Recently, first phase of limited company of data of Tong Yuxin of Jiangxi of garden of happy smooth industry building site of project of colophony of class of 200 thousand tons of electrons, life of manufacturing building, storehouse, office builds insecurity to advance with the foundation such as the room, the large facility hoisting such as groovy canister undertakes in order, the staff member of whole building site, mechanical come-and-go moves back and forth, a busy picture. As we have learned, building one of medium “5020” projects as Jingdezhen, jiangxi expects with Yu Xincai limited company is clutching currently fine fine day is angry, organize 150 much people to undertake first phase produces per year construction of capital construction of project of colophony of class of 200 thousand tons of electrons everyday. Advocate workshop of outfit of area of canister of building of device, project, chamfer, fill and third kind, fourth the 6 big projects such as kind of storehouse execute synchronism day and night two, rotate keeps building, equipment of boiler of bucket chamfer reaction already was gone to by Guangdong Fosan in succession happy peaceful transfer, among them partial equipment already approached in succession installation. Lin Liaoyuan of this company general manager says, up to by June, 50% what the project already finished total project to measure, specific figure schedule is: Armour kind one, the 2 libraries roofing that finish is waterproof, armour kind 3, useless library of 4 libraries and danger and third kind the library completes form of build by laying bricks or stones, fourth body of kind of the 2 libraries build by laying bricks or stones that finish, fourth system of build by laying bricks or stones begins between outfit of kind of one library, fill, finish respectively 20% . Balsa of foundation of pump room of cistern of structure of system of original poster of research and development, fire control board, armour kind excavate of the foundation between ark of one main body structure, machine completes plant, structure of system of public project original poster is finished one layer, 2 are finished 50% . Lin Liaoyuan expresses, construction plan will complete afore-mentioned relevant projects besides continuance in July outside construction, start even finish build a structure of the main body that pack, much effect to evaporate between distribution of area of device Jingzai experiment, fill, foundation of car inn stage. Installation of construction of all first phase project, equipment debugs predicting the end of the year achievable, strive to had trial production in March next year.

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