Grind one sword 8 years, scientific research achievement is endowed with can the industry upgrades, this enterprise lets Jiangsu the Huaihe River bring Hong Ze district appoint Lin Pin frequency nods clerical Zhang Chong assist

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
On March 8, area appoint chemical industry of circumference of Lin Fu of clerical Zhang Chong begins special subject survey. Area appoint members of standing committee, politics and law appoint clerical Chen Lei, area appoint developing zone of members of standing committee, economy the party is versed in appoint clerical Song Yuexia, area appoint do, management board of zoology environment bureau, lash-up, east the relevant unit chief such as double channel town plays. Circumference chemical industry is registered held water 2012, the company covers an area of 578 mus, have domestic and international 30 multinomial, after total put into production, will become big fragrant fishing line and base of production of its raw material, production value 48-57 100 million yuan. Company president Wang Nong is jumped is a scientific research entrepreneur, ceng Huo gets award of progress of 2004 year technology. Zhang Chong forest walks into circumference chemical industry, with Wang Nong leap forward goes face-to-face communication of have an informal discussion, the circumstance such as advantage of technology of position of program of thorough knowledge company, industry, core and changeover of scientific research achievement. Those who understand an enterprise to pass 8 years is ceaseless tackle key problem, international top scientific research achievement realized industrialization to change, will produce at official recently capacity. Zhang Chong forest is very glad, express congratulation to the enterprise, praise enterprise “ marvelous ” . Circumference chemical industry ” of this “ Jin Fenghuang is about to fly, want to continue to advance technical innovation and product research and development, the property is taken in firmly while pyramid carries end position buy on the head, spin further industrial catenary, elevate value chain, attract more scientific research talents and downstream industry assemble, form industrial assemble development. Hong Ze will continue to offer baby-sitter form 101% services, round-the-clock, whole process helps an enterprise resolve the issue besides the link such as research and development, production, build a favorable development environment for the enterprise. Hope both sides strengthens communication communication further, around future the 5 development that arrive 10 years plan and target, had woven executive method and measure, agglomeration of collaboration of politics look forward to expands resultant force, turn good blueprint into reality.

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