The researcher of lab of mountain of energy department oak designed a kind of new-style polymer to come agglutinate and strengthen silicon arenaceous, use at adhesive eject to add material to make, this is a kind industrial print a method at the 3D that prototype is made and the spare parts produces. Polymer of this kind of printable makes sand structure has complex geometrical form and extraordinary strength, and be of water-solubility.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
This research revealed the Sha Qiao that a 3D prints, it is 6.5 centimeters long, can bear 300 times of oneself weight, this one feat is similar to Bulukelin 12 Caesarean edifices on big bridge. It is cheaper that the ink jet that narrates adhesive prints a method, the other 3D that in comparing industry, uses pressworks the method is swifter, and make can from all sorts of pulverous material establish 3D structure, offer mix in cost but the advantage of expansibility. This concept results from ink jet is printed, but the head that print is not use ink, however ejective liquid polymer comes agglutinate is farinaceous material, for example sand, the compose that chase a layer establishs 3D design. Agglutinate polymer gifts presswork arenaceous with intensity. This group uses polymer major knowledge to come custom-built polyethylene inferior amine (PEI) adhesive, compare with traditional adhesive, this adhesive increased the strength of arenaceous component one times. Going up from the bed that print through the component that adhesive eject prints move when dividing it is poriferous first. They can call cyanogen radical acrylic acid through using a kind the additional and super sizy data of ester comes fill clearance will permeate a design to strengthen. The 2nd pace offerred eightfold intensity to increase on the foundation of the pace, make polymer arenaceous composite material compares a how he and any foregone housing materials (include bricky stone) solidder. “ has polymer to suit the adhesive that applies as this kind rarely. We are searching specific character all the time, for example dissolvability, this meeting brings good result to us. Our distinctive element structure that basically discovers the PEI adhesive that is us makes its have reactivity the banquet researcher of this project says. The part that forms with traditional adhesive is passed permeate material (for example puissant glue) become more compact, but neither one product achieves the performance that is close to PEI adhesive. The intensity that PEI adhesive makes the person is impressive results from polymer is in solidify process with the reaction means that ester combines cyanogen radical acrylic acid. Silicon is arenaceous it is a kind of data that obtains cheaply, easily, the interest that is used at making complex part in car and aerospace domain is larger and larger. On the arenaceous core that the wrap up of light simple stuff such as carbon fiber or fibre glass prints in 3D or “ tool ” , heat next solidify. Silicon is arenaceous very charming to the mould, because it won't change size when heat, and it is in can clean mould respect to have distinct advantage. In composite material application, use water-solubility adhesive is formed arenaceous it is very important to provide, because it can pass simple tap water to rinse measure purify sand, leave hollow composite material form. “ to ensure the precision of mould spare parts, you need a kind of material that won't change form in machining a process, this is silicon arenaceous the reason that has perspective very much all the time. The challenge depends on overcoming the structural weakness of arenaceous spare parts, ” comes from researcher to say. Current sand mold is cast mould and model the industrial use of core is limited, because of commercial method (rinse a tool for example) the quantity of heat that bring to bear on and pressure may bring about sand mold component to be when second attempt burst or failure. The arenaceous part with harder need will support large-scale make and realize fast component production. Arenaceous composite material of our high strenth polymer raised “ to be able to use the complexity of the part that adhesive eject method makes, implement more complex geometry form, widened make, tool and architectural application, ” researcher says.

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