In recent years, each industry asks to develop but the voice that degradation packs is louder and louder, the research that professional personage packs to green related also obtained a lot of delectable positive result. Subsequently and those who come is the design that pack and content shed technical innovation and to it of technology of form a complete set upgrade, can form effective closed circuit in relevant industry thereby, implementation is added can fall this purpose. As we have learned, the live thing that at present already more than kinds 20 differ but degradation is plastic, according to its raw material, but fractionize is biology radical biology but degradation is plastic and oil radical biology but degradation is plastic, from this and those who derive is right but of durative material apply had become the mainstream that develops a tendency to pack a design at present. In addition, development is reformed appoint research makes " the action program that 945 plastic pollution administer " come on stage, put forward active and reliable promotion to use replace a product, should prove all sorts of replacing scientificly product, include live thing but the security of course of craft of plastic and different technique mixes degradation can charge a sex; And it is biology on the other hand but plastic market demand and market dimensions are in degradation year after year increases by degrees quickly, forecast according to the orgnaization: To the end of 2025, only outside sell, express, farming film 3 domains biology but plastic demand will achieve degradation 1.545 million tons, corresponding market dimensions makes an appointment with 27 billion yuan, comparative instantly demand of 42 thousand tons of markets, growth vacuum is giant. Apparent, gap of huge supply and demand, make naturally biology but plastic mart becomes degradation gold circuit.

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15-18 December

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