The modified of 1. hydrophily compound, the filament agglutinate of material of the modified that includes emulsification bitumen, acrylic ester and polyurethane, fiber and beforehand dip makings solidify.

Epoxy resin of ability in swimming does not have 2. to permeate coating solvent, low viscosity, high to basically be used at the Gaogu content such as fluorine carbon, acrylic, polyurethane, high-powered coating without solvent, low viscosity, low cost, Gao Fenhan quantity priming paint is mixed the lacquer intermediate.

3. cement concrete and someone else make stone material, the solid of inorganic material writtens guarantee, the consolidate that also can be used at lumber, paper and material of other and organic fiber, waterproof and anticorrosive and compound.

The construction that 4. hydrophily epoxy resin will apply extensively at road, bridge, airport, dam and other building, safeguard and maintain, it is especially in a few water and damp environment. The hydrophily epoxy resin of 50% above will be used at the special purpose in anhydrous environment, be like juncture grouting and juncture hairdressing.

5. emulsification epoxy resin basically is used at some of some steel structure besmear to install the priming paint of craft.

The development of epoxy resin of ability in swimming reachs applied foreground, take action of epoxy resin hydration seriously very much, the reason has 3:

Epoxy resin of 1. ability in swimming is in environmental protection respect, because environmental protection debt is too much, should give correct. Accordingly, the cliff formula that uses high level of prep above international executes the law. Sometimes, although unscientific, unreasonable, but have no alternative. This one phenomenon will be long-standing, expand quickly what promote water-solubility modified limits thereby.

The infrastructure demand of 2. , the amount that builds a project especially, traffic, large dams and building are to go up very big. Of civil engineering organic change be in with union future will be one cannot go against the development process that turn inside very long period of time, the environmental protection, safe, applicable, choice that securing is epoxy resin of ability in swimming.

The crop of alkalescent epoxy resin of 3. our country and consumption will be very long. From the point of product structure, should be to go up to produce and use epoxy resin of ability in swimming of a lot of. 25% what total output will occupy domestic epoxy resin, occupy the 70% above of total consumption of epoxy resin of ability in swimming.

The potential breed of epoxy resin of common ability in swimming of technology of crop, productivity, synthesis and;D of research and development, no matter be of emulsification,still be complex, be in front row. In recent years, below the indefatigable effort of home of private enterprise of a few aspiring and scientist, emulsifying agent and technical synthesis additive obtained major breakthrough. Inside two years, the synthesis in main polybutadiene research and industrialization respect obtain major breakthrough. Inside 3 years, its productivity, crop and dosage will rank front row like epoxy resin.

Epoxy resin product is in going up is one kind does not become the division of labor of article, all the time since it is the element recombines, the careful burden of synthesis of basic raw material, Germany is improved, ; of compound application research and development but applied market wants to be in, it is especially in the development process of epoxy resin of ability in swimming.

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