In January 2021, 10 thousand China chemistry produces per year 140 thousand tons of polycarbonate (PC) before project environment influence reports books and newspaper is approved fair show, company general builds to produce per year 100 thousand tons of common PC to produce device in garden of industry of Yantai chemical industry, one produces per year device of PC of 40 thousand tons of special type.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Project of 140 thousand tons of polycarbonate is public show, difference of end high end turns a product. In January 2021, 10 thousand China chemistry produces per year 140 thousand tons of polycarbonate (PC) before project environment influence reports books and newspaper is approved fair show, the project is located in Shandong to save garden of industry of chemical industry of Yantai of development of Yantai economy technology, construction content includes to build to produce per year 100 thousand tons of common PC to produce device, one produces per year device of PC of 40 thousand tons of special type, and of corresponding form a complete set store carry, public project, environmental protection project and auxiliary production facilities; This project part store carry, public project, environmental protection project and auxiliary production facilities need to rely on 10 thousand China have inside chemical factory reach in build a project. The project always invests 1.109 billion yuan, predict to built go into operation in October 2021. Since 2015, as the our country rapid growth to the market demand of polycarbonate, the PC of domestic own research and development produces a technology to obtain a breakthrough, add foreign forestall skill unlock, home lifts the climax that polycarbonate builds, predict domestic PC production and market achieved a balance 2021, home a large amount of in low end the product will be superfluous, and poor dissimilation product of high end still by forestall of a few foreign enterprise, present the trend that breach enlarges. 10 thousand China the PC of condensation polymerization of phosgene law interface of chemical and own research and development produces technical product quality tall, can regard high end as the raw material of makings, contented difference changes the need of high-end product, give attention to two or morethings produces silicon copolymerization PC, optimize craft through lasting, reduce device is used up and produce cost, promote a product quality ceaselessly, pass market of PC modified and alloy product research and development, downstream new field to develop, develop a product in the light of user demand, the innovation that provides long-term stability for the enterprise expands motivation and growth benefit. Rely on existing PC device and in build plant of double phenolic A, the technology matures reliably advanced   10 thousand China chemistry is relied on already had PC unit, the technology that has development is optimized adjust with the technology, reinvest build one 140 thousand tons / year PC produces device, raw material comes from already approved be in 480 thousand tons when build / year device of double phenolic A, make sure PC device producer goods is supplied, the strategic goal of the product of chemical new material that is raw material with phosgene with development of this implementation business, abound the product category of the company then, widen industrial catenary, promote a company economic benefits, in order to enhance the ability of integrated market competition of the company. The series connection such as a large amount of raw material ——BPA that PC production needs, phosgene, hydrochloric acid, caustic soda ester of different cyanic acid and ethylene industry catenary, garden area is integrated resource utilization rate is high, market risk is little; Deputy ” of 3 useless emission can use the “ such as yield brine existing PC device and garden area already built establishment to handle, manufacturing technology advanced, environmental protection, treatment of three wastes is complete, save investment, accord with the relevant requirement of environmental protection policy; Can reduce content bad news and specific power consumption again, raise labor productivity and economic benefits, produce process control to offer advantage to realize cleanness. In addition, 10 thousand Hua Shi is changed board piece the big ethylene of catenary of existing propylene industry and future 2 period project, can provide the raw material such as propylene, benzene for production of double phenolic A, can make sure stability of raw material security is supplied. 10 thousand China device of chemical construction PC, reflected area of company unifinication, garden adequately to change, dimensions changes, the development train of thought that changes subtly: Outspread implementation unifinication develops raw material of industrial catenary upstream, public project rely on garden area to have or be in build plant, manufacturing unit dimensions expands gradually as technical progress, the product changes development to high end ceaselessly. Prospective company cost will be lower and lower, additional cost is higher and higher, gain capability is stronger and stronger. Basis 10 thousand China annulus of device of 140 thousand tons of PC judges chemistry report, the only waste time of double phenolic A of common PC is 0.875 tons about / ton, the only waste time of double phenolic A of special type PC is 0.7 tons about / ton. 10 thousand China chemistry plans unit of 480 thousand tons of double phenolic A, can supply the PC demand of 550 thousand tons of above, garden area has PC to produce can 200 thousand tons and plan 140 thousand tons, double phenolic A can assure upriver raw material prospective PC dimensions expands continuously. Layout of old research and development, the technology is completely own   of   of research and development 2014, 10 thousand China chemical project approving builds year of “ to produce 200 thousand tons of polycarbonate (PC) project. The PC of law of phosgene of interfacial condensation polymerization that project place uses manufactures technology, chemistry of complete You Mohua is developed independently, had passed aggregate the actual production test and verify that produces per year device of 200 thousand tons 1# , 2#PC, technology already day attain mature and perfect. Among them first phase law of phosgene of interface of 70 thousand T/a polycarbonate (PC) device already came true successfully to turn production continuously at the beginning of 2018, yield high quality eligible product; 2 period construction was finished in May 2020 and begin to debug. This series product already was obtained in the market approbate extensively, client of many domestic and international well-known trademark already with 10 thousand China chemistry was reached the strategy cooperated 2018 agreement. Drive of research and development,   of   of bibcock of target new material is new 2020 the outbreak of coronal epidemic situation and oil price steep fall the management development of the company brought enormous challenge, but the company holds to investment of research and development continuously, development has the craft of own intellectual property and technology, defray of research and development of company of before 2020 3 quarters 1.427 billion yuan, increase compared to the same period 17.74% , take business income 2.90% (increase 0.4 percent compared to the same period) . Of company new construction 10 thousand China headquarters of research and development is cast formally with, environment of innovation of research and development and standard of equipment of scientific research facilities achieve international top-ranking. In the meantime, 10 thousand China the university completed the ceremony that uncover a shop sign on June 20, 2020. 2020, the field uses in MDI innovation, the company developed the plywood that do not have aldehyde to impose glue technology solution automatically medium try a success; The field is developed in material solution, the company is new rolled out the function such as colophony of PC of PP of much money modified, modified, ability in swimming, TPU new product, work up company the integrated technology solution that in the domain such as electron of car, consumption a variety of material innovate in coordination. In the meantime, the company quickens layout downstream and careful chemical and new material are relevant domain. 10 thousand China farther clear polyurethane, petrifaction, careful chemical and new material fixed position of strategy of group of 3 big industries, accelerate in build project construction, accelerate advance new product industry to change. The company continues to increase the strength of research and development of high-end chemical, advance nylon continuously 12, the research and development of the project such as citric aldehyde and industrialization, base of the Fujian that finish buys integrated work, put into production of modified of polyolefin of eyebrow hill base, put into production of test-drive of high quality of Yantai ethylene project, develop energetically 10 thousand China polyolefin is high-powered material platform, sex of the look up before increasing studies. 10 thousand China chemical new material and petrifaction project are advanced smoothly continuously, the company will send force continuously.

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