3 quarters are development “ the key that gold period ” also is annual a connecting link between the preceding and the following period, the county that believe abundant each enterprise put into high gear and time race, drive order, busy production hammer and tongs, get together force fights bravely 3 quarters, finish annual target job hard. In the manufacturing workshop of limited company of new material of Jiangxi luck , two product line open accident to turn at the same time, be versed in ground of people in an orderly way operates of all kinds and mechanical facility, work overtime drive order, busy production, assignment of end of year of spurt of do all one can, it is nervous and busy production occasion everywhere. Limited company of new material of Jiangxi luck produces manager Wu Shizhu to introduce, this year the goal of production of the company is 8 million Zhang Futong board, annual produce should achieve 10 100 million, already finished at present 60% the left and right sides. Second half of the year put into high gear, strive for target of the task that finish. As we have learned, limited company of new material of Jiangxi luck is main copperplate of copperplate of Fu of epoxy resin of content of high-tech of production, sale, fibre glass Fu, it is project of filling chain of strong chain of prefectural 5G industry, full load of two product line is produced now, manufacturing situation auspicious. Limited company of new material of of Jiangxi province luck is the branch of the Inc. of Hong Ruixing science and technology that headquarters sets in Shenzhen. This company main production, sale is flame retardant model copperplate of Fu of cloth of fine of annulus oxygen Bo, without lead multilayer core board, without haloid make Cheng without lead compatible and multilayer circuit of core board, high speed uses small dielectric loss and plank of tall heat-resisting lamination to expect.

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15-18 December

New York City