On August 11 message, the classics that seize day press, of Japanese Tokyo university hold the post of instructor to cry especially sea Kui also is mixed the can become stereo figure automatically sheet after the person development such as professor plain Yuan Guibo went be affected by the heat. The ink of daub of colophony two sides that encounters hot systole through be in, control what part systole, what part not to contract. The group still developed design software, can make 3D model easily.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The domestic figure of ▲ IT: Spread out laminosely and fold condition, news of classics of graph source day

The report says, opening the thin plate that give out is the ink on the besmear of colophony two sides in the systole that encounter heat, only crease place does not besmear ink, make wanted appearance with this. In the hot water of immerge 70~100 Celsius, did not besmear inky shows a part to be able to contract, fold shapes. This thin plate can make stereo structure like paper folding.

In addition, because can be saved with laminose condition, this material has the good point that increases carriage efficiency, so-called “ can make ” through common UV printer, the resin that uses on thin plate also is current product, the group thinks to be able to control cost effectively.

As to specific utility, tokyo college group expresses to will strive to raise wear to wait, wait for industrial utility to material with Yu Huan, return hopeful to use the resin such as polyester, apply at dress.

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