Catch a project to stress development namely, seek a project to plan tomorrow namely. The break out of opportunity of survival of earth of division Er ooze August, in full swing of project a gleam of, construction enthusiasm all the more is high-spirited, emerge everywhere moving construction upsurge. Project of deep treatment of epoxy resin of lane continent new material, produce per year agent of solidify of of all kinds epoxy resin and its thinner 48500 tons, productivity predicts to be able to satisfy 440 fan lamina to use, realize production value finally 200 million yuan, taxation 20 million yuan. Accessary establishment is versed in Cheng is finished entirely, manufacturing workshop main body is finishing, preparation installs equipment, before predicting the end of the year comprehensive complete.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Inner Mongolia lane continent limited company of new material science and technology held water 2022. Inner Mongolia lane continent new material science and technology is the Shengliyang that do not have stannum the wholy-owned subsidiary of new material limited company. Without Xi Shengli Yang Xincai expects limited company held water 2014, begin technical collaboration all the year round with the institution of higher learing such as Shandong university, Zhejiang university, Tianjin university. This project predicts to invest 150 million yuan, construction epoxy resin allocates solidify of oxygen of latex of oxygen of be surrounded by mountains of product, lake, annulus project of agent and annulus oxygen thinner, add up to 48500 tons. In looking ditto eye is accelerating construction, predict to go into operation builds by 2023. The project is amounted to postpartum, will realize year of business income tax of 1.2 billion yuan of above, profit exceeds 30 million yuan. Epoxy resin reachs his to allocate a product to regard wind report as equipment core raw material, can this locality supplies Long Ma heavy industry, east is electric wait for downstream enterprise, implementation industry catenary supplies catenary to join cheek by jowl, equipment of phone of wind of area of ooze of promotion division Er makes industrial group develop a standard. In the meantime, the product such as solidify agent but synchronism applies fluid sealant of batteries of Yu Xinneng source, can be next layout store can the industry offers solid raw material to prop up.

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15-18 December

New York City