Sea glazing bend over is the new approach that marine the sources of energy is used and resource develops. Maritime environment and land are different, below coequal illumination condition, offshore and open, without time of keep out, sunshine long, radiate is advanced the advantage makes the light of project of sea glazing bend over uses efficiency taller, electricenergy production is higher also. Power station of sea glazing bend over is improved apparently. Our country coasting is long, coastal waters sea area is vast, foreland solar energy is resourceful, sunshine time is long, solar energy can get more sufficient use. The expert points out, overall length of coasting of our country mainland spends more than 18 thousand kilometer, theoretic the maritime space area that can develop project of sea glazing bend over can amount to kilometer of about 710 thousand square, can install maritime Guang Fuchao to cross 100GW. Develop marine new energy resources to support the main strategy that makes transition of structure of our country the sources of energy energetically. In the meantime, market of spending of sea glazing bend over also is economic system capacity speed of big, development the southeast foreland with high demand of fast, energy, potential of market of project of sea glazing bend over is tremendous, or will become afterwards ground power station, industry and commerce power station of distributed smooth hot season and door the 4th big pillar that market of smooth hot season did not come to after power station of consumed bend over.

Project of sea glazing bend over faces complex and harsh use environment, if mist of fresh gale billow, typhoon, Hai Bing, tall salt, high humidity, air temperature changes to wait often, the demand that this means power station of smooth dog days of work of early days of sea glazing bend over is more firmer than ground power station. From the point of equipment technology angle, marine storm, Hai Bing, birds' droppings and microbial mist of adherent, salt corrodes the menace that waits to be caused to the component and land to go up to differ completely. Of maritime power station corrode taller to anticorrosive requirement, of frame and bracket corroding basically is marine microbial with strong salt mist corrode, and groovy metal frame does not have the capacity that fights mist of maritime environment salt to corrode.

Polyurethane material has high strenth, high standard quantity, low density, low heat conduction, low expand, tall insulation, tall anti-corrosive wait for an advantage, it is the good stuff of frame of sea glazing bend over and bracket, as the rapid development of sea glazing bend over, the company changed the perspective to polyurethane composite material in succession related many smooth hot season.

For example, according to 10 thousand Hua Wei eyeshot information of number of small letter public, 10 thousand China chemistry and day add up to light energy (Changzhou) , in market market light is maritime science and technology (Yantai) sign agreement of cooperation of tripartite of demonstrative project of component of sea glazing bend over, the subscription of this second agreement sets an example around component of sea glazing bend over project, sufficient play tripartite in marine light research and development of volt engineering field, demonstrative effect, market exploits the complementary advantage that waits for a respect, drive frame of polyurethane composite material to apply mediumly in component of sea glazing bend over.

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