China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
It is the list that postpone business below (sign up in updating, the rank is not divided early or late) Ge Ruide of of limited company of 001 Shandong Ge Ruide group is around artificial environment, new energy resources of over or across, new material, equipment is made, energy-saving environmental protection, IT 5 old strategies are new-style industry group of the industry, product and service are spread all over reach 5 continent 100 many with the area, wide application is made at real estate of capital construction project, commerce, industry, processing of project of information of agricultural development, electron, car, environmental protection, medicine is purified, the domain such as traffic of marine project, orbit, will satisfy client requirement through making the whole process solution of field of engineering of air conditioning project, ventilated people's air defense, composite material, environmental protection. Also be enterprise of form a complete set of key war industry at the same time. 047 Shandong double Inc. of one science and technology opens system of type innovation research and development through building, treatment of nicety of dedicated composite material and intelligence make platform construction, devote oneself to to make composite material shape supplier of craft unifinication solution. Current, the company already obtained authorization 116, invent 14 among them; Participate in the standard that draft 3; Master and maturity applies LRTM, VARI, mould pressing, autoclave, boil besmear, SMC, PDCPD, LFT-D, wet mould pressing more than 10 kinds can satisfy fine of of all kinds Bo, carbon fine answer material shapes the advanced production technology of the requirement; Deploy 60 meters, 41.5 meters, 20 meters, 7 meters 4 kinds of model door of dragon of numerical control of 5 axes linkage machining center (mix the intelligence such as glue machine product line of automation of CNC) , LFT-D, automatically to change nicety to machine equipment, producible treatment pledges mould of of all kinds and complex curved surface, gently goods of terminal of excel in component, whole, form on, medium, downstream more complete product line. The manufacturer of before report of 2019 year wind rectifies portion of field of mechanism make a market to rank 10 is firm client entirely. Company of of limited company of answer material science and technology has carbon of 063 Shandong country the carbon fiber of whole set is wet / dry method twines product line. Use the dominant position that twines craft, in athletics sports, gas of fast outfit clip bilges axis, large torsional transmission shaft, tall compression conduit, jacket of rotor of high speed electric machinery, metallic conduit consolidate, the domain such as treatment of different pipe fitting is solved for domestic and international client of all kinds light quantify demand. The class that the research and development of complex new material that of limited company of science and technology of 019 Shandong Long Xiangxin material is product of damping of market course traffic, production, sale, installation is an organic whole is new and high technical company, it is to prevent the air defence project that handles approval to defend equipment orders production and installation company surely. 4 big dominant products of company defend for project of waterproof of railroad product, subway, people's air defense equipment and ventilated equipment reach fittings. Have the advanced SMC sheet product line related composite material and facility of large mould pressing, people's air defense and subway channel use production line of balata sealing article. Composite material of project of producible air defence (fibre glass increases plastic) defend doors of all sorts of goods of mould pressing of all sorts of sheet of sealed door, sealed door, SMC, different SMC, people's air defense fluid sealant with all sorts of balata sealing article. Product of of limited company of science and technology of material of take in the fresh-take in new Party members of Cheng Bangbo of 026 heart city covers a replacement of car of SMC sheet, SMC, wind-force to generate electricity household of fittings, electric power fittings, orbit traffic fittings, building materials, adornment, will use domestic and internationally in orbit train and spaceflight the material of high polymer SMC of nautical domain, and the production that the transfer of technology that mould pressing of one-time tall tonnage shapes changes in car a replacement is made and wind-force generates electricity on fittings, have light qualitative excel in and be able to bear or endure admirably await gender, corrosion resistance and impact resistance, flexibility is strong, shape convenient and stable. of limited company of composite material science and technology basically is engaged in dimension of 056 Shandong country thermoplastic composite material beforehand dip makings and goods, beforehand the research and development of facilities of production of dip machine whole set, production and make. The company reachs strategic collaboration with university of Beijing chemical industry and Tianjin industry university early or late, it is carbon fiber thermoplastic composite material beforehand the platform of manufacturing technology research and development that dip expects, it is current country is only one can batch production is thermoplastic the company of composite material of fibre glass, carbon fiber. of limited company of science and technology of fiber of 062 Shandong country is manufacturer of professional high-powered composite material, grow at industry of carbon fiber sporting goods, strong march the industrial domain such as report of Gao Tie, car, wind, pressure vessel. Own many own brands, major of brand of large of the Xin below the banner is engaged in new material of civil engineering consolidate studying development, production, sale and technology serve. Xin large brand has 20 many products, cover high-powered fiber (fine of Bo of fiber of carbon fiber, fragrant black silk ribbon, excel in) odd / two-way basketwork, pull crowded board, reseau cloth enhance macerate of material and carbon fiber colophony, carbon board glue, glue sticking steel, bridge is special the annulus such as joining together glue oxygen modified base material. Square when with country two brands major is engaged in sports recreational, wind-force generates electricity, traffic of industrial automation, orbit, car is small quantify, the domain such as pressure vessel is high-powered the new product research and development of fiber composite material, sale and technical promotion. Force of 038 Jiangsu dimension installs of limited company of intelligent science and technology is an automation equipment research and development that devotes oneself to be a foundation with laser technology, make, the innovation of science and technology that sale, service is an organic whole enterprise. Own research and development went out guide inside laser outside smooth robot, laser smooth robot, KMC is large laser is stereo machining center, three-dimensional 5 axes the much series product such as system of cut of the system of laser beam machining, profile that be not mark, with industrial machine factitious core is car, Gao Tie, aviation, spaceflight, war industry, new energy resources, ship, home appliance, how to prevent, the enterprise of the numerous domain such as athletic equipment offers laser kimono of solution of stereo treatment system, the treatment demand such as the metalloid material product such as the metallic stuff such as OK and contented iron and steel, alloy, aluminous material and fibre glass, carbon fiber, ABS. 046 Chengdu of production limited company of hydraulic pressure equipment is a home on the west major of large hydraulic press produces manufacturer. Advocate hydraulic press of hit product composite material, drawing hydraulic press, powder shapes hydraulic press, forging the accord that the type such as hydraulic press, alignment hydraulic press, metallic extruding hydraulic press got domestic and international client reputably. The product applies extensively at: Hardware, electron, car, spaceflight, adorn, presswork, the production industry such as balata, furniture, building, pulverous metallurgy, main product has 4 column hydraulic press, frame type hydraulic press, Chan Zhu hydraulic press, other to be not oil cylinder of system of mark hydraulic press, hydraulic pressure, hydraulic pressure to wait, all-around technical support, the quantity is made personally, supply equipment comprehensive solution, implementation nobody turn automatic product line. 037 divisions are thought of achieve (Shanghai) of investment limited company is one of banner polymer production business, its scope of business basically is centered in the production of high-tech polymer material to make, and the innovation sex that is used at domain of a lot of and daily life and but the research and development of durative product solution, devote oneself to to promote circular economy development in the round thereby. Its basically serve a domain to cover car and traffic, building, furniture and lumber treatment and electron, electric with home appliance industry, other sphere still includes campaign recreational, cosmetic, medical treatment and chemical industry itself. Division think of achieve having include what make and sell inside is research and development, all-around business activity, offer high-powered data and innovation solution for the client. 040 without stannum city roc amounts to factory of hydraulic press bed is a base oneself upon what encourage technical innovation at green industry is of all kinds big medium or small hydraulic press manufacturer. The company grows a target with designing efficient and as energy-saving as research and development equipment to be, the domestic and international user that already was numerous and different domain offers industry means of settlement. The hydraulic press of system of servo oily cable that develops a design independently, created the manufacturing environment of green environmental protection for enterprise of type of production, the cost that solved traditional press effectively can be high, shake big drawback, report of will energy-saving province, reduce leakage oil, run smooth new-style press to popularize to. The service is consummate it is the style of work that always keeps. Abundant technical force, whole qualitative check group and first-class after service are perforative from beginning to end and consistent, do one's best creates value profit for the client. Lai of 018 Zhengzhou emperor is especially hollow small bead of new material limited company advocate battalion product is hollow glass small bead, with its good performance applies Yu Hang extensively coating of heat insolation of building materials of fluid of artesian well of low density of material of empty spacecraft, solid flotage, oil field and well cementation slop, high end, reflex, SMC and BMC composite material, modified is dynamite of plastic, emulsification, Dai Mu, atomic ash and mucus are sticky. Lead home hollow glass small bead industry, break monopoly of market of foreign industry tycoon. Become the high grade supplier of many 500 strong companies, in home the corporeal supplier that already was company of group of oil natural gas. of limited company of science and technology of new material of 033 Xiamen new flourishing basically is aimed at composite material all sorts of shaping craft, major develops relevant and auxiliary material. Systole of FEP, ETFE leaves model film; Have apply to blow gas to shape the nylon wind canal of craft, from model gasbag of bag of air of wind canal, opposite sex, 3D; The vacuum bag film that vacuum perfusion bag presses craft, leave oneself model vacuum bag film, segregation film, high temperature leaves model 3D of film, high temperature leaves model the series product such as gasbag. Apply extensively at equipment of high-end athletic sports, wind report lamina, houseboat, car, gao Tie, the answer ability part such as aerospace and medical treatment. Develop new product ceaselessly, devote oneself to to solve abnormity hollow carbon fiber is made shape the difficult problem of craft. City of harbor of 035 pieces of homes gets of limited company of straight composite material to basically manage carbon fiber cloth, beforehand cloth of dip makings, fragrant black silk ribbon, short fine and carbolic pink, carbon fiber enhances nylon, manipulator arm and goods. Company technology force is abundant, deserve to have many senior engineer, the production of directive product and research and development, and the major that has home to precede produces equipment, the quality that perfects strictly detects program, productivity amounts to 1000 tons. 045 Nuo Bai Tezhi can equip (Shandong) limited company is located in Shandong province talk about a city development of estate of new and high technology. The project always invests 568 million money, cover an area of a face to accumulate 95194 square metre. The company is robot of industry of a market, metalloid 5 axes the product such as machining center is own research and development, production, sale, take the company of new and high technology that is an organic whole. The company relies on technical advantage, bear built Shandong to save research center of technology of project of robot of much more articulatory industry, Shandong to save academician workstation, talk about urban project lab and robot of a provincial industry to examine detect center. The company has 70, software copyright 24. The enterprise is judged to be Shandong early or late plan of action of athletics of innovation of small small company is preeminent company, provincial in the province “ only honorary title of medium and small businesses of new ” of spy of essence of life, won title of award of ” of “ small giant 2021. 061 Chongqing Jiang Dong is mechanical and finite liability company is collect quantify figuration hydraulic press, gently to quantify Wu of kimono of the research and development such as cast of mould of component, cold hot punch, metal, production, sale technology, gently to be installed at the omnibus v of an organic whole. Among them, hydraulic press of company research and development and product line have advanced automation, intelligence to change, flexible change, in the meantime, jiang Dong mechanical energy offers solution of all sorts of metals and equipment of whole set of metalloid hydraulic forming and whole of figuration technology unifinication for the client quite, be in especially the car is small quantify component nicety figuration technology and full automatic domain of research and development of equipment of whole set thread, form core key technology and competitive advantage. of limited company of science and technology of eagle of 065 Shanghai cruel is engaged in exceeding large 3D to print the company of new and high technology of solution research and development, existing intelligence equipment includes plane of an organic whole of material of 5 axes increase and decrease (BGAM) , printer of makings of high speed bead (SGAM) , the robot adds material to make a system (BRAM) , main product is made at building landscape, aerospace, ship by wide application, the numerous industry domain such as orbit traffic, the sources of energy, car, medical treatment. Face domain of answer material mould to roll out solution of unifinication of material of large mould increase and decrease, already helped strength the automation production that numerous domain realizes a mould quickly, apply to make of all kinds normal temperature shape mould and autoclave shape mould, it is the good solution that the mould shapes. The 039 research that of limited company of composite material equipment devotes oneself to even cloud Gang Weide composite material product to twine equipment and make, the manufacturer that wraps product for domestic and international fiber develops all sorts of twister, offer all sorts of many 1000 type twister for domestic and international client early or late, satisfy all sorts of requirement that wrap product. Research and development twines FRP conduit product line continuously, in the light of twine product line pain spot continuously, undertake persistent blank of home of multinomial innovation, fill, for manufacturer of conduit of domestic and international FRP domestic product transition upgrades offerred equipment to assure. Devote oneself to 2 model, 3 model, 4 model the research and development of hydric bottle twister and its automation product line, obtained positive result of plentiful and substantial major servicing of Inc. of machinery of heart of interest of 021 Shandong gold involves composite material to draw crowded equipment, high-powered composite material. Devote oneself to to offer safe, stable, reliable composite material to draw crowded plan for the user. Participate in drafted fiber to enhance composite material hydraulic pressure to help crowded aircraft occupation standard, fiber enhances composite material pedrail to help crowded aircraft occupation standard. It is sports of research center of Shandong carbon fiber, 725 place, Mount Taishans, Oriental contest of electric, dust gram domestic and international famous the supplier of company of answer timber production, sell as far as to abroad more than 30 with the area, offer more than 1000 to draw crowded product line. Research and development of major of of limited company of beautiful chemical industry of 050 Qingdao couplet and manufacturing fire retardant, be engaged in fire retardant of series of organic phosphor nitrogen, inferior the production of product of series of antioxidant of phosphoric acid ester and fluctuation swim the application of research and development of the product. The company already was formed now add model reach with fire retardant of reaction efficient environmental protection a variety of inferior product of series of phosphoric acid antioxidant, apply extensively in not saturated colophony, epoxy resin, polyurethane of the much trade such as soft hard bubble, elastomer, spin, lumber, paper, plastic, nylon, coating, PVC, organic glass flame retardant fire prevention. 027 Suzhou Ao Degao carries equipment Inc. dedicated industry temperature dominates a field, it is market research and development, production, sale the temperature control equipment that is an organic whole creates a company, the product enclothes series of riverside of series of series of series of modular lukewarm machine, cold water machine, high low temperature, TCU series, boiler series, pump, all-around contented client choice is accurate custom-built change requirement. Main product has: Water / aircrew of water-cooling of lukewarm machine of oily loop model, refrigerator, screw, evaporate is algid aircrew of screw cold water, - 120 ℃ answer aircrew of the ultralow temperature that fold type, oily heater, report heats oily boiler, heater burning gas is waited a moment, returned development to go out to control device in the light of the special temperature of disparate industry, like balata (plastic) cable of lukewarm Electromechanical of mechanical die for special purpose derives lukewarm machine of die for special purpose, cable squeezes a major to wait with modular lukewarm machine. Machinery of 073 countries model (Shanghai) limited company is plastic extruder, canal material squeezes a product line, profile to jam a product line, board piece film jams a product line, reclaim those who clean product line to wait for product major to produce treatment, the technology comes from France, already offerred high quality for 40 much clients extruder and jam a product line. Advantage project is PVC colophony squeezes an equipment to make, WPC wood model makes technical technology, high yield of PE/PP/PC/ABS high speed is plastic crowded research and development giving a clue. of limited company of equipment of numerical control of 041 Jinan Ao Lei regards facilities of northward and excellent numerical control cut as manufacturer of research and development, the innovation that leads intelligent cut installation all the time upgrades, supply automation cut equipment for the user. Machine of cut of abstruse radium numerical control is applicable carbon fiber, fibre glass, fiber of fragrant black silk ribbon, beforehand dip makings, PE, PVC, balata, bubble, beehive core material all sorts of flexible material cut, cut technology maturity applies at yacht of equipment of new energy resources of report of aviation, spaceflight, war industry, wind, medical treatment, sports, ship to wait for an industry. Machine of cut of abstruse radium numerical control uses system of AOLCUT intelligence cut, the operation is simple; Support is full automatic on makings, cut, punching, groove, pour the working procedure such as horn, mark; Airframe uses square canal an organic whole to solder, have oscillatory knife, round knife, pneumatic knife, delimit a variety of knives such as the knife first, muti_function modular group supports crossing-over of portable cutting tool. Major of of can mechanical limited company is engaged in 032 Nanjing Europe lukewarm machine of model of intelligence of modular lukewarm machine, oily lukewarm machine, water lukewarm machine, safe · is custom-built, the research and development such as machine of machine of cold hot an organic whole, industrial cold water, production, sale is the enterprise of type of production of an organic whole. Successful already application shapes at composite material, interior trim of battery of new energy resources, lithium, car, industry of pharmacy of boiler of reaction of magnalium alloy die-casting, chemical industry, food, balata and plastic products, spin, presswork, the domain of 120 many fractionize of the industry such as oven. With the model aircrew of cold water of machine of lukewarm machine, oily lukewarm machine, water lukewarm machine, cold hot an organic whole, industry is a foundation, own research and development has industry 4 series, long-range control, much dot accuses lukewarm, cold hot switch, grading lukewarm, lie between explode demarcate of blame of lukewarm machine of explosion proof, anticorrosion and of all kinds model is made change lukewarm control device. Power of sea of 023 heart city amounts to of moulding limited company is major of mould of SMC/BMC/LFT-D of collect high polymer research and development, design, make, the omnibus enterprise that the service is an organic whole, the mould sort of main production has high speed train inside, outside garnish / subway orbit / roadbed series mould, the DR such as shadow of riverside of flying benefit of Xi Menzi of SIEMENS of series of medical apparatus and instruments, PHILIPS, UNITED couplet and CT mould are made, the car enclothes a mould to basically one steam J6, J7 weighs card, Jinan to weigh steam A7 Tian Daimu of model of dragon of heart of steam of serious check, short for Shaanxi Province, blessing straps dragon of day of H4 model, 2 steam to wait for heavy-duty lorry SMC to enclothe, the casing on storehouse of batteries of auspicious car G2, the mould of war industry things, series that defend bath. 003 Henan of limited company of 4 exact patterns is production company of mould of fiber composite material and equipment treatment. Dedicated pull crowded equipment, glass reinforced plastics to pull the fiber colophony such as mould of mould of crowded mould, mould pressing of glass reinforced plastics, grille of glass reinforced plastics at glass reinforced plastics base the development of composite material tooling, make and sell, devote oneself to to supply a variety of fiber resin for the client base composite material product manufactures a solution. Making strong pattern and equipment advocate course of study at the same time, make full use of oneself resource, swim up and down to industrial chain outspread, make the trade of the raw material such as good colophony and Bo fine, develop glass reinforced plastics to pull product of glass reinforced plastics of crowded profile, mould pressing in succession (SMC/BMC) , the new material such as a large amount of plastic products processes a project. Content of major of of composite material limited company involves eagle of 059 Xi'an god reach answer material to make, metallic creep shapes ballproof bosom flashboard and autoclave of autoclave, ballproof armor plate, carbon fiber beforehand domain of the machinery such as equipment of dip material equipment, carbon fiber twister, hot project, automata. Once reached the user such as place of scientific research courtyard to offer much stage to cover for aviation, spaceflight, enginery, shipping, electron large and medium-sized autoclave, twine equipment and composite material to make, company answer material produces base to be located in Xi'an, it is to devote oneself to advanced composite material to shape the company of new and high technology that the development of equipment and composite material goods, production, sale, service and systematic assembly are an organic whole. Major of of limited company of new material of health Paasche heart is engaged in 006 Changzhou high-energy / the omnibus company that research and development of environmental protection composite material, production, sale, technology consults a service to be an organic whole. Professional production: Carbon fiber fabric (fabric of much axial of carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber) , fibre glass fabric (the much axial fabric, fabric that place core, complex web, not have twist roving cloth, short cut former silk felt to wait) , basaltic fiber fabric (fiber of basaltic fiber cloth, basalt is compound fabric. The product is applied extensively at equipment of traffic of a light boat of wind report, boat, bodywork, orbit, aerospace, exercise, chemical industry anticorrosive wait for a domain. The research and development of the product of polyester colophony series that Lin Xincai of 005 Hubei flourishing expects of limited company of science and technology basically is engaged in colophony of not saturated polyester giving priority to, production and sale, devote oneself to to produce business to offer product of high grade colophony and craft solution for composite material, coating. Goods of colophony of not saturated polyester is had high strenth, anti-corrosive wait for good character, it is the new material of a kind of high polymer with very at present wide application. The company is had now twine conduit, coating to be pulled with colophony, mould pressing crowded shape, product of more than 300 kinds of the numerous series such as colophony of man-made stone colophony, plane skylight, vinyl, brands, wide application changes source of electric energy of traffic of project, environmental protection project, orbit, wind, energy-saving building, home to install cover with paint to wait for national economy domain at small amount. The research and development that 020 Changzhou Hua Keju combines content Inc. major to be engaged in a series of products such as colophony of not saturated polyester, vinyl colophony, production and sale. Deep ploughing industry more than 20 years, what Hua Ke devotes oneself to to innovate to provide field of sticky agent of high grade product and composite material, glue for the client with the technology from beginning to end is all-around solution. Now China division product applies extensively already at car and orbit traffic, wind nowadays report, electric wait for many industries with communication, smooth hot season, Wei Yu, shipping, building and infrastructure, mould. of limited company of machine tool of v of division of Xin of 071 lakes city is a major pursues research and development of big, medium, small-sized numerical control, servo, fast, special hydraulic press and whole set equipment, design, made science and technology business. Already formed type of 4 pillar, frame, odd pillar, horizontal to wait for the hydraulic press of much more phyletic and different configuration at present, the product includes general hydraulic press, sheet to use laminose punch hydraulic press, double move laminose drawing hydraulic press, metallic extrusion hydraulic press, powder to shape hydraulic press, electric machinery is made kind wait for a variety of special hydraulic press. 048 long constant (Shandong) the factory that intelligent equipment is lukewarm machine of model of a professional production and cold water machine, be engaged in lukewarm the design that controls device, production job, cold water machine, modular lukewarm machine, oily heater, advocate battalion product: ?  of ⑺ of  of salary of  of ⑺ of N salary  circles  of  of ⑺ of  of salary of N of Jiao of  of Song of ⒃ of a huge legendary turtle to spin graph of ⒂ of  of salary of buttock of ⒂ of N salary  to circle ⒌ of a huge legendary turtle to throw a graph to circle ⒂ of a huge legendary turtle to take off  to spin fade of Sou of ⒃ of N salary  especially already especially especially Jiao. The die for special purpose that note model is lukewarm lukewarm machine, round screw die accuses die for special purpose of machine, balata boiler of lukewarm model lukewarm machine, reaction accuses Wen Mo lukewarm machine, drier, on the peripheral noting model such as makings machine, blender, disintegrator. The: of whole set magnesian product that of limited company of science and technology of new material of 049 Xing Tai Kaimei basically sells head office to produce?  of wholesale of depend on of a screen-like mountain peak uses up ⒒ plutonium to circle wholesale  uses up  of wholesale of ⒏ Ji cultivate to use up Yan of prostitute of serve of ⑶ a screen-like mountain peak to use up Yan of prostitute of ⒅ Piao serve to use up  of health alkyne of  of wholesale of ⒀ of ⒚ stable Jie to punish plutonium of joke of  of  of vasting deer of  of  ⑶ assist to circle wholesale  joint of bones, the research and development that reachs its goods to wait, production and sale, cover the industry such as new material, high polymer material, new-style fiber material. Company product standards is all ready, already was applied extensively at national defence military supplies now equipment, aerospace, protective equipment, medical the domain such as things of material, marine fishery, cable, spin, sporting goods, building materials, sell as far as to Euramerican wait for more than 30 with the area. Advocate business Wu: Freeboard element measures polyethylene fiber, reach its goods. Major of of limited company of tool of wild nicety of 103 Hangzhou rich is engaged in research and development of accurate cutting saber saw, design, production, sell the business of kimono Wu. Offer diamond to curium for domestic and international client at the same time piece, hard alloy curiums piece, cermet curiums a technology that reachs material treatment seek advice. The company takes the research of practical technology seriously very much, can be aimed at actual use condition of the client and the design that ask to have specific aim, for the client implementation curiums cut optimize. The advanced cutting tool that has import of many 80 Japan, Europe is produced and detect equipment. Produce at present curium piece apply extensively at living in production, PCB circuitry board treatment, stuff of treatment of aluminium alloy material, metal and the many industries such as treatment of all sorts of new-style composite material. Make for the car / the plane is made wait for component enterprise to serve. Since company of of limited company of science and technology of environmental protection of peaceful of dragon of county of 017 smooth countryside holds water, grind early or late give out have efficient use effect, the material of sex of powdery form function of low cost, have FRP/SMC special MGO representatively base delay Shi Zengchou agent, much work of rice of SMC special offer is compound preparation, the accord that gets domestic and international client reputably. Company main product has: SMC is preparation of much work of SMC/BMC accept rice, special magnesian paste and form a complete set cast delay of material equipment, MgO radical automatically Shi Zengchou agent, composite material is special biaxial stretching of lubricious oar and products of technology of SMC mould pressing, SMC bears the weight of flexibilizer of material of colorless and film, efficient stabilizing agent, SBS answer, . Company of of limited company of chemical industry of square peaceful of 058 Tan city is located at developing zone of economy of Linyi of — of historical culture famous city, it is monomer of northward and banner not saturated colophony manufacturing business. The company has advanced DCS automation product line, specializationed quality control and technical service lab. Main product: Paste of stone stone colophony, mould pressing colophony, daylighting made of baked clay colophony, hand twines colophony, pull colophony of handicraft of crowded colophony, grille colophony, button. Field of 009 Anhui gold adds the automation of domain of industry of focusing of of limited company of shellfish intelligence equipment, digitlization, intelligence to change, advocate cent of business Wu branch is ministry of career of industrial automation product line, whole house furniture is custom-built ministry of product line career. The product includes: Machining center of aluminous profile machining center, plank machining center, composite material numerical control, numerical control opens the makings machine, machine that stick label and whole house furniture custom-built product product line and solution, the industrial domain such as wall of act of window of mould of empty spaceflight of wide application Yu Hang, Gao Tie, car, shipping, new energy resources, model, door. Yue of 113 Changzhou city vacates team of our company research and development of of mechanical limited company to be opposite ceaselessly cloth with soft nap kind the innovation of fabric develops, successful research and development full automatic loom of loom of panne of ” of mouth of double shuttle of “ double deck, jacquard weave carpet, fabric width has 175cm- - 250cm, it is new that expensive web of cloth with soft nap achieves 50mm a kind robot intelligence spin is mechanical, fabric has: Sofa fabrics, car adornment fabrics, jacquard weave is three-dimensional and carpet of handiwork of carpet of velvet, plush, jacquard weave, copy, removed fabric, loom of loom of new-style YTR series panne, jacquard weave carpet uses double deck rapier-----Face-to-face weaving, the operation is simple, safeguard convenient, automation rate is high. 043 Tianjin are new main product is group of science and technology of new this world of of in relief limited company hydrogenation of anhydride of acid of colophony of not saturated polyester, styrene, suitable anhydride, rich horse, benzene, crude benzole, additional have a solar battery piece with productivity of solar energy component. New in relief limited company basically produces Tianjin to make work via sale colophony of not saturated polyester. New in relief limited company has Tianjin 90 thousand tons / year colophony of not saturated polyester produces device, use advanced DCS automation system entirely. Devote oneself to research and development and production high-powered Newsolar is not saturated polyester colophony. of limited company of world spy rubber has 030 Sichuan fine the productivity that produces per year 5000 tons of sealed material. It is major is engaged in urban underground be in charge of corridor integratedly (box contain) interface is sealed material, give, sealing ring of catchment conduit interface, assemble compose of type construction, aegis to be in charge of piece, the company of new and high technology that channel, bridge and subterranean project use service of the research and development that waits for sealed material, production, sale, technology to be an organic whole, offer prefab canal corridor at the same time (box contain) the service such as installation construction. The product already reached 13 one area in 30 provinces, city all the way the application in major project, it is Hubei of ” of project of attune of north of the water austral “ , “ subway of Nanning of ” of project of corridor of canal of lake of Mei Xi of Changsha of ” of project of corridor of 10 lasher canal, “ , “ subway of Changchun of 2 lines ” , “ the key such as 6 lines ” is large the project is sealed material advocate supplier. Product of fine of flying carbon of advance of Inc. of science and technology of fine of flying carbon of 028 Shanghai advance has goods of carbon fiber composite material and multipurpose the material intermediate. Business involves medical treatment of orbit transportation equipment, high end the domain such as car of all sorts of video equipment, industry equipment, new energy resources, the main client of fine of advance flying carbon all is the head enterprise of industry domain, with Jin Fei carbolic fine forms close together and solid collaboration to concern, be based on old industry to accumulate, advance gets off the ground what carbolic fine participates in carbon fiber occupation standard and fibre glass occupation standard to make, devote oneself to to become high price of domain of carbon fiber composite material to be worth an enterprise. All 057 cities install of peaceful machinery limited company our company are dedicated shape at offerring autoclave technical solution, the product that devotes oneself to autoclave is changed excellent make, have whole design, make, the ability of whole technological process of installation, quality is good, delivery is quick. Have all ready production facilities and professional pressure vessel to make aptitude, but custom-built production is large autoclave, small-sized autoclave, lab uses the device such as autoclave of autoclave of a replacement of autoclave of autoclave, war industry goods, aerospace autoclave, car, sporting goods, civil autoclave, in aerospace, war industry, car light quantify, Gao Tie, shipping, electric power popularizes applied service to wait for an industry to be applied extensively quickly, offer high grade production to make equipment for all sorts of carbon fiber, composite material. Limited company of composite material of oasis of Jinan of of limited company of composite material of 051 Jinan oasis is production high temperature resistant, anti-corrosive reach manufacturer of major of special type resinous, the product basically has colophony of not saturated polyester, vinyl ester colophony, heavy preservative coating and puddle, epoxy resin, other to assist material 5 old series. Assure to make your product quality has, choose all sorts of our company products please, friend of our cordial greeting all circles and our company negotiate business, will satisfy the client's requirement with excellent technology, high quality, high grade brand, reasonable price. Inc. of technology of innovation of the division in 111 Wuhan only then achieve 1988, it is enterprise of innovation of subordinate of Chinese Academy of Sciences high-tech, it is home's banner nondestructive detects solution provider; It is company of new and high technology, whole industry catenary: After market production, research and development, sale, carry out at an organic whole dedicated technology domain: Supersonic detect accuse a technology, automation technology, cloud to detect contact of technology, blame detects reach microcosmic detect technical technology is banner, assumed equipment of instrument of “ great science to develop the many projects such as special project ” to serve Yu Shi to change the industry such as electric power of chemical industry, metallurgy, aerospace, war industry, the sources of energy, car, new material. of limited company of chemistry of 099 divisions Ai Si is dedicated the company of new and high technology at material of high polymer function, it is the banner manufacturer of material of agent of domestic look look, flexibilizer. The company establishs research and development of processing technique of high polymer reactivity to detect center, advanced research and development detects the technical group of equipment and high quality, research and development reachs the product that is division Ai Si to be optimized continuously provided strong safeguard. Main product is look look agent, flexibilizer and functional auxiliary, apply at modified profile of model of plastic, wood, low smoke does not have bittern flame retardant cable, PP squeezes a sheet, PE to squeeze coating of a sheet, anticorrosive conduit, heat up the domain such as frit glue, among them the characteristic product such as agent of look of look of flexibilizer of flexibilizer of nylon ultralow temperature, polyester look look, alloy reachs domestic advanced level. 098 Fosan city China spin greatly machine limited company basically devotes oneself to all sorts of industries to use special twister (the electron is automatic constant tension) the high-tech enterprise of research, development, production and sale, company technology and actual strength of research and development are abundant, have of all kinds high accuracy to machine equipment and professional technical staff, to design try out each new facility and ability changed fittings to lay good foundation, have multinomial technology, be maintained to be " of company of " new and high technology by the government. The abidance that carries pair of products research and development and the ceaseless pursuit that measure to producing quality, optimize after upgrading, already obtained a series of technical innovation achievement. of sincere technology limited company established division of city of 080 rivers shade 2009, be located at Jiang Yin, the design that turns over avert to add up to systematic manufacturer development to make equipment of automation of report of system of market hydraulic pressure and component, wind, special tool from hydraulic pressure of professional mould of wind report lamina, research and development and create the company at an organic whole, formed hydraulic pressure of mould of wind report lamina to turn over avert to add up to girder of lamina of report of all, wind to draw the diversity product position that pushs plank aftertreatment product line to wait. The hydraulic pressure of mould of wind report lamina of research and development turns over avert to add up to girder of lamina of report of system, wind to pull the product such as product line of crowded plank aftertreatment to all be domestic banner level, have multinomial technology, the cooperation that built long-term stability with lamina of many famous wind energy and die manufacturer concerns, product application creates a field in lamina of report of zephyr of mould of wind report lamina. List is updated in ……Exhibit a Shang Yu not much, grab order advisory phone: At precious 18653463667 (small letter is the same as date)
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
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