Friends of industry of   of   of direct seeding of answer ability network, everybody is good! Face the auspicious situation that wind report terminal advances triumphantly, answer lumber industry, especially fibre glass enterprise, how can attention and the future that heating up the central issue that discuss is Bo fine lamina develop. Of the progress that how fibre glass material adopts a technique, product upgrade, the contend of the market, continue to stand proudly current head, follow to arrive from land as wind report maritime, brave the wind and waves. Bo fine how will answer material develop in wind report terminal? How will the technology innovate upgrade? How does the enterprise seize opportunity, answer the challenge that other composite material brings? The good luck of wind report terminal, it is the good luck of Bo fine not only, also be the good luck of carbon fiber; The challenge that wind report brings, it is the challenge of Bo fine not only, also be the challenge of other composite material. Reason this, answer ability network invites technologist of limited company of Chongqing international composite material between the direct seeding on reticle of material of answer of be a guest, how fibre glass of give a lecture aids lamina of force wind report to develop continuously for everybody through innovating, will interact with the audience, solve the problem of the audience. Direct seeding time: On April 9 afternoon at 3 o'clock. The 2 dimension on the picture are piled up below scanning, register enter direct seeding, can leave your question ahead of schedule, answer ability network gives direct seeding reader feedback.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
  of director of center of innovation of officer of technology of place of company of CPIC of Ceng Qingwen of instructor introduction   is graduated from Chongqing university, turn one's previous experience of work old-type opera school subtly, 20 one's remaining years devote oneself to size raw material to develop hatch of development of size of latex synthesis, fibre glass and fibre glass composite material to work. The many new products of development have the honor to win award of progress of Chongqing city science and technology, had the honor to win title of ” of model worker of industry of “ building materials 2013, had the honor to win Yi Duying of “ of area of Chongqing city big crossing in January 2017 ability ” honorary title. Inc. of composite material of international of Chongqing of   of   of company introduction   Introduction CPIC (“CPIC of the following abbreviation”, “ company ” ) held water 1991, was changed to buy by Yuntian 1999, it is the important pillar of industry of new material of Yun Tianhua group. The company devotes oneself to to develop the character stability, high-powered product that innovates continuously, offer valuable service and applied solution for the client, be dedicated at high-powered new material, research and development of product of collect Bo fine, production, sale is the large and state-owned company of an organic whole. CPIC sets subsidiary of 3 sales of North America company, Europe company and Hong Kong company, build in Chongqing, Zhuhai, Changzhou and abroad Brazil, Bahrain, United States have manufacturing base, bo fine gauze is produced per year can break through 900 thousand tons, bo fine cloth is produced per year can achieve 200 million meters. Variety of product of company fibre glass is wide, from spin spun yarn, bulk yarn, to enhance material product, basically include roving, felt (latex / pulverous) , fabric of pane cloth, much axial, thermoplastic plastic with short cut fiber, thermoplastic plastic wait with direct roving, what the product pledges the quantity gets a partner is extensive approbate. Pass old exploration and effort, the company already was had now include the multinomial invention such as ECT, TM, TM+ and practical model. Main product passes German ship's classification society (GL) , British work family name (LR) , American FDA attestation. The product is popular Asia, Europe, America, middle east many with the area, with the international such as GE, Du Bang, LM well-known company built stable collaboration to concern. The product is applied extensively at urban building, interior decoration, auto industry, mechanical electron, wind-force to generate electricity, the domain such as traffic of aerospace, marine, orbit. Direct seeding time: On April 9 15:00-16:00
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
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