Gibberellin GA3 grows as a kind of typical greenery conditioning agent, market demand is big, but existence product is separate price of difficult, effect is low problem. To this, group of task of Nanjing industry university Professor Hu Yonggong invented the craft ” that “ uses magnetic resorcinol one kind to leave extract gibberellin GA3. This craft uses magnetic colophony to extract gibberellin GA3 from inside the detached incomplete fluid of GA3 of low density gibberellin, make the recovery rate of gibberellin GA3 promotes significantly, avoided resources waste already, be opposite again the environment is friendly. This technology patent also wins patent of the 24th China accordingly outstanding award.

As we have learned, gibberellin is one of hormone of 6 big plants, have very good stimulative effect to plant seed bud not only, return OK adjustment to blossom, the plant such as the result grows development key link, rise to grow quickly, the action that raises yield. Already discovered the gibberellin with appraisal amounts to 136 kinds at present, implementation commercial basically has GA3, GA4 and GA7, among them GA3 with its tall active is become use most gibberellin product domestic and internationally at present, be applied at cross paddy, cotton, vegetable and gardens nursery help advance somebody's career with transplanting.

From production the technology looks, at present gibberellin GA3 uses microbial zymotechnics production normally. Extraction craft has decompression to condense adsorption of take as one's model of — a gathering of things or people, activated carbon law, colophony law, membrane separation law, normally recovery rate has 80% to control only, and the detached incomplete juice that can produce GA3 of gibberellin of many low density in extracting a process. In industrial production process, incomplete fluid uses deserted processing commonly, created huge resources waste.

Group of Hu Yonggong task uses adscititious magnetic field to assist magnetic colophony, realize the efficient and detached extract of GA3 of pair of the gibberellin in low density solution, product purity can be amounted to 99% , avoid resources waste effectively. “ is in experimental process, after we use filter aid to filter the detached incomplete fluid of acidification, colophony column adsorption is passed below action of adscititious and fore-and-aft magnetic field, reoccupy is different pH indicator organic solution comes down gibberellin GA3 desorption, through condensing dry the gibberellin GA3 product that gets tall purity. This craft simplified the extraction technological process of gibberellin GA3, reduced the use of organic dissolvent considerably. ” Hu Yonggong says.

Current, this patent technology already applied at double terpene kind the plant grows the industrial level preparation of the series product such as GA3 of conditioning agent gibberellin, GA4+7, the product broke international market monopoly, sell as far as to the United States, Korea, Canada, fill home exports market blank. This patent ever still obtained 2020 year oil and gold prize of chemical industry patent to wait before this, obtain the patent authorization of the country such as England, Singapore.

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