Recently, production of research and development of material of 5G of big Han chemical industry and supply autograph of catenary center project to make an appointment with settle benefit city, the project plans to be versed in by big Han Hua industry invests a company limited to establish project company in benefit city (Han endowment) , be engaged in research and development of material of 5G of big Han chemical industry, production reaching supply catenary to serve, total investment makes an appointment with 1 billion yuan, predict about 1.5 billion yuan to amount to postpartum gross value of industrial output.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Industry of big Han chemical industry invests a company limited to held water 2009, headquarters is located in Korea Er, register fund about 580 million. Group of big Han chemical industry is the Han that major is engaged in high-powered data and color modified service endowment enterprise, it is famous high polymer material the high-tech that is core technology crosses state-owend enterprise trade, have with the area in 11 mix accessorily relevant enterprise, year sale exceeds 250 million dollar. Big Han chemical industry is to go up early one of businesses that pursue development of 5G new material, in 5G the application of material of glass of low interpose report, copy, aerial material has better technology to accumulate. At present 5G new material applies extensively at mobile phone, flat, intelligence to apparel, in the product of consumptive report subclass such as intelligent household and car of new energy resources. In fractionize industry, accept rice material in the application that waits in the casing in metal of mobile phone, flat, the product that the stuff place of big Han chemical industry serves is in 5 years shipment measured accumulative total to exceed 300 million in the past, 18% what hold market share about. In the meantime, of ministry of color modified career thermoplastic the color service of elastomer apparels in intelligence the share that holds in the fractionize industry such as intelligent hand annulus, watch especially is in lead position, the market is had rate more than 15% .

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