On July 13 11 when 28 minutes, by 3 gorge new energy resources (group) Inc. (3 gorge of stock abbreviation “ ” of the sources of energy, stock code “600905” ) the our country that invests construction float style of great capacity is windward n stage, embarking stage fights a typhoon model float style of great capacity is windward electric machinery group, 3 gorge of compositive “ lead date ” , in Guangdong Yang Jiangsha gathers up windward electric field installs sea of 1 billion made of baked clay class smoothly, this means those who own completely own intellectual property to float the exploration pace that group of type wind electric machinery and fundamental platform stepped resource of far-reaching sea wind energy to get. This floats group of windward electric machinery and platform are located in style of great capacity Nanhai maritime space, stand-alone capacity 5.5 million are made of baked clay, take the lead by 3 gorge the sources of energy, produce through “ learn to grind unifinication ” mode combines survey of Shanghai of 3 gorge group to design the scientific research orgnaization such as the academy, and domestic fan firm is own research and development, upgrade to promoting equipment of high end of report of our country maritime wind to make, dig go resource of far-reaching sea wind energy has active sense. It is reported, float style of great capacity is windward report by the main technique ” that hopes to be report of maritime wind of “ future dark open sea to develop is sent inside course of study, already was in many begin exploration with the area. The appearance of group of wind electric machinery that goes up on coastal waters seabed with traditional solid is compared, float type aircrew can come true in dynamo of wind-force of far-reaching sea deploy wish scene, in get far-reaching maritime space to stabilize resource of report of high grade wind while, do not affect etc of alongshore fishery, aquaculture, be open to navigation or air traffic relevant industry activity. Chase billow however deep-sea be not easy thing, float windward report is faced with style of great capacity generally it is low and difficult that technology, cost and industrial catenary match maturity. Rose 2018, rely on Guangdong to save project of concerned scientific research, the enterprise captured in succession related catenary of industry of combination of 3 gorge the sources of energy typhoon frequent, sea condition complex, wave is abominable wait for a condition to fall, group of the fan that defy a table, go partly installation of design of type foundation and moor system, dynamic cable, unifinication and pull boat, fan + platform unifinication perch float style of great capacity is windward electric key technology, main program all is home's own core technology. 3 gorge of “ lead centre height of date ” hub to be apart from sea level about 107 meters, be equivalent to the height of building of nearly 37 dwellers; Impeller diameter 158 meters, be equivalent to 3 Boeing 747 side by side width; Wind rotor sweeps wind area to be equivalent to 3 standardization football ground. The extreme storm that basis of group of electric machinery of fundamental platform zephyr meets 50 years sheds operating mode to design, float platform displacement makes an appointment with 13 thousand tons, comparative with the displacement of an a large ship of 10 thousand tons of class. For this, installation group optimizes construction craft ceaselessly, achieve in home can locate the high accuracy attraction to 0.01 meters is anchorage, attack recapture miscellaneous sea besides the unifinication of the high capacity fan below hauls boat, and fan + the technology such as platform unifinication perch. 3 gorge of “ lead date ” the plan at the put into production end 2021, transport an electric energy of 16.5 million degrees of cleanness every year to area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province, reduce standard coal to use up 5100 tons at the same time, carbon dioxide discharges 13800 tons, float for later period type fan is large-scale, commercialize application to offer precious test data and optimize a space. From long-term in light of, maritime wind report moves toward far-reaching maritime space from coastal waters is inevitable trend. As 3 gorge group strategy of business of new energy resources carries out the new energy resources with at present main body, high cost of A stock market to appear on the market company, 3 gorge the sources of energy is bearing the weight of in promoting clean energy industry to upgrade, “ develops the historical mission that drives action ” , will continue float type wind report regards research and development as the key, scientific research of sex of the look up before strengthening works, the development of windward cable project extends of great capacity of far-reaching sea of the our country that help strength firmly all right far, for high quality of clean the sources of energy enlarge is allowed, carbon of “ of the implementation that help strength amounts to peak, carbon to counteract ” target to contribute 3 gorge force.

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