Value of market of not saturated colophony and main area take home first half of the year situation become divided, from the point of the price, low of not saturated colophony is Hua Dong 196# first half of the year 10900 yuan / ton, appeared in January first; High price is 12100 yuan / ton, appeared in March the last ten-day of a month, the price is in the Gao Shuiping inside 5 years, first half of the year market of 196# of Hua Dong area all valence is in 11395, relatively the corresponding period went up last year 11.2% . The price perch such as raw material styrene, suitable anhydride slants first half of the year strong, prop up to arriving since face of cost of not saturated colophony, but demand carries show goodish, the terminal trade demand such as estate, capital construction is poorer first half of the year this year, not saturated colophony although high price but transmit terminal hard, what oil price of partial period of time and epidemic situation bring about together with first half of the year is to carry not free, carriage cost raises, also limit demand of merchandise on hand of not saturated resinous. From supply the level to look, home is not saturated first half of the year 2022 colophony new increase production can 100 thousand tons, not saturated colophony supplies second half of the year will slow growth, heart city flourishing forest 160 thousand tons device predicts 150 thousand tons of device, He Hongxin put into production, supply can rise further, not saturated market will is faced with supply a face to continue to procrastinate drag, but will look at present, although demand side of short duration does not have apparent promotion, but later period epidemic situation gets the trade demand such as progressively control, estate, capital construction predicts to be able to promote steadily. Although UPR lasts enlarge can, but in light of current condition, domestic plant go into operation leads general on the low side, average start working is in market of not saturated first half of the year colophony 25% the left and right sides. Import slants little, although export increases continuously, but gross still on the low side, to colophony market devoid essence is propped up. Price of condition of black of Russia of second half of the year, crude still is to affect market of other chemical industry to take one of main factors of situation, increase Euramerican area inflation, beautiful couplet store add the effect such as breath, to demand end also brings profit, commodity price lasts concussion drops probability on the high side, next not saturated colophony is accompanied produce newly can release ceaselessly, contradiction of supply and demand will increase further. Second half of the year plans put into production as buy of partial new clothes, start working of whole of not saturated colophony, crop is put pick up anticipate, the profit of demand side is good place a hope at Jin Jiuyin the terminal industry such as downstream stock up, estate is opposite 10 busy season the feedback with policy good profit, but considering macroscopical element and inflationary factor, and seasonal off-season, cost is conducted wait for uncertainty to still be put, second half of the year needs to hold careful and upbeat mood to market of not saturated colophony.

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