According to the report of MarketsandMarkets, dimensions of market of predicting coating colophony will rise the 70.9 billion dollar 2027 from the 53.9 billion dollar 2022, came 2022 2027 compound year of increase rate for 5.7% . Coating colophony is acrylic, alkyd, polyurethane, vinyl, epoxy resin by type cent; By the technology cent is the form of a drug of ability in swimming, dissolve; By application cent is building, general industry, car, lumber, pack wait for a domain. The building is the part with the rapid growth in market of whole coating colophony. The driving force that builds coating market is overall economic trend and construction activity. Predict 2030, construction market will reach 15.2 trillion dollar. In forecast period inside, it is the coating colophony market with Asia-Pacific big area. It is to go up big coating production country and consumptive country. Because can obtain the able-bodied person that has cost effectiveness and raw material, a lot of main participator are investing the production establishment with new construction in this country. 2022, raw material price continues to rise, but did not achieve the growth rate of 2021. The horizontal tower above that the raw material price of paint and coating still compares the with oil price dependency place on the history to make clear is made an appointment with 15% . Raw material is supplied improving, but freight and labour force still are put in the problem, be in the United States especially.

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