On July 5 evening, material science and technology releases half year outstanding achievement in premonitory: Predict net first half of the year 2020 gain grows 100%-120% compared to the same period, net profit reachs 1.968 billion yuan 1.789 billion yuan, catch up with its almost annual is clean 2020 2.052 billion yuan of profit.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Outstanding achievement grows a reason considerably: 1, fibre glass industry: Domestic demand goes up continuously, overseas demand resumes a trend apparent, industry tall boom continues, company main product measures valence to rise together. In the meantime, the company holds integrated cost to drop ceaselessly, produce efficiency and gain ability to promote considerably; 2, industry of wind report lamina: Suffer grab price of invite public bidding of report of the wind after outfit to last the influence of be issued to lower levels, pressure of be issued to lower levels of price of traditional lamina product soars, blade industry boosts “ high-power, big blade profile quickly”New product put into production, to the limit of one's capacity of lamina of maritime wind report, ensured ability of blade industry profit keeps relatively smooth; 3, lithium battery is diaphragmatic industry: In trade demand exuberant setting falls, the company quickens industrial conformity and administrative conformity to get together force, rate of major product fine and manufacturing efficiency show promotion trend, profit of lithium film industry relatively the corresponding period had last year relatively grow substantially; 4, the other business such as advanced composite material manages a situation good. The research and development that material science and technology basically pursues wind report lamina in, make reach a sale, downstream client is the product group of wind electric machinery is overall business, terminal user develops business for wind electric field. The company is gotten as industry of lamina of domestic wind report army enterprise, the market is had rate is successive maintain 10 years. Have at present produce per year productivity of lamina of report of 10GW above wind, have Jiangsu to mound white city of spring of wine of Yan Qing of Dan of Han of countryside of duckweed of peaceful, Jiangxi, Heibei, Beijing, Gansu Province, Jilin, inside the 7 production base such as Meng Xilin, enclothed market of client of domestic all goal and partial international famous client market. Report getting wind is grabbed outfit drive, outstanding achievement of science and technology of the material in 2020 goes up greatly, business income amounts to 18.7 billion yuan, grow 38% compared to the same period.

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