The majority that produces first is emery wheel of pottery and porcelain, the advantage of emery wheel of bond of pottery and porcelain is his natural and poriferous as good as chemical stability, apply to consequently dry grind and wet grinding, use water radical and oil especially base below the condition of grinding fluid. But, the flexibility of emery wheel of pottery and porcelain is poorer, and need very high firing temperature, limitted its development. It is good that emery wheel of bond of phenolic aldehyde colophony has flexibility, to the merit with the little sensitivity that concussion, concussion, side presses. Its are tall stability makes its can suit higher rotate speed and improved grinding performance, consequently special apply to grinding emery wheel and cut emery wheel, its good flexibility makes its are applied to exceed accurate grinding and exterior polish. The manufacturing technology of emery wheel of bond of phenolic aldehyde colophony basically has cold press craft of craft, half hot pressing and hot pressing craft 3 kinds. 1. Cold press craft: Cold the bond that presses craft to use has wetting agent and farinaceous colophony, normally with what make wetting agent colophony of liquid phenolic aldehyde, furfural, branny alcohol, cresol waits, use much is colophony of liquid phenolic aldehyde. Decision liquid colophony and farinaceous colophony use scale (be called fluid pink to compare normally) the element has: Property of viscosity of resinous of dosage of type of abrasive particle size distribution, packing, filling, liquid, farinaceous resinous. If liquid resinous viscosity is bigger, the size that includes Fu abrasive surface completely to need abrasive of more liquid colophony; and filling is smaller, its are bigger than expressing an area, liquid dosage also measures phenol of taller, dissociate with respect to element of more; farinaceous resinous lower, its and liquid resinous add exert oneself to jump over difference, the liquid capacity of need is more. A few kinds of circumstances all need above raise fluid pink to compare. Make wetting agent with liquid colophony commonly, fluid pink compares choose 1: 2—1: 4, and the compound that uses furfural or branny alcohol and anthracene oil makes wetting agent, fluid pink compares choose 1: 6—1: 8. Batch mixing confidential passes craft test and verify, the mixture result that can achieve ideal and do not damage abrasive is beautiful. The mixing time after joining fine white is 2—5 commonly minute, too short cannot make sure batch mixing is even quite, film of too long colophony is easy fall off, and bring about expect temperature rise is fast, colophony grants solidify. Batch mixing program is as follows: First abrasive, it is mixture granuality normally, undertake granting to mix, rejoin wetting agent, after even embellish wet grinding expects, already will grant to mix good farinaceous colophony to join with other and farinaceous filling again, continue to mix to even. The abrasive that has mixed should have better plasticity and liquidity, stock cannot too wet, agglomerate easily otherwise, cannot have powdery group more, assure to have good liquidity at the same time, note a pattern in order to assure sufficient, the method eliminate that uses sift out commonly agglomerates. The method that judges stock plasticity stand or fall is: Pay a stock that has mixed, hold gently with handle gently can be beautiful into the group. Common will farinaceous stock adds benefit wet in good abrasive form powdery group easily, already was washed out gradually at present, what use now is more is law of double boiler batch mixing, it is abrasive and wetting agent first namely in a batch mixer mix, at the same time farinaceous colophony and other and farinaceous filling mix even lieutenant general of another batch mixer, again embellish wet good abrasive falls into powdery makings, mix even can. The advantage of double boiler batch mixing is need not produce powdery group already, can avoid to pollute again, clean makings pan easily. After the stock sift out that will mixed, can be used at suppress namely. Suppress program is as follows: Had installed the mould, metage place asks the abrasive of the quantity adds mould cavity, the suppress after strickle. Need is placed enhance Bo fibre web piece put by the requirement. Issue pressurization in room temperature next, general cold the pressure range that approach is 15—30N/mm2, it is 15—25 N/mm2 very. The choice of pressure size depends on the plasticity of stock and the density that emery wheel asks to achieve. Unfavorable use exorbitant pressure, can crush abrasive otherwise. Suppress time is 5—50 second commonly, it is 5—30 second very, time length depends on the stand or fall of the plasticity of the density that emery wheel asks to achieve and appearance and stock. Can take out emery wheel next undertake next operate —— solidify. Solidify program is as follows: Solidify operation can undertake in the solidify furnace that park secures, the channel type solidify that also can flowing undertakes in kiln. With solidify furnace solidify, the emplacement of emery wheel the position is particularly significant, use emery wheel the disc that steel pledges or pottery and porcelain pledges to secure commonly, in order to make sure emery wheel is not out of shape in solidify process, put park heat equably inside, gas loop should be free inside furnace in order to make each place be heated even, start next warm up the program undertakes solidify; uses solidify of kiln of channel type solidify, use emery wheel the disc that steel pledges or pottery and porcelain pledges to secure first, in placing a car again, push channel inside, move by set rate. General first ℃ of Wen Wei 60—80, eventually ℃ of Wen Wei 160—190, whole solidify process requires hour of the 20—25 when using, drop in temperature after to 40—60 ℃ , open furnace door, can take out emery wheel. In whole heat physics and chemical change produce in the process, each temperature phase basically produce the following reaction: The colophony when 80 ℃ begins melt, evaporate of portion having water goes out, solidify reacts the be decomposed 6 times and makes melt resin when beginning; 110 ℃ produces cross-linking, release ammoniac gas, water to wait for colophony of ℃ of aeriform; 110—180 to till,undertake cross-linking at the same time complete solidify, much ammoniac vital energy is released. Too long meeting brings about resinous to cross solidify between high temperature zone time, while emery wheel hardness is elevatory, the strength that causes emery wheel drops, choose different solidify curve and solidify according to the diverse demand of emery wheel commonly eventually lukewarm. Eventually ℃ of Wen Wei 165—170, emery wheel is hard and tenacity good; eventually ℃ of Wen Wei 175—180, emery wheel hard; eventually ℃ of Wen Wei 185—190, emery wheel is hard and fragile.

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2. Craft of half hot pressing: The suppress temperature of craft of half hot pressing is 50—65 ℃ commonly, the others craft and cold press craft to agree completely. Decrescent of liquid resinous viscosity falls in temperature of this one suppress, can be in harmony of very good will farinaceous colophony is an organic whole, make the fluidity of whole colophony system rises, easier and sufficient penetrable each spaces, although the pressure of press is not quite high, also can shape very well, dwell time also does not need too long, special the automation suppress product line that applies to activity in series. 3. Hot pressing craft: Hot pressing craft is used at making the emery wheel of bigger density commonly, the density of common emery wheel is 2.4—2.7g/cm3 commonly, tall 2.9g/ Cm3, and the density of high density emery wheel can amount to 3.1—3.5g/ Cm3, want to achieve so high density, hot pressing craft is appropriate. The batch mixing requirement of hot pressing craft and cold press craft to differ, use commonly dry mix a law, perhaps become wetting agent with the of 1% furfural that is less than abrasive weight wet abrasive, mix with farinaceous colophony again even. Farinaceous colophony chooses flow to spend commonly small, likely range is 15—20mm smaller even, because,cannot using liquid colophony and flow to spend big farinaceous colophony is when hot pressing easy excessive fat. Suppress: Suppress temperature limits is 160—170 ℃ , suppress time is 30—60 second / ply of millimeter emery wheel, squelch a 60mm asks under thick emery wheel reference for example: Pressure: 20—40N/mm2; suppress temperature: Time of suppress of 150—170 ℃ ; : 30—60 minute. In suppress process, the 4—8 after granting to press wants deflate inside minute or a few. Solidify: The emery wheel after hot pressing has had the strength that comparative, but the performance that should achieve beautiful still should undertake solidify is handled. Solidify temperature is 160—180 ℃ , hour of solidify time 8—12. More and detailed report pays close attention to of answer ability network please

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