Standing conference held the State Council a few days ago, farther deploy firm economy is total measure, it is normal to drive economy to return to hard orbit, ensure move in reasonable interval. The conference points out, pressure of current economy be issued to lower levels is increased continuously, a lot of market main body are very difficult. Development is the foundation that solves all our country problems and key. Want to carry out deploy of party, the State Council, sturdy confidence, decisive answer, implement new development concept in the round, efficient as a whole epidemic situation is prevented accuse to develop with economic society, accelerate the policy that implements economic job conference and governmental working report to decide to increase executive strength, take the move of interval adjusting control with package strong and strong, significant specific aim according to overall train of thought and policy orientaton, live firmly economy is basic dish. Conference decision, carry out 6 respects 33 measure, basically include: It is finance and relevant policy. Carry out in more industry put quantity and increment sum to stay touch drawback, increase drawback many yuan 1400, annual is retreated reduce tax 2.64 trillion yuan. Will medium small small company is individual and industrial and commercial door with 5 the social security such as provide for the aged of capture of delay of especially tired industry expends policy to be delayed to the end of the year, and enlarge is surrounded to other especially tired industry, predict this year delay capture 320 billion yuan. Will unemployed insurance leaves labour to groom allowance expands to all difficult ginseng to protect a company. Financing assures fund assures again cooperative business adds 1 trillion yuan of above newly. 2 it is financial policy. Small small loan supports Pu Hui to tool forehead is spent and support scale to increase one times this year. Small small company is individual and industrial and commercial in be opposite car of a loan, van is borrowed, encounter tired individual room to borrow consumption, supportive bank adjourns inside year repay captital with interest; 90 billion yuan of van that the car ends look forward to extends borrow money, half an year of delay of linkage of look forward to wanting silver repays captital with interest. 3 it is certain property catenary supplies chain. Optimize go back to work to amount to produce policy. Ensure freight unobstructed, cancel to come from area of epidemic situation low risk current limitation, uniform cancel unreasonable be restricted advanced regulation and collect fees. Increase flight number of domestic international passenger transport in order. 4 it is hurried consumption and significant investment. Level sex is decreased ask for a part to multiply purchase duty with the car 60 billion yuan. Because the city imposes requirement of plan support tigidity and improvement housing. New go into operation approves irrigation works especially large pilot a ship into a harbour irrigates, traffic, old old village is transformed, underground manages the project such as corridor integratedly, guide a bank to offer dimensions sex long term loan. One 5 it is to protect energy security. Fulfil responsibility of local coal output, adjust colliery nucleus increase production can policy. Reactivate project of a batch of energy. 6 it is to do good unemployment safeguard, low protect and the job such as difficult masses deliverance, inspect affection to start social deliverance and safeguard standard and prices in time to rise mechanism of linkage of link up with. The conference emphasizes wanting to heighten sense of urgency, firm is caught fulfil. Item-by-item is refined and should announce as soon as possible to package measure about the branch carry out. The State Council will fulfil firm economy act to undertake superintend and director is checked to the place, local government should clutch come on stage accord with the firm economic policy with actual place.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City