Wind cable industry is entering seed profit to spend a period. The promotion of each detail, the meaning that drops to cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS cannot small gaze. Fan lamina material, this one easy the detail that is ignored, unexpectedly also contain is worn the promotion electricenergy production, old essay that reduces fan cost. Supplier division considers high-powered polymer data achieve associated industry associate to raise 1.5MW successfully in development lamina of fan of system of colophony of new-style high-powered polyurethane, this means the epoxy resin that replaces a tradition with polyurethane on blade material to become a possibility. After lamina of afterwards 1.5MW polyurethane, current, division think of achieve trial-produce more the polyurethane lamina of high capacity fan, drive polyurethane fan lamina to come true at an early date commercialize application. The epoxy resin material of “ tradition already exceeded 30 years in the large-scale application on wind report lamina, be considered as mature and reliable technology, but what develop as report of wind of low wind speed is arisen, fan lamina does longer more, lamina of epoxy resin material has been shown in the bottleneck of the respect such as the price, craft. ” division is thought of achieve chief inspector of research and development of area of Asia-Pacific of polyurethane career ministry Dr. Li Qian to say. Li Qian expresses, light quantify and large the trend that changing is fan lamina development, be opposite subsequently the demand of craft is higher and higher also. In addition, accompany electrovalency of wind report online surveyor's pole to be reduced ceaselessly, times of wind n price goes gradually asymptotic, cost pressure also makes an industry seek the way that new material replaces. Data shows, blade cost occupies the 20%-30% of fan cost about, occupy wind field to invest the 10%-15% of cost about. If blade can fall to reduce cost further in the premise that assures function, undoubtedly will what thrust uses cost of kilowatt of wind cable unit drop, aid force to realize report of complete lifecycle wind eventually of cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS reduce. Compare epoxy resin, polyurethane material more get used to blade light quantify, large turn a tide. Polyurethane itself is not new material, already had history of 80 years up to now from the invention. Just, division think of achieve a sex of polyurethane material innovation to apply at fan lamina domain, initiated the beginning of polyurethane lamina. Current, report of wind of low wind speed and maritime wind report already two heat that report of become a common practice develops. Li Qian thinks, divide outside applying to fan of low wind speed, polyurethane material is same the need of very good and can contented maritime fan. “ maritime fan needs longer lamina normally, be faced with higher wind speed, have higher demand to anticorrosive function, this makes advantage of polyurethane material lamina clearer. ”However, in current wind cable market, the fan lamina of 99% above still uses conventional epoxy resin data. How can be polyurethane lamina just moved toward truly from the lab commercialize application, replace epoxy resin lamina for the most part eventually? Industry of “ wind cable invests big, risk tall, the owner application to new material new technology will be more careful, in the meantime, wind cable industry emphasizes running outstanding achievement particularly, need has a person that has crab. ” Li Qian says, since “ polyurethane lamina develops a success, we are active manufacturer, as overall as blade business even owner undertakes be communicationed closely, strive for drive polyurethane lamina implementation to commercialize application at an early date. ”Li Qian expresses, have on big lamina as a result of polyurethane material more apparent replace an advantage, predict to be on the fan of low wind speed that needs bigger lamina, polyurethane lamina takes the lead in moving toward the market likely. Get the person that run as what wind energy polyurethane uses a field, division think of achieve outside dividing development polyurethane lamina, already used maturity of polyurethane material technology at the elastomer of the painting system of tower canister and lamina and cable of fan sea floor. Look in Li Qian, polyurethane data innovation sex uses at wind report domain, will drive wind report to become more the green, clean the sources of energy that has price advantage more.

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