is not quite Anacreontic still, can get in time the message goes after all of reveal all the details still is minority, as ask dish the addition of several, colophony factory supports wait-and-see attitude more, dish do not sign up for. Similar, the sea will promote stop production message to come out on September 10, just meet Zhou Wu afternoon, passed Saturday weekday two days ferment, each big ring chloric factory still holds Zhou Yi open quotation wait-and-see attitude, offer not actively. On September 14, annulus chloric value is immediate from 16800 yuan / ton pull go up to 20000 yuan / ton above. On November 5, price of double phenolic A is pushed to 17000-17500 yuan / ton, factory of each big epoxy resin offers to go up basically moved 1000 yuan of above, factory today's price also is to last in change, exchange views with solid sheet to allow. New price of liquid epoxy resin is referenced in the morning 31000-32000 yuan / ton, new referenced price is in solid epoxy resin 26000-26500 yuan / ton. Mainstream factory quotes as follows: South Asia of elder brother hill 248 thousand tons / year device moves normally, e-51 quotes external 32000 yuan / ton the bucket puts on a factory; Changshu Changchun 100 thousand tons / year installation small negative charge moves, at present epoxy resin E-51 quotes 31000 yuan / ton medicinal powder water leaves factory, the bucket installs producer price to be in 31500 yuan / ton; Raise Nong Jinhu 170 thousand tons / year device 5 into move, new odd E-51 quotes 31700 pails of outfit leave factory; Nantong stars 160 thousand tons / year device runs stability, e-51 of liquid epoxy resin quotes 31800 yuan / ton the bucket puts on a factory; Jiangsu 3 wood 200 thousand tons / year device moves normally, new weak quoted price 30000 yuan / ton clean water leaves factory, exchange views with solid sheet give priority to; Factory of Zhuhai of grand prosperous electron 155 thousand tons / year device moves normally, new odd E-51 signs up for 31500 yuan external / ton the bucket installs Hua Na to send; Ba Ling petrifaction 90 thousand tons / year liquid device moves normally, e-51 quotes 31500 yuan / ton clean water leaves factory.

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