New system includes the solidify that is less than 1 minute, suit higher car yield very much.

Inquiry car manufacturer why they want to be being multiplied go up with the car use more composite material, can the most person in them list familiar attribute: ? Tuo Qi Kan offends Kang like that  of caries of buffalo gnat behead steals  of market instrument alkyne Chi of health where > kills Mei of  of  of officer of benevolence hand of Jiu of  of languid of Ju Guoe slender and delicate to be a surname of oneself of bucket of Qin of  of Shu of  of ɡ of Xu of Hu Si Zu dash forward  of  of  Ben abundant, they can point out immature design tool is returned cannot accurate the performance that forecasts anisotropy composite material (bring about slow and costly redesign) , compare with traditional material phase, spare parts cost is higher, especially advanced composite material, and changeover technology is too slow still, cannot catch up with of automobile industry in batch plan, the manufacturing schedule of model of big batch of prep let alone, this is ultimate goal.

10 when supply catenary member to use many years subject method shortened handling time, heat up solid sex especially plastic. The craft outside autoclave and the technology that are based on CNC machinery shorten cycle time from several hours, conduce to make solution photograph compares structural composite material and fiducial metal to provide cost effectiveness more. In the meantime, the progress of colophony chemistry makes with thermoplastic plastic manufacturing rate and the manufacturing rate treatment that are close to punch steel heat up solid sex material to become a possibility —— if composite material should be in car design of future the action with more prominent play, this is necessary. Notable is, among them a lot of progress are not the result that the technology that develops for aerospace market uses afresh. Contrary, the distinctive technology that is car component manufacturer technically designs them with performance demand. A crucial case is colophony recipe division it is the job that reduces place of time of epoxy resin solidify to do recently.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

“ is the most mature the system of ”

Hexion (river fast) Inc. (American Ohio Columbus city) the fast solidify epoxy resin that spent lustrum to develop and commercialize 3 kinds of grade for car product line. In fact, this company claims its technology is the most mature on the market, this should be attributed to BMW 7 departments car (come from company of German Munich BMW) , this car used 16 carbon fiber to enhance composite material (CFRP) spare parts, basically compress through the liquid shape (LCM- Liquid Compression Molding, also call wet pressure) or high-pressured colophony move shapes (production of HPRTM-high-pressure Resin Transfer Molding) , those who use is Hexion (with dispatch) fast solidify epoxy resin. This company shows, the colophony system that it develops accords with the function of BMW LCM and HP-RTM craft and manufacturing rate requirement.

Hexion (with dispatch) Xigelide of director of global market development · sea heart (explanation of Sigrid Ter Heide) says, the relation of this job is car manufacturer to taller productivity (pass faster cycle time) with outstanding macerate (no matter spare parts type how) double desire. She explains: Viscosity of low-down of “ this need [20-40 li berth] compare with long inject window —— or —— of hot conceal time and solidify time photograph. ”We developed “ these at the liquid using that shape craft (like LCM and RTM) material, make its have thread excitant —— and carbon or glass, successive roving, short cut fiber or fabric is likewise applicable. ”

The component of additionally two special designs conduces to perfect system. The first kind is agent of a kind of in-house drawing of patterns, it can stop in need and the ongoing travel of clean tool rectifies the drawing of patterns of the class, but the mould aftertreatment that won't disturb pair of adherent Li Min to feel according to the report, be like agglutinate or lacquer. The 2nd kind is agent of much composition solidify, conduce to ensure the hot defer of fast solidify. Hexion (with dispatch) · of Luo Man of Motor Corporation of —— of leader of global carriage technology hopes to strap Mill (Roman Hillermier) points out: “ this system is developed first-rately, balanced treatment attribute and superior mechanical performance, be like tenacity and tall hear resistance. ”. He still mentioned the strict control to composition and narrow norms, in order to ensure outstanding with consistent performance.

The EPIKOTE colophony TRAC06000(EPTRAC06000) that contains TRAC06130(EKTRAC06130) of EPIKURE solidify agent is used at BMW 7 departments spare parts. The system of EPTRAC 06170/EKTRAC 06170 that rolls out recently offerred taller Tg for the spare parts of same kind. When craft either when complete automation, EPTRAC 06150/EKTRAC 06150 shapes more easily / drawing of patterns, because this is,classification the first selection of the supplier. Solidify time depends on temperature: EPTRAC 06000/EKTRAC 06130 is 120 seconds in the solidify time below 120°C, 50 seconds are below 135°C, and the solidify rate that EPTRAC 06170/EKTRAC 06170 leaves in identical temperature is rapid 5 seconds (for example, 45 seconds are when 135°C) .

All system component is accorded with by described as chemical is registered, evaluate, accredit and limitation (REACH-Registration, EValuation, authorisation And Restriction Of Chemicals) . Although the Tg of colophony system is on the technology,apply at white lubricious automobile body under Europe and North America (the E-coat of BIW) (electrophoresis antirust lacquer) system, mill expresses Dan Xile, want to support a part in E-coat or spray paint process only (arrive through join automobile body structure) , won't see the surface or dimension change. This system does not have solvent, accordingly, no matter colophony is,be being returned in open mode is enclosed the treatment in the mould, show low volatile organic compound (VOC- Volatile Organic Compound) is discharged. The expiration period and standard epoxy resin comparative (12 months are below room temperature) .

Should be asked about whether to put in radiative problem, especially when large part, hyde and Xilemier say, but complement says, the solidify that expectation undertakes is less than 1 minute in the part with 10 large millimeter is not actual; However, they say, it is likely that spare parts ply is 1-5 millimeter. They admit to may appear problem (for example, flow path and inject mouth are premature solidify) , because this key is good tool,the design is opposite the importance of any quick response systems. Corrode sensitive metal and natural balata besides what avoid to suffer annulus oxidation easily to learn material to affect sealed, and outside giving the mixture with the sharper alternative below temperature and infuse rate, do not need to undertake to these material major equipment is changed. In KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH (German Munich) , Hennecke GmbH (German Sankt Augustin) with Cannon USA Inc. (Ni Yazhou Cranberry presses down American Bin Xi law) these material moved to had had rich commercial experience on treatment system.

Faster system

Huntsman Advanced Materials (the United States gets Kesasi orchid city of city five heart) the epoxy resin system that still provides those who be used at the car to be less than 1 minute. Although offerred Araldite 3031 of class of a kind of colophony, but it is OK with a kind of collocation in agent of a few kinds of solidify, in order to offer 4 what differ to 5 kinds is aberrant. This system is to answer the requirement of European car manufacturer develops, they hope advanced composite material productivity approachs steel punch rate. According to shaping temperature is mixed of spare parts dimension different, according to the report, below 140°C, solidify time can amount to 30 seconds the most quickly, the key-press that forms 1 minute shapes circularly.

These material by described as reactivity very strong, must mix with inject or 2K / dispatching system union is used, this makes they become a liquid to shape craft (RTM and LCM) or more specifically, him Hengsiman dynamic fluid is compressed shape aberrant good choice. Allegedly latter offerred higher than what epoxy resin comes true normally in RTM fiber bulk mark (to 65% ) . Hengsiman's market develops case of wave of manager Matt · to point out: People is opposite “ beforehand speed of dip makings solidify and the professional knowledge that use these systems are satisfied. ”. The secret of success with real “ is close a tool is annual 1500 Lijisheng crop and the difference between the 30000 medium output to 75000. Want to reach level of this one productivity, the solidify that you must have 30 seconds period. Current, the industry still understands implementation in effort the investment with these speed what kind of need. He points out ” , hengsiman is right in batch and the cost with large quantities of volume economic models / weight undertook comprehensive analysis. Although he admitted to make a few hypothesis in this research, but he also expresses, although crop exceeds 100000 / year, cost of advanced composite material spare parts also is with the cost that escalates polyamide inside same range. Wave case complements: “ had these numbers, we got had been been opposite the structure is thermoplastic plastic the great interest of the person that knows somewhat. ”What wave case points to is the person that those familiar inject shape 2 times. “ is the most important is, we provided a technological process that accords with car culture standard for them, because we did not ask they are right,shape beforehand undertake the model injects shutting. ”

New colophony system and fiber have nothing to do, with filament bundle or weigh bundle of fiber and a heavy fabric likewise applicable, provide the expiration period of a year of above of traditional epoxy resin, apply to traditional epoxy resin to machine equipment. That is to say, for successive and rather than absolutely discontinuous fiber system designs it, for instance SMC. This technology appears not as more easily as RTM radiative problem, typical spare parts ply is as high as 2 millimeter. Can it handle the temperature of lacquer of paint knead dough? · Huo Er expresses Carl of manager of service of technology of henry Si Man especially: “ this depends on spare parts (for example white automobile body) the means that prop up. ”. We are in “ to undertake study to this now, but the key when we are designing this system is to make its are cured quickly, the price is reasonable, is not Tg exorbitant. Want to implement these change, you must begin to abandon something in a certain place. ” this technology is undertaking commerce experiments, according to the report, the client is satisfied to the result.

Hengsiman expresses, an advantage that it offers for the client is the interior major that the commercial code such as use PAM-RTM undertakes going from place to place reacting building a model knowledge. Holt complements: “ begins to have a test when us when, we react in colophony the professional knowledge of the respect that build a model can produce effect. ”. We do not need “ the flower comes to computational pressure, temperature and inject speed between a few climate, design the client's part to load to arrive in software however, complete all works ahead of schedule. Next, in try out that day, we go in batch of number, in arrive twice inside try out, our constant ground produces the part that gives high quality. ”

The successor of fast solidify

Company of Su Wei composite material (Alparetta of Zun Zhiya city of Solvay- United States) roll out SolvaLite 730 at the beginning of 2017, enter market of fast solidify colophony, this product is large quantities of quantities to the car applies and be developed only. SolvaLite 730 is sex of a kind of hot solid beforehand dip makings, the novel and chemical part that includes this company place to say (namely, do not be based on existing colophony matrix) . According to the report, solvaLite 730 is designed for high capacity application only, have low be as long as below solidify, 170°C 1 minutes below agglutinant, 150°C 3 minutes below solidify and room temperature of 6 months store stability. The target of this company is to use this kind of material to undertake compression shaping. Of the Tg that this colophony still has low enthalpy, 130°C, 170°C but sex of drawing of patterns, and because tool life is longer, store easily and reduced always have cost. The carbon fiber form that offers at first is 150 or 300 grams the UD fabric of 2, make by carbon fiber of high strenth 5K. Suo Erwei still offers the damask of 380 grams 2×2, make by carbon fiber of high strenth 12K.

Contented family name Motor Corporation (Dow- United States rests closely a city abstruse Benshan Ye rolled out P6300 of Vorafuse epoxy resin 2017, this is a kind with DowAksa of carbon fiber supplier (American Georgia Maliaida) offer jointly beforehand dip makings. It also applies to a car to compress shape, can provide solidify time of 2 minutes, can stabilize below room temperature be as long as 30 days. This kind of material is to be Ford GT at first (Ford Motor Co, dearborn MI, US) of development, also apply at Faurecia (Nanterre, france) use contented family name through RTM (Dow)Voraforce 5300 epoxy resin and short the Asidumading that cuts carbon fiber felt to make in structure of car trunk frame. Contented family name (Dow) official shows, time of the solidify after the inject of this spare parts is 90 seconds.

What be next?

These new systems conduce to the composite material with advanced fixed position, with competing with steel and aluminium. Pack a more time from inside reaction chemistry likely? Two companies show, yes, but ask an attention, must overcome other obstacle above all. Wave case jokingly: We know “ need is pulled move what lever ability to go more quickly, but you can abandon something accomplish this, we did not hear anybody to say the solidify of 30 seconds is too slow. ” his complement, this won't resemble “ the cost that reduces carbon fiber cost to affect part of carbon fiber cloth in that way. ”· Hai Debu fills Xigelide: Although “ is versed in industry is seeking the means that makes technology of advanced composite material has cost competition ability more, is not to drive faster solidify time, but as carbon fiber more efficient use, change direction reclaim material or through reducing waste, cost will get bigger reduce. ”. “ in fact, best function can come true through technical mixture. ”

Note: Textual see, " Fast And Faster: Rapid-cure Resins Drive Down Cycle Times " 2018.3.22

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