Consist in of natural beehive structure in a lot of different environments, from honeycomb the beehive shape in rock is efflorescent. On this foundation, man-made beehive structure has been caused to have similar geometrical figure by compose, can reduce material dosage thereby, realize little weight and cost of material.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Man-made beehive structure formed a series of hollow and unit array between thin perpendicular wall, because this material is had,performance is reduced outside small density and high area. How is composite material of 1   beehive made? Normally at present 3 kinds of methods machine beehive structure, expand namely law, moire law and shape law, these methods are OK restrospect to 20 centuries. Nowadays, the production of beehive core is involved expand and the use of moire craft, used composite material among them, if fibre glass, aluminium is mixed,carbon fiber increases plastic. To make thermoplastic beehive shape structure, the raw material that uses normally is polypropylene, adoption main method is extruding. A kind what provide cost effectiveness more is thermoplastic production method of beehive shape structure can realize successive online production and direct lamination envelope. To it similar, metallic beehive also can pass cut and the online production that bend to have successive metallic a honeycomb-like thing from metallic roller. Besides structure of metallic beehive composite material, also have chipboard beehive stuff in be being made, use at paper tray to be sealed with what pack, amortize and prop up. What does the main advantage of composite material of 2   beehive have? The performance dominant position of beehive composite material basically reflects in below a few one respects: Exceedingly good intensity weight compares   Gao Ren of   of corrosion resistance is sexual   fire prevention, mouldproof     of of high temperature capability not imbibe   is machined easily and figuration   saves cost, have beehive of aluminium of   of economic benefits to offer big stiffness, be also one of structural core capable person that tall intensity weight has to compare on the market     Kevlar? Beehive accords with strict aerosol, noxiousness and flammability standard. What does the representative application of composite material of 3   beehive have? Beehive account data is having wide application. A few common application include the following fields: Fluid and substructure of ski   rocket and air of   of structure of car of   of technology of technology of LED of   of jet aircraft   and loudhailer, water, smooth directional   are electric   of lamina of turbine of wind-force of screen crust   is clean room wallboard and building are heating of   of face plate of exterior act wall, ventilated, , can offer buoyancy, raise speed   to be in railroad industry, use at making the door, floor, energy absorb implement / bumper and furniture   are in marine industry, use at making trade shipping and naval ship bulkhead, wainscot, partition board, furniture and a few otherer what does company of composite material of main a honeycomb-like thing of abroad of   of 4 of applied     have? Corex Honeycomb is the company that a headquarters is located in England, produce the aluminous beehive core of high quality, apply Yu Haiyang, national defence, aerospace, railroad and automobile industry extensively. Aluminous beehive is compared as a result of its exceedingly good high strenth weight, and in the domain of requirement little weight and intensity equipment accepts favour. Du Bang company participated in composite material of two kinds of beehive make, namely Nomex? With Kevlar? . These two kinds of products are had stiffness, tenacity, intensity, corrosion resistance and light quantified characteristic, make its are become building, masses is carried and marine the high demand material that waits for an industry. For example, thin in plane structure Nomex? Beehive interlining composite material board use at including store lamina of face of content box, floor, engine short cabin, exterior control, helicopter and end boom the plane part that waits inside. Same, carrying a trade, structures of these composite material of small simple a honeycomb-like thing conduce to offer cost effectiveness. Amber Composites company is an England company, be engaged in the production of high-powered composite material. This company has been bought by TenCate Group, tenCate Group is the supplier that to turn over ballistic aerospace industry provides advanced composite material and extensive industry application one. The leader that Hexcel company is technology of advanced composite material, leader that the lead production business of carbon fiber and aerospace industry beehive make, material of its beehive construction is as follows in the domain representative application such as aerospace, sports, train the watch is shown. (main reference: AZO Materials)

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