On May 15, 2021, ” of date of Zhu Rong of Martian car “ is after a few months of roam of annulus fire orbit, ask a ” from “ day the depart in airship drops eventually, on the land that set foot on this fiery lubricious heavenly body successfully!

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Look be like not sophisticated act, actually crisis 4 bend over. ” of date of “ Zhu Rong lands inside cutty time to pass through Martian aerosphere, experienced “ black 9 minutes ” . In these 9 minutes, “ wishs ” of date of be in harmony high speed enters aerosphere, produce clash with aerosphere, exterior temperature lifts quickly; Below high fever condition, “ wishs date of be in harmony ” and aerosphere produced mixed physico-chemical response. When nearing Martian area, ” of date of “ Zhu Rong from 4.8km/s descend speed, decrease inside 5 minutes for 460m/s, decrease after parachute is opened to be less than 100m/s, when then the action in big thrust engine leaves the height that controls in 100m, fall for 0, rely on 4 to land again the wallop after leg amortize is dropped, the Martian car that lets carry 6 scientific instruments eventually makes the same score firm fall to the ground. Because transmit to need to make an appointment with 20 minutes back and forth to earthly signal from spark, cannot undertake the intervention of artificial instruction, and touchdown opportunity brief for the moment is only, land the law also is done not have to suspend the task in the process. Face a series of complex situations, the intelligence of height of date ” support changes “ Zhu Rong to sentence paroxysmal incident beforehand, finished smoothly land the job. The car of spark of ” of date of “ Zhu Rong after landing will begin by a definite date 90 spark day (the earth about 3 months) science explores the task, the edaphic feature that the task includes appearance of scale spark configuration and geological knot composition of a picture, investigation spark and Shui Bing distributing, the corporeal composition that analyses Martian surface, measure ionosphere and Martian the earth's surface spark of climate and environmental feature, exploration. “ wishs spark of ” of date of be in harmony the car makes an appointment with 240 kilograms again, it is “ thes Jade Hare-the moon 2 times of 2 ” , 3.3 meters long, 3.2 meters wide, 1.85 meters tall. The air on spark is rare difference in temperature of cold, day and night is big, average temperature has 63 Celsius 0 times only, as the run-down desert beach environment on the earth, exterior bumpy, still produce sanded dust storm to wait for extreme weather via regular meeting, the condition is very abominable. Place in “ to wish spark of ” of date of be in harmony to be challenged before the car, very arduous. The task whether successful, depend on the structure of car of spark of ” of date of “ Zhu Rong and structural data, so what material is does for “ Zhu Rong date ” escort the Emperor convoy? Does “ wish date of be in harmony what composite material ” used? In “ black inside 9 minutes of ” , the shooting star is general the touchdown that high speed drops implement, with attrition of Martian aerosphere high speed, land implement exterior temperature lifts quickly, if do not undertake defending effectively, do that Liu Qi is faced with in aerosphere by the danger of burn down. So in the respect that prevent heat, does “ wish date of be in harmony what data ” used? ★ successive fiber increases in density prevents hot composite material: The fluctuation margin that uses in need to keep detector whole figure and structure support position. Action: This data phase compares low density data its intensity is higher, density is 0.9g/cm3 about, give attention to two or morethings be able to bear or endure ablation and carrying capacity. Study a group: What academy of carrier rocket technology belongs to spaceflight material and craft institute. ★ exceeds the ablation that pledges gently to prevent hot coating composite material: Application heats in pneumatic relatively assuasive back overspreads place. Action: Density of material of this graph layer is 0.28g/cm3 left and right sides only, thermal conductance is low to make an appointment with 0.06W/m ﹒ K, its heat up physical function basically to achieve international advanced level, not only heat proof quality is good, also had main effect again to Liu Qi's decreasing. Study a group: What academy of carrier rocket technology belongs to spaceflight material and craft institute. ” of date of “ Zhu Rong bore the weight of multiple task, the equipment that carry is more, still need to endure black of the “ when landing 9 minutes ” test. Quantify a requirement because this is right gently very tall. In addition, martian environment indentation of complex, surface is densely covered, increased more difficulty to land. To ensure “ Zhu Rong date ” is in spark to express success to realize soft landing, used light quantify reach special type composite material. ★ special type sucks high can alloy: Apply at landing orgnaization. Action: This alloy is had outstanding obdurability, light qualitative sex and suck can quality, the concussion when absorbing detector to land can. Study a group: Academy solid physics studies science of material of Hefei of academy of sciences body place. ★ aluminous silicon encloses crust: Application lands at detector the core such as TR component of the system is crucial yuan parts of an apparatus encloses a solution. Action: Safeguard detector lands the safety of systematic circuit, for interior of parts of an apparatus circuit put on the “ of on the safe side to protect garment ” , safeguard detector lands smoothly in Martian safety. Study a group: Hefei emperor amounts to electronic science and technology industrial limited company. ★ high-powered carborundum base enhance aluminium radical composite material: Use at instrument of detector tall nicety. Action: New-style carborundum base enhance aluminium radical weight of composite material component the dimension below limits of tall, rigid good, wide temperature stabilizes light, intensity, the material demand of crucial to some orgnaization when satisfying “ to wish date of be in harmony ” moves for long. Study a group: Metal of Shanghai traffic university base Zhang Di of composite material key laboratory, Ouyang Qiubao teachs a group. Alloy of lithium of ★ new-style magnesium: Use at detector structure. Action: As go up at present light metallic construction material, can realize detector light quantify. Study a group: Xi'an traffic university Professor Chai Donglang reachs its group. Material of ★ high-grade aluminium (envelope board, free forging, exceed greatly alloy of annulus of norms board, forge, aluminous lithium) : Apply at detector. Action: The space travel that safeguard “ wishs detector of spark of ” of date of be in harmony is long-term and finish extremely complex land process. Study a group: Southwest aluminium course of study (group) finite liability company. ★ is new-style composite material of aluminium radical carborundum: Use at a few kinds of component such as Martian car structure, orgnaization, instrument. Action: Martian car should be in the spark with mixed operating mode to express face Sunday run to walk, of data of car of this pair of spark light quantify, stability of excel in tenacity, expensive measure, impact resistance raised extremely tall requirement, alloy of traditional aluminium, titanium hard give attention to two or morethings asks integratedly, new-style aluminium base carborundum composite material can be competent. Study a group: Group of Ma Zongyi of institute of metal of academy of sciences. Because sun of Martian detector distance is further, the sun radiate intensity that it gets is greatly abate, temperature is inferior. The temperature on spark is very low, the average temperature on equator has only - 23°C, be aimed at complex temperature work environment, does date ” have “ Zhu Rong what to kind ofly defend method? ★ organic heat accuses coating: Use at the surface outside spacecraft. Action: “ day asks a ” detector is after orbit, be in the environment of ultrahigh vacuum space beyond earthly aerosphere, the exterior temperature of front sun is very high, and the temperature of the surface that carries Xiang Taiyang on the back is very low, bring about spacecraft “ to put fire on the ice double day ” . This material is able to make sure “ day asks a ” detector can be below extremely complex temperature environment hold regular job. Study a group: Organic chemistry of Shanghai of academy of sciences studies all machine heat accuses coating development group. ★ accept rice enrages gel: Use at action of Martian car   : Very light, heat proof quality is good, fall in detector “ ” and ” of “ make one's rounds produce effect in two tasks. Study a group: Spaceflight division is versed in 3 courtyards 306. ★ heat insolation falls material of a confusion of voices 3 amine bubble: Use at action of Martian car   : Below environment of Martian extreme low temperature, constant still companion has storm. This product heat insolation falls effect of a confusion of voices is good, the oxygen index that measures fire prevention performance is as high as 34, of one square metre underweight 70 grams, each function is reliable, safeguard spark car gets used to harsh environment. Group of research and development: Inc. of science and technology of green Yuxin material.

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