Today, we live in to spend a period, in this times, change make each country can dedicated move toward the market at his advantage, and can developing continuously is a when ensure Wu of important equipment kimono runs continuously crucial ability. Composite material maintenance includes to pass the structure that machinery originallies closely or adhesive strengthens fiber pressing plate of composite material layer to bring to bear on to suffer an effect to go up. If the graph is shown 1 times, the one part in repairing a program to change a structure is laden, relieved the stress in infrastructure thereby. Compound maintenance can use at: Because corrode,restore, fatigue crackle or other the intensity of the structure that damage and worsens; Strengthen a structure in order to increase carrying capacity; Strengthen a structure in order to decrease deflection or increase inflectional capacity; Add fatigue life of the structure; Or   compensation design or construction blemish.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Graph: Compound composite material has the principle   that revamps a program to fight exhaustion and corrosion resistance outstandingly can, suit a lot of maintenance situations very much. Composite material has very tall intensity weight to compare, and can feel specific application measures a body the function of material of custom-built orthogonality anisotropy. Repair can undertake quickly, and can follow complex or irregular appearance. Do not involve hot operation, did not catch fire accordingly, the area that be heated affects or the risk that heat up leftover stress. Undertake below the case that compound maintenance can decide a service in bos normally. For example, traditional solder take-overs service call shuts cop during maintenance, and compound maintenance still can undertake when move in cop. Can be in Melbourne at present inferior press the mark sex case that the composite material that manages steel structure and concrete construction with Yu Wei sees on the Westgate bridge that 336 meters grow on the river. This bridge had undertaken structural consolidate, used more than 20 tons carbon fiber in all, make its are become on one of big carbolic consolidate projects [3] . To ensure long-term and effective, composite material maintenance needs to be designed carefully. Although be in certain and professional application,can use boron and aromatics polyamide, but often use fibre glass or carbon fiber to enhance material. Improve repair efficiency for old rate land, fiber enhances direction to answer with advocate load way is right neat. If the graph is shown 2 times, can use different repair configuration, with simpler repair program rehabilitate photograph to compare, the cutting that more complex scarf rehabilitate can reduce agglutinate line stress. Need makes carefully repair film taper off, come off with what old rate land reduces the margin stress, this may be restricted repair intensity and durable sex. If the graph is shown 3 times, the ply that needs with place normally, the place that is apart from blemish needs length and taper to express to maintain a design. Composite material always may not fit the stuff of maintenance, put in the problem of wear of a few influences and function, include among them: Environmental element, include to expose at chemical material, extreme temperature or heat circulate; Between the data that because maintenance is medium,uses and infrastructure incompatible and the couple that cause is corroded; The fire prevention that regards organic matrix as material and adhesive asks the likelihood burns and produce harmful gas; Destroy behavior with   , because composite material may be right,be bumped and cut is sensitive. Can pass wet lay up or use beforehand dip makings system repairs composite material content to apply at the structure directly, next solidify of on the spot. Or, can will beforehand the machinery of layer pressing plate of solidify is secured or agglutinate arrives on the structure. Stick the rehabilitate that receives composite material to want to rely on the finishing of high quality first. This surface must clean and free from contamination, the purpose is to be adhesive to form high-energy surface in order to form effective felt. On composite material structure, the material that this measure includes cleared and all damage normally is having stuff when necessary, with solvent cleanness, burnish will fill stickuply an area (pass gush sand preparation normally) ensure generated appearance does not have grain or other contaminant. To metal and other data, use similar process, although can use priming paint,add exert oneself goodly in order to ensure. To agglutinate maintenance, the choice of adhesive is crucial. Epoxy resin is commonly used and provide high performance, but sensitive to finishing. Acrylic ester (methylic acrylic acid ester) the agglutinate that provided high strength, finishing is little, but sensitive to temperature. Polyurethane has flexibility, durable sex and impact resistance, but shear strength is inferior. It is 3 check study of the application that can prolong substance service life in the light of advanced composite material below: 1. Australian Australia company (ACS Australia) the composite material that developed a kind to be used at oil and natural gas industry maintains clamping apparatus. This clamping apparatus includes share of two half carapace, these half carapace parts secure what be in charge of in leak with bolt all round, and used the sealed system of special design come sealed leak and pressure. This fixture is lighter than traditional steeliness clamping apparatus 85 % , and have taller corrosion resistance. Check through extensive dead water pressure (include high temperature requirement) and short-term check with long-term water, undertook test and verify to compound clamping apparatus. This technology is exit product of Australia, with Malaysia Petroleum Company collaboration was carried out in Malaysia repair vice technology. 2. Compound radar reflexes household utensils to damage below soup, bring about statified damage with the structure. Branch of Australian ACS Australia assessed spot attaint situation, undertook maintaining in our in-house establishment, will complex structure regains the position that did not damage. Crucial to maintenance, the outline of illuminator surface keeps changeless. After correcting the attaint to material of rock-bottom beehive core, applied scarf of oxygen of carbon fiber annulus to repair a pressing plate, restore radar reflector its savagery, if pursue,4 are shown. 3. Australian Australia stock exchange (ACS) whole to lapping the DNV of repair system asked to undertake outside new pipeline composite material attestation plan. This system aims the steel tube that repair corrodes, apply at solidify heating in seawater. ACS Australia company made qualificatory appraisal plan, made test sample, undertook recuperating and had a test, the material function of a pressing plate and felt layer and long-term and durable sex are repaired below harsh working environment with test and verify. If the graph is shown 5 times, representative to having conduit undertook pressure checks, in order to prove its accord with relative standard. The applied range that composite material maintains is very wide, and income is very much. A few industries had made composite material maintain the level that design and uses, for example ISO 24817, ASME PCC-2 and DNV-RP-C301. As by the metal, concrete, the existing property in use that lumber or composite material make is damaged or as time elapse and degrade, the demand of the effective maintenance to using composite material and conserve technology will increase. Article place emphasizes no less than in that way, the ability in the design that Australia undertakes maintaining in use composite material and application will prolong the service life of these valuable asset, save millions dollar in this process.

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