Situation of involute ” of “ of wind cable industry is increasingly grim. At present the mainstream fan of project of invite public bidding of large wind electric field bids the price has fallen to 2200-2500 yuan / the limits of kilowatt, the distance goes the beginning of the year is nodded high 4000 multivariate / kilowatt nearly cutting sb in two at the waist, and still did not stop drop rebounding posture. The near future, project of electric field of a large wind announced fan to send bid price, some is overall business with 2360 yuan / the canister containing a tower of kilowatt quotes again refresh is low (other manufacturer quoted price all is in 2700-3000 yuan) . Price of purify tower canister, this low fan quote already dropped defeat 2000 yuan / kilowatt. Wind report how? Be less than time of half an year, fan technology does not have revolutionary progress, why can you give cut sth in half of present price case? Fan equipment business: Imagine the space is little, low grabs the market, appear on the market a quick buck   last year October, with grand radical goes up greatly for stock of led smooth hot season, media caption points to fall of bend over of wind light produced by electricity continuously: “1 ≈7 of market prise of grand radical share ≈12 of Jin Feng science and technology intelligence of bright this world! Industry of cable of wind of ” after this calls the cause that gave to add 50 million kilowatt newly every year, although the stock of Jin Feng, Ming Yang goes up but aftereffect of be discouraged of apparent deficiency of yin with irritability is insufficient. Fan price is so low, does fan company profit? What to rely on to make money? Authorities person know, spectator is confused. Since last year, company of chain of industry of cable of much home wind starts IPO process or land capital market successfully, the hope lends double carbon east wind, get capital support quickly through appearing on the market, enlarge the market to have further rate; How can get support to appear on the market successfully from capital market however, the core technology that is managed increasingly by huge profit provides the impulse that resists short-term goal very hard to reach high, with not plan sequential low strategy and the paper face type that support without technical base come market of quick race to control was become at present the one big chaos of fan market is resembled. “ fight the enemy 1000 from caustic the price war of 800 ” , include entire industry almost mainstream investment business and manufacturer of fan of domestic and international old brand pull them to feel not right but see what do not understand confuse again bureau. Occupy many personage inside course of study to divulge, appear inside current trade profess “ agitate bureau of the promising young person person ” , often sign up for on a lot of projects go out to exceed low out of order, more those who make a person anxious is this kind exceeds low quoted price to build be in without the sufficient test and verify, paper face that does not have platform foundation on type. Actually, it is good that low gets the outstanding achievement fast growth that order brings to be level sex benefit only, and volt rises and fall since wind cable industry, review the history in the past, if fan dependability is poor, and use opposite high price however photograph of high reliability product is compared, the price that development business later period pays wants many tall, this has had hematic lesson over business of a lot of development, till very much today development business still is in digest a bitter pill to swallow at that time. Investment business: Complete lifecycle difficult assessment, low wins the bid report of wind of safe   our country develops business to be given priority to with center look forward to more, according to the country endowment appoint examine a requirement, take asset dimensions seriously more, it is profit gains next. Past allowance times adopts fixed electrovalency, yield model is calculated relatively easily, it is good that “ wants wind resource only shutting an eye to be able to make money ” . Price of the fan in initiative investment cost is occupied 50% the left and right sides, fan dependability is considered lesser, but the interior that assessment fan evaluates after development business still formed home's mature major to pass outstanding achievement is calculated evaluate a method. A development business that does not wish to disclose a full name calculated brushstroke debt to the author: With Henan somewhere 100MW wind field is exemple, in blame allowance times, electrovalency is 0.3779 yuan / kilowatt hour, according to total cost 6000 yuan / kilowatt, the foundation generates electricity hour of number 2300, if quality-related cost increases 50 yuan every year / kilowatt, actual IRR drops 1.1% . If in order to go 0.57 yuan / the electrovalency level computation of kilowatt hour above, same quality-related cost increases only to the influence of IRR 0.62% . Those who change character, come as par times, the addition of quality-related cost will bring directer and serious effect to project accrual. Cancel when allowance, new energy resources enters spot market stage by stage, high grade can develop resource less and less, the pressure that investment business faces increases unexpectedly. Under regale of ” of “ double carbon, investment business should grab resource already, want to build brand-new yield model again, ensure assets is total lifecycle not lose money in business. But investment business also has a painful topic, nowadays market mechanism was not built completely, lack the actor that perfects soundly to choose investment model, price cent is occupied than Gao Shi it is to know perfectly well cannot be and do it lift helplessly. Look from decision-making mechanism, invest business purchase ministry, engineering department and market sale ministry to often be in divide and rule of interior of a group, low wins the bid to purchasing decision-maker for safe. Purchase outstanding achievement of quality difference, brand not the risk of beautiful fan, can leave other department to think way, more what is more,the rather that fan complete lifecycle should use 20 years, already content is person blame. Economist bell Wei is being accepted when interviewing, ever expressed, consider the price only, and the reasonable cost of the credence that takes no account of the person that bid, merchandise that has quality safeguard or service and profit, take no account of sequel after honor the agreement and making work, so low wins the bid to bring about market order canceration with respect to enough, damage invite public bidding eventually square long-term with prime increase. Although the development space of at present smooth hot season makes a person colourful admire, but wind report is not to lean absolutely involute can gain the market with low competition. Wind cable industry is a long-distance running, this is the valuation that everybody agrees with. Hope entire industry uses the faith of the person that president of real action carry out runs, with the research and development of real innovation and essence investment rolls out quality the product with reliable, lead cost, for “ target of double carbon ” serves. Author: ? Europe?

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