Double now raw material continues low, BPA newspaper receives 13600 yuan / ton, lower 13500 yuan / ton also have a talk; ECH newspaper receives 17000 yuan / ton, also have 16900 yuan / ton existence. At present BPA still has a few profit, take money not below the circumstance of free, wide cut drops to still have an opportunity; ECH drops as a result of glycerine bigger, its cost also is in drop quickly, low already reach 16000 yuan / ton the following, combinative international glycerine continues He Ruiheng + of crop of law of Hai Xingbing Xi soar, market price case can have relatively substantially reduce. The setting that also will think according to Wen Haili method opens Zi win in August a line, 80 thousand tons / year dimensions, what can foreknow is not far in the future, the produce and sale of propylene law estimates place of dominant of the market since the meeting. Senior market personage analyses: The consumption in ECH is affirmative this year under 1.04 million tons of last year. Propylene law (contain standard of hydrogen peroxide solution) 50% what crop of second half of the year affirms prep above total demand, glycerine law not enemy propylene law is consistent and accepted fact, because this gives glycerine law link chloric run the time of the road is not much. Today, have hear LER market tank car low 22 Hua Dong sends, a little big plant 22 leave factory also have those who follow, have not predominate. According to at present double raw material nods price cost, sell 22 also can accept, be very few somebody is willing to be received only. The letter does not believe the mainstream next week is this price, if be like,wish, so the market forecasts bottom to want next repairing again: 21? 20? Do not want to take seriously, joking just. The word says, of the market delicate inexpressible, interest good news is empty-handed, it is difficult also to although drop,cut cost at present get warm again after a cold spell, be short of the market Q3 that break to be returned to very hard. Seek to live on first development is planned after putting, the change of the market, of the enterprise optimize, what can stay is good luck.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City