The Intecsa Industrial of international engineering company that headquarters is located in Spain and Swiss PET chemistry reclaim business Gr3n signed to have sanction forgive memorandum, aim to build a joint ventures, knock off factory is answered in what Spain constructs an industry scale. Intecsa Industrial commerce and inspector general of new business department express: “ serves as the partner of Gr3n, intecsa thinks to should reclaim the technology that the company develops has ‘ change to reclaim the latent capacity of the industry’". Their technology makes we can solve the problem with other inextricability technology. ”

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Their technology calls MADE (microwave assists depolymerization) , will use at building “ congener first ” makes installation, and 2024 the fourth quarter begins EPC phase. Gr3n and Intecsa Industrial plan produce PET of 40 thousand tons of second birth every year to 2027. This technology can handle the PET that comes from each industries, include spin waste material, form closed circuit for the PET application that reclaims hard.

Gr3n author holds presiding apparitor concurrently to express: "This is to Gr3n one spans greatly, because it will make we achieve greater progress, make clear increase model reclaiming is practical, assist our microwave likely depolymerization technology MADE to push to the market. Before this, a lot of firms will increase in effort model reclaim the technology upgrades to produce class dimensions from research lab, but of the person that great majority mixes first adoption because of financial problem suspect and backwater not before.

Gr3n author holds presiding apparitor concurrently to emphasize saying: "Partner people have comprehensive knowledge to the operation of Gr3n, accordingly, rather in collaboration of a partner is the accredit to them is farther affirm, also be the actual strength that logarithm is occupied and produces a result at the same time is farther affirm. ”

The MADE technology that Gr3n develops can offer reliable buildup model reclaim solution, this plan can realize PET loop, production eats grade polymer stuff, handle all sorts of waste material, decrease to be used at burn or filling the carbolic slot of the material that bury normally.

Intecsa Industrial commerce and inspector general of new business department point out, the PET litter sort that this technology can handle is various, expanded to be able to use the material measure that makes raw material, quickened the " transition to circular economy thereby " . Consumptive hind and / or bottle of the PET after industry, include coloured, colorless, transparent, opaque and textile, no matter be 100% polyester still are contained,be as high as 30% other data (like polyurethane, cotton, get together ether, get together Niao) mixture, can make the proper raw material of this craft.

"Regard industry as partner and partner, we are a of the board of directors, we also have an opportunity to implement the fundamental project of factory of this one industry, accordingly we are familiar with this technology very much, we are certain this technology now already be all set, can further upward. ”

Intecsa Industrial new development and complement of innovation chief inspector say: "To Intecsa Industrial, we are certain this will change game regulation. ”

The technical concept of MADE factory is microwave technology uses in alkalescent hydrolyze process, decompose PET main monomer, reclaim for PET provide the means with feasible economy. It can mix the PET of any types polyester is plastic decompose for composition of two kinds of core- - PTA and MEG monomer, next reset, obtain those who be similar to original material is plastic, realize endless loop to use. This kind of new technology changes a debit style of global PET likely, to reclaim industry and catenary of whole polyester value bring huge increase.

The polymer that obtains from inside this craft can be used at producing new product, from go up to replace petrifaction raw material completely at all, bottle comes true likely to arrive to textile, textile in circulatory system textile, even textile is used to the loop of bottle.

This company shows, its target is the second birth PET that becomes the world to precede and polyester supplier, solve the whole world to be opposite primitive and plastic demand, create the method that a kind of true plastic loop uses.

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