China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Say according to personage of know the inside story, du Bang company is having thorough negotiation with Jordan Company of company of illicit collect equity, may sell branch of its Delrin colophony in order to restrain the price of 1.8 billion dollar latter.

Personage of know the inside story says, the company of illicit collect equity that this headquarters is located in new York may be in the earliest this week announces afore-mentioned trade changing that what salary produces to buy Du Bang. But their warning says, have not make final decision at present, negotiate still possible burst.

If Jordan buys a success, it will be beaten be in likewise the Gu star fund that contends for this asset (Lone Star Funds) with Platinum Equity.

This asset comes off will dash forward show Du Bang new focusing is mixed at electron, car, water technology. Below the leader of executive president Ed Breen, this company incorporated with company of chemistry of contented family name 2017, recombine the business that becomes independent for 3 next, its move for the most part and material branch gives Sailanisi the company at selling 2022 (Celanese) .

Jordan Company is firm of an intermediate market, in investment chemical company side is having long history, introduce according to its website, this company owns share in Arclin, Vantage and Polymer Solutions Group. The chemical that Delrin produces has light simple character, can be in what be turn for slide fastener fastener from mechanical tine the substitute that makes a metal is used in all sorts of products.

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