The share that bring profit was able to bear or endure through the United States recently gram company (NIKE, inc. ) the shoe uses material attestation, become be able to bear or endure gram company is only in endowment shoe uses polyurethane synthetic leather and supplier of composite material qualification, the material that bring profit will be played the part of beautiful be able to bear or endure gram product. The company restrains a company at becoming the United States to be able to bear or endure 2014 (NIKE, inc. ) sportswear equipment supplier, already overcame bag of package of equipment of football, golf, basketball, campaign 7 years to wait to be able to bear or endure continuously provide sports equipment data, cooperate at expanding deep this year in March, become formally be able to bear or endure gram company shoe uses material qualification supplier. Research and development of the share that bring profit lays the composite material of zoology function polyurethane that produce, have variety much, class is high, feel is plump, qualitative feeling is strong, cozy the gender is fast and good, durable the gender is good wait for characteristic of high quality environmental protection, use Yu Biao extensively horse, ASICS, Li Ning, enlighten Ka Nong, how to step, special the domestic and international shoe such as the pace kind with sporting goods brand. An Licai expects client of the high end in getting favors, popular each district, export 70 many with the area, can say “ brings interest data, use ” . The share that bring profit was handing in place greatly to appear on the market publicly 2011, it is the company with big synthetic leather of polyurethane of sex of function of zoology of production of professional research and development, it is the individual event of “ manufacturing industry that is versed in letter ministry is maintained ” of champion demonstrative enterprise. It is the “ key that ministry of science and technology holds ” of company of new and high technology, it is to send change appoint, the “ that the 5 ministries and commissions such as total bureau of Wu of total office of ministry of science and technology, Ministry of finance, customs, duty maintain maintains industry technology center ” . The United States is able to bear or endure gram company (NIKE, inc. ) held water 1972, total position forces ridge city at American Russia, it is one of companies of big athletic sports brand. 2019 money year, 2020 money year, the United States is able to bear or endure gram company year turnover is mixed for thirty-nine billion one hundred and seventeen million dollar respectively thirty-seven billion four hundred and three million dollar, among them, shoe kind product turnover is occupied than 70% the left and right sides. (eaves of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad heart)

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