The continuance of double raw material of epoxy resin drops today situation, drop relatively former days more firm, ECH is low have 17100 yuan / ton accept sends; BPA is low 14000 yuan / ton, boundless sky falls. The market did not overturn already annulus oxygen prices persists the contrail of be issued to lower levels also did not overturn on this date period the judgement that makes lantern ” to nephew of this “ of Zhou Zou situation and to case of double cost price forecast, without the accident. Drop day after day, let some old brand eventually civilian look forward to gave up thoroughly double stop formerly drop break up dish dream, be about the same as a result of the price and head enterprise soon, cause be without an advantage, competition is lack of power, today eventually unwilling domain fall, fall continuously again 500 yuan / ton, appetent recapture position, spread out kickback. The others each factory is unwilling also give the impression of weakness, not be to making the way that the price is adjusted even if adjusting the price, predict tomorrow, market quoted price can have new change surely. However, the element that current market is not the price is OK can control. When 45 month epidemic situation carries suffocate suffocate badly, market demand still is put, the enterprise that can hold to production nots hesitate additional draw out exalted freight, beg merchandise on hand to arrive only. In those days although pass in and out carries hardship, but swim up and down leave no stone unturned of make concerted effort maintains supply and marketing to run, the desire at that time is to cast off epidemic situation influence as soon as possible, anxiously expect the market after it is normal to carry to be able to appear newspaper plural purchases growth. Now is it is normal also to carry, freight is normal also, it is normal also to supply, but the market was done not have however. Before one accuse, was to harm large quantities of one medium and small businesses actually, a lot of enterprises struggle in bitter later, can'ted bear heavy burden toppling with a loud crash eventually, a lot of enterprises are not he get hurt namely downstream, cut restores hard temporarily, also caused current price again low also nobody is interested, the awkward condition that nobody dare buy. Downstream cure injury needs time to also need to give aid to, colophony factory moves price ceaselessly also is to doing assist actually, making contribution. They or small profit or arrived more possibly without benefit deficit brim, still propping up hard. So hind can city continue? It is crucial that cost line can continue to reduce. Current, not be to only colophony factory is in movement, twin former plant also is being done answer. Before one double it is shade only formerly drop, condole does not have downstream appetite, drop some morer to be like the effect today not apparent also. Dropped nobody wants, but do not drop to be met only more unmanned make inquires, this is brutal reality. Epoxy resin (LER) because demand of inside and outside is exuberant,once climbed the summit summit of on 40000+ , also because of demand of inside and outside delicate be begged for be more than and drop into the trough of 20000+ .

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