British composite material leads forum (CLF) is an orgnaization that aims to promote composite material to develop, this forum released the near future a new report that how improves climate change about composite material. This report introduced composite material how to realize carbon to neutralize the effect that the respect produces in help England in detail.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
In April 2021, british government made a few on ambitious climate change goal: With compared 1990, reduce carbolic level inside 14 years 78% , to 2050 this country counteracts implementation carbon. Say according to CLF, composite material can help England realize decarbonization, will support a government around the sources of energy, industry, carry the carbon that waits for a respect to counteract the strategy. This report summarized industry of British composite material how to must capture an opportunity to found what did not come to supply chain, development supports the product of green Industrial Revolution and ability, ensure England carries value of obtain employment, economy and technology in these crucial domains lead position. This new report followed the strategy that CLF promulgated 2016, this strategy decided England needs to develop the manufacturing technology of higher rate and lower cost. Market data shows, this value the composite material component that conduces to British production rises the 12.5 billion pound 2030 from the 2.3 billion pound 2015. Nowadays, CLF raised the 2nd challenge for its strategy: Develop composite material solution to climate changes and support economic decarbonization in order to answer. Put forward British composite material how to is the industry answered and use what can develop continuously to become new wanting the task. The part reports conclusion is as follows: Shift gives the future of travel: A current travel fashion is occurrent the change of essential sex. Composite material technology can change our individual to give a way thoroughly, quantify electric car lightly to arrive of batteries light quantify, arrive again the add boat course of development that adds a car, composite material makes our travel equipment be benefited. Those who need the new car of composite material solution is arisen increase the demand that causes composite material considerably. Come true to new-style the change that gives a way - equipment of hydrogenous fuel transportation: 10 years output of hydrogenous fuel car will rise predicting tomorrow 10 times (although base is inferior) . Because only fiber enhances material to hold concurrently an inferior quality and bear the strength that the enormous pressure place that involves needs, this will be brought about increased to the to carbon fiber demand between 2030 2025 fivefold. Traffic asks with carbon fiber of hydric pressure vessel plan institute is shown as follows. Demand was 355t 2020, will increase to 58 2030, 000t. The demand of carbon fiber year that keeps estimation to carry pressure vessel will not satisfy requirement as new the development that supplies chain, england must use his to come to what did not come ensure in the existing position of composite material respect and professional knowledge carry supply chain. CLF was 2009 the result of strategy of British composite material, CLF represents composition by what come from base of British composite material, include a government sector, aid financially company of composite material of England of orgnaization of orgnaization, trade of composite material center, trade and the main industry organization that form backbone of British engineering department. CLF aims to bring independent leader force for this industry.

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