Come for years, the forehead of the composite material of design — carbon fiber that product of advanced composite material and technical company devote oneself to the —— of composite material manufacturer that is located in American California Hang Tingdu beach to develop and perfect transmission shaft of carbon fiber composite material all the time or system of transmission of lower part of car of great majority of metallic canal join and hind. These are used at car domain at the beginning of general component, apply extensively also later at the domain such as such as ocean, commerce, wind- driven, national defence, aerospace and industry, to carbon fiber in recent years demand of answer material transmission shaft stabilizes growth, because demand continues to maintain growth, this company realizes the demand that produces a large number of axis of rotation, through cooperating with equipment supplier, produce a new establishment eventually, those who built an innovation is semi-automatic turn product line, hundreds same axis is produced with very tall production efficiency, its characteristic is automatic fiber twister.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The transmission shaft of carbon fiber composite material of this company applies extensively at all sorts of industry   to occupy this company introduction, the account that transmission shaft demand adds is carbon fiber axis of rotation and metallic transmission shaft are compared, have distinctive property, for example taller torque and rotate speed ability, better dependability, lighter weight, because fall to decompose opposite hurtless carbon fiber easily in high impact, reduced noise, vibration and rough compliance, enhanced security thereby. In addition, compare according to report and traditional steeliness transmission shaft, because composite material has lighter whirl quality, the carbon fiber transmission shaft in car and lorry can increase the rear wheel horse power of car 5% above. Light quantified carbon fiber transmission shaft disappear accept more concussion, have higher than steel torque capacity, allow more engine power to transfer a wheel, and won't make tire skids or break away from the ground. Come for years, this company twines transmission shaft of composite material of manufacturing carbon fiber through filament in California factory all the time. Want to enlarge requires level, enlarge establishment dimensions with respect to need, improve manufacturing facilities, simplify through changing responsibility automation course from artificial technology personnel as far as possible process control and quality inspection. To achieve these goals, this company decides to build facilities of the 2nd production, provide the automation facility of higher level for its. This company sets this one new production facilities in American Wisconsin this Kofi Er heart, so that be in design, build, purchase and what axis of rotation produces decrease to interrupt as far as possible in installation new plant and a year of when produce equipment time of half, among them 10 months use at automatic fiber reeving system build, consign and installation. Automation evaluated every produces a course move of compound transmission shaft: Fiber is twined, solidify of colophony content and humidity control, oven (include time and temperature control) , the processing of the spare parts extraction of core axis and process of core axis pass in and out. However, as a result of budgetary reason and this company need one allows to be in the touch that has test of limited amount research and development when necessary is permanent with portable system, built on stilts or the system of dragon door automation that be born installs are rejected. After talking things over with much home supplier, eventually the solution is system of production of a two parts: Type 1, be located in German Stanford the contains many twister to wear two axes of the company of machinery of Ross composite material of uncle case are automatic fiber reeving system; is not the automation system of a fixed installation, a semi-automatic core axis that designs by the round-the-world and mechanical production company that is located in horse of division of tower of American Washington city processing system. The automation fiber that Ross company develops for this company twines craft   to introduce according to this company, the main good point that designs the Ross fiber reeving system that allows two main shaft to produce a part at the same time and one of requirements are the automation ability that has proved. Of this company it is particularly important to have only transmission shaft needs a variety of materials to change. The hand that for automation every kinds of data varies uses cut, wiring and new connection different fiber, the roving cut of Ross company and add function make through outfitting many production railroad car twister can change automatically material, the colophony of the company and fiber relaxation technology still offerred Ross to ensure accurate fiber and colophony embellish are wet the ability that lead and does not have supersaturation, the twister that makes this twister compares a tradition at the same time moves faster, without redundant colophony waste. Once winding is finished, twister breaks the link of axis opening core and part and winding machine automatically. The fiber reeving system of Ross company is automatically between composite material switch   reeving system itself is automation, but still stay between every production measure very big the processing of axis of one part core and shift, and it is the hand is moved before every measure those who finish, this includes to prepare naked core axis and get on its join to twister, will take the core axis that twines a spare parts to move to undertake solidify in oven, shift takes the core axis of solidify spare parts to take out a part from inside core axis. As a kind of solution, round-the-world and mechanical production company developed a kind of technology, involve a series of aiming that accommodate the car of core axis, the whirl inside the car the system is used at axis of fixed position core, so that twister of pass in and out is mixed,extract implement, be soaked by colophony in the spare parts and rotate continuously during oven solidify. What these core axis cars transfer an arm in type of two groups of be born is auxiliary fall to be versed in from displacement uses another worker worker, one group is located in on twister, another group is located in compositive extraction implement on the system, they and core axis car coordinate motion, mix for collect of every working procedure place core axis. The custom-built chuck on the car and the automatic chuck photograph on Ross machine are harmonious, automatic clamp and release core axis. The component of colophony of nicety of double main shaft of Ross company. This system designs two main shaft that are used at composite material, carry twine frame to appropriative material. Transmit a system besides this core axis, the company still supplied two solidify heat, solidify and after smoking core, the spare parts is gone to by move on precise scale machine, be machined to manage end to numerical control system by move next, cleanness of press fitting accessory and daub adhesive are used after. Torque test, quality assures to dog to be finished before the user is packed and shipping eventually with the product. Introduce according to this company, a of this one process important facet is it can dog and speed of tension of level of record equipment temperature, humidity, fiber, fiber is mixed the data such as the colophony temperature of every twister group, these information memory dog in system of product quality inspection or production in the system, can make operator is adjusting manufacturing requirement when necessary. The whole process that the company develops by described as “ semi-automatic change ” , because still need operator to press pushbutton has started Cheng series, and the hand is moved the car immigrant and move an oven. According to the view of this company, the company looks into future the automation rate of this system will be higher. Ross system includes the winding railroad car of two main shaft and 3 independence. Design of every winding car is used at carrying different composite material automatically. Composite material applies at two main shaft at the same time. Produce in new plant after year, this company reports, this equipment proves successfully already to be able to satisfy its crop objective, save labour force and stuff at the same time, offer the high quality product of constant. This company hopes to be in automation project of future with Ross company and company deepen collaboration again. The   of function of Z Xiang Fucai that economy, dimensions changes a level to go up is located in the United States the Bostonian data company that city of Ma Sazhu a place of strategic importance compares Lelika is by Anweishen Gu Li merchant pulls · , michael Er · Xigeer and Dr. Randal founded 2016, it is to be located in a of the northeast university of Boston of city of Zhu Sai of American horse Sa to derive an enterprise, its commercialize a kind to obtain make the carbon fiber after mill can use roller to be opposite roller craft is perpendicular and directional aim craft into chip magnetism. Official of business affairs of place of Bostonian data company · Mu Erxi says Kaidaer: “ exists as a result of perpendicular fibrous, these filmy account data are looked like establish cloth with soft nap or velvet. ” length is the 0.05 mill carbon fiber to 0.2 millimeter is a kind of interesting solution, macroscopical benefit is provided below the circumstance of the production that does not have accept rice material, cost, health and safe problem, they still are more and more can reclaim, recycle carbon fiber offerred outlet, its cost greatly under former fiber, offerred imperative loop for composite material market. Bostonian data company produces 800 thousand square metre every year now 60 inches of wide data will enlarge its craft dimensions, in order to satisfy the range of products of constant growth. — of super composite material knits the film of Z axis carbon fiber of content, UD to dip expects and work beforehand to standard machine at the lamination that rolled out 2019 enhance material to be used at tool, ski, ski, reflex dish use a product with industry. What ZRT– uses at ministry of heat conduction, electric standoff to increase at what rolled out 2020 is thermoplastic film and hot solid sex beforehand dip makings, the one part that regards consumptive electron and car application product as two years development cycle at the same time undertakes assessment. Film of carbon fiber of bimetallic –Z axis is placed between plate crust, with spare parts of the strike out in car application plate, offer as equal as integral plate function, weight decreases 50% . Aerospace also is a crucial target, include compositive be struck by lightning to defend, rise fight statified ability, decrease brace up ability and local consolidate, latter is had increase fastener drawing strength the capacity of 50% . However aerospace attestation is a longer process normally, because this is not aerospace target,be commercialized first. The stiffness outside using Z axis fiber to raise the shear strength between composite material layer, scale (transverse model is measured) , the think of a way of impact resistance and caking property is not new. Come a few years, dockyard uses molar fibre glass to be in all the time core felt be bored with child, in order to increase bonding strength, molar fiber arrives through the half be bored with child to the mouth of bubble core with the half Kong Li offerred a break to suspend a mechanism. The Saertaikesi that is located in gram of shellfish of German Sa Er company further, in inserting the fibre glass with good cut core of product of bubble of all alone Er, after infuse colophony, bind face plate of core layer pressing plate together. The   in alling alone Er foamy characteristic is fibre glass inserts core layer is in the product of Z-Fiber of Z-pinning technology solidify that 80 time of 20 centuries overcome a company to commercialize especially by the A Ci that is located in Wo Erse Mu of city of Zhu Sai of American horse Sa, after this is included company of aviation engine manufacturer, airbus and American army inside numerous organization research and development. It is the diameter 1 millimeter normally beforehand solidify carbon fiber enhances polymer needle hammer to insert not solidify beforehand in dip makings layer. However, needle hammer is inserted is an extra step, and surpass the case of 30-50% to content of Z axis fiber was not confirmed to be economy is efficient. Does creativity pull crowded law: ? Axis of Xiao of smile of extensive region of Chou of  fragrant coerce strengthens functional   three-dimensional and stereo braiding also is to achieve same goal. It is located in company of composite material of project of abstruse Er Barney uses city of Er of assorted of cloth of American new rarely at producing complex prefabricated component, the carbon fiber that these prefabricated component change engine of aviation of LEAP of model translate into through colophony lamina of answer material fan, although three-dimensional and stereo braiding is effective, but normally for it is not fast already, also not be the cheap technology that enhances Z axis. Other one side is to be located in French Pu Luowang Si Aike this the accept rice that company of made of baked clay technology bought accept to be developed by N12 technology company piece technology, this technology is used in the area between the layer between layer pressing plate perpendicular the canal of carbolic accept rice that arrange, will integrated life assisted a system to raise 10-30% . Although the acceptance of wide extensive product of N12 passes the solution that reduces current and compound craft to improve performance, but as a result of grow in quantity perpendicular arrange carbolic accept rice to provide burgeoning technology, cost and but expansibility remains a problem. Have but the insertion of expansibility type solution. “ is three-dimensional braid, Z- - the hammer is plunged into and suture needs extra step and able-bodied person, ” Mo Xi says: We want “ one kind can make the material that synthesizes craft of a level to had been used easily, the processing means of our ZRT product is similar to glue film or one-way beforehand dip makings, but stiffness and conductivity were offerred on Z direction, the property that synthesizes material was used on new way. ”Apparitor of place of Bostonian data company installs dimension assorted Gu La explanation says · Gu Li: Another of “ our material different point is but expansibility, what we use is a kind 60 inches of wide roller are right roller craft, be similar to papermaking. Abrade the fiber after is dispersedly in water, metric go up to PET carrier film, make fiber right on Z axis below magnetic field action next neat. He points out “ , carbon fiber does not have magnetism, so this kind is opposite neat it is hang. Evaporate next moisture, will dry ZRT material stays in carrier coping. Accordingly, this is not to growing canal of carbolic accept rice, provide cost effectiveness more however. Compare with phase of accept rice data, technical wind strategic place is little much, and without dangerous chemical, dissolvent or atomic — this is craft of a kind of environmental protection. ”Lamination craft adds wild phase to combine production to become through ZRT film and successive fiber super product of roller of ZRT of   of   of answer material product also facilitates treatment. They can do ”“ to use or be packed beforehand, ” Mo Xi says you can cut the product adhesive plaster, use at twining dry perhaps shape beforehand with Yu Shu fat transfers moulding technology, our material is very easy and compositive in tape laid process; Do not need the 2nd step. It goes up very easily from carrier film purify ZRT material, and won't release the fiber of cashier rice fiber or pulverize. “ZRT material still offerred fast face to accumulate, form good union with coating or paint thereby. What ”“ uses because of us is second birth carbon fiber, guligula says ” , we and successive primitive fiber are in “ competition ability is had on cost. Guliyala says: “ uses super MP and ZRT material to have cost effectiveness actually. ” is passed add ZRT material layer, we can withhold traditional carbon fiber the function inside the crucial area of pressing plate of answer material layer, replace the successive fiber that is as high as 50% at the same time. Through using ZRT material and standard carbon fiber answer material designs a pressing plate, we can maintain the function inside the face and the function outside raising a scale, the total number of plies that wants place at the same time decreases 50% . Accordingly, we offerred an economy material benefit, solution that also enhances a function at the same time. ”Bostonian data company is passed carbon fiber directional give plane, overcame composite material to be restricted in the tradition of the conductivity respect of ply of whole layer pressing plate. We are revealing ”“ as competitive as aluminium thermal conductance and conductivity ” , guligula says, in electromagnetism interference and be struck by lightning defend respect, veil of our function and accept rice fiber, nickel and tinsel comparative, but cost and treatment function rise somewhat. For example, because our product is carbon fiber, is not a metal, so they do not need insulation to prevent the couple of pressing plate of carbon fiber layer to corrode, in using because expose,also won't happen at damp, chemical corrode. ”Experiment of preliminary be struck by lightning makes clear, ZRT film can be carbon fiber answer material face plate offers significant laser impact. The photograph below shows, to the left, pressing plate of a referenced layer includes 5 to braid carbon fiber to be in epoxy resin matrix, the layer pressing plate with same right has ZRT v film. Check to be carried out by Dr. Weipingkumaer, the be struck by lightning of answer material injures the carbon fiber of oak mountain lab that he is Tennessee Nuo Ke Siwei Er expert. It is very apparent that “ losing decreases, ” library horse Dr. Er says this kind of ZRT is made with polyacrylonitrile fiber, but as a result of its taller conductivity, we predict bitumen fiber can have better effect. Company of ” Bostonian data is awaiting an award of air force, use at groovy plane to mix with further development be about to roll out dynamoelectric and perpendicular case fall the means of car. Fastener pulls the ZRT layer that   carbon fiber uses in pressing plate of answer material layer to conduce to counteractive layer statified take off with what reduce metallic fastener stick. Be located in the United States still the company of solar eclipse composite material of his city Salt Lake City is devoting oneself to to improve a component, because cut the metallic protruding ear that causes with transverse tension to take off,this component invalidation basically is stick. ” we and solar eclipse company cooperate, what combine ZRT film and look of fabric of dry type tabby is super product of dry formula of answer material 1015 PW is compositive between the fabric of every 3K carbon fiber in layer pressing plate, ” Mu Erdi explains. In the drawing test that has with standard layer pressing plate, metallic protruding ear is complete degum, and with super the layer pressing plate that presses plywood to be made withheld metallic protruding ear. When undertaking invalidation checks, the drawing intensity that company of lumber of solar eclipse answer measures before invalidation at least tower above 50% , and invalidation is advance gradually, is not disastrous. Having a few cases even is before be being pulled out in metallic hanger, the steel bolt that twists metallic hanger produced breakdown. ”Bostonian data company is used super the appraisal test part that answer material PW does what material does makes clear, before invalidation, metallic protruding ear (green arrowhead) drawing intensity rose 50% . ZRT material still draws oscillatory energy through cutting, and do not affect flexural rigidity. ” this is a kind of mechanism with Z axis particular carbon fiber, ZRT layer is joined to be able to reduce the natural frequency below every kinds of oscillatory mode in composite material structure. The natural frequency with inferior “ makes clear decrease brace up the effect is better, rise thereby: Wait for the feeling of the sporting goods and control to ski and tennis racket; Without the picture quality of man-machine camera bracket; The precision of robot end-effector and speed; Of electric car take comfortable sex and cockpit noise. Material of ZRT of Z axis carbon fiber and it is OK to braid carbon fiber to cooperate to use the   of natural frequency that reduces all oscillatory mode is thermoplastic we return “ of   of   of composite material can be in thermoplastic ZRT is added in film, keep abrade in whole treatment process the fiber orientaton after, ” Mu Erdi says. This can see in the metallograph below, this piece of photograph showed compress shape the 9 ZRT material in application. ” his explanation says: The viscosity of the polycarbonate matrix that “ place uses is gotten higher than epoxy resin much. ” this application still was used 350 to 400 square inch the pressure of tall squeezing ramming of every pound, but we can retain Z axis way. ”Use polycarbonate base the metallograph   of 9 ZRT material is thermoplastic to these compound product, bostonian data company replaces PET carrier film those who be target matrix polymer is thermoplastic film, or it can do ZRT film to change an end thermoplastic on film, and in 2 processes lieutenant general its fuse in Z axis carbon fiber. These ZRT are thermoplastic the fiber bulk of the product is more than 50% . Besides polycarbonate, bostonian data company still uses the material preparation such as PPS, PEEK, LM-PAEK, PEI, PA-6, PA-12 and Bio-PA ZRT is thermoplastic compound film. Material of ZRT of no less than enhanced conductivity same, they also raised the thermal conductivity of composite material. ” although direction of fiber of carbon fiber edge has thermal conductivity, but its conductivity is perpendicular dropped at fiber direction nearly 10 times. Transverse important sense is had in conducting heat to wait for application in group of batteries of electronic parts, electric car and metalloid heat exchanger. Come through carbon fiber is being placed on Z axis the ability of hot sex of horizontal guide of custom-built polymer composite material, what need to current place is muti_function a huge profit is for the structure. ”He points out, the coefficient of thermal conductivity inside the fiber of PAN radical carbon fiber is 15 to 20 tile / Mikaierwen. This are in ” fiber 90 dropped 5 to 10 times, guligula says “ , because this is used the carbon fiber inside plane and 0.2 tile / the insulation polymer matrix that Mikaierwen is in is united in wedlock and become and the total transverse coefficient of thermal conductivity of the composite material that there is loss on the interface between the layer is 0.7 tile only / Mikaierwen. Through adding layer of material of PAN radical ZRT, we can increase our about 10 tile / Mikaierwen. Meanwhile the ZRT data that Bostonian data company also uses bitumen radical carbon fiber in development, of this kind of carbon fiber inside coefficient of thermal conductivity is 600 to 900 tile / Mikaierwen. ” uses data of bitumen radical ZRT, the academic and transverse electrical conductivity that carbon fiber enhances pressing plate can achieve 250 tile / Mikaierwen, ”guligula says, this exceeded “ aluminous coefficient of thermal conductivity. ”Pass ZRT material and thermoplastic filmy union, bostonian material can create an intricate geometry structure that has similar aluminous thermal conductivity. ” uses ZRT thermoplastic compound film, heat of low cost, high volume shapes can use at producing the metalloid heat exchanger with very little texture board etc, in order to increase exterior accumulating. Mo Di says the spare parts of this kind of type is the real challenge that creates with other method, undertake noting model with electric moulding compound for example. This plants “ board use at the residence and commercial heating / ventilated the heat exchanger with refrigeration system, and car, aerospace, manufacturing industry and industrial procedure application. ” metal all the time since the material that is people choice, but very difficult treatment becomes complex figure. Heat exchanger is offerred by the requirement now stability of taller transmission efficiency, environment and lower production cost. Composite material of use heat conduction can be satisfied all these requirements, and have lighter weight and corrosion resistance. ”Bostonian data company still cooperates with vendor of a data, rolled out a kind of mould beforehand dip makings, lead through reducing X, Y and Z direction heat to expand do not match, make its warm up faster, evener, shorten thereby solidify is periodic, raise dimension precision. Bimetallic and future used company of   Boston data to still develop new material, its ZRT film regards a structure as core, lamination is between two plate. ”“ bimetallic is a kind of mixture material, have curve function identically with plate, but light 30-50% of weight comparing plate, ”guliyala says we were car and other industry to develop this kind of material, these industries enhance plastic weight to be interested gently to carbon fiber all the time, but use rate is low, it is the cost because of carbon fiber and complexity, bimetallic about 1 millimeter is thick be similar to hollow plate, as better than having as metallic photograph acoustics and decrease brace up function. ”The   of ZRT structure core that bimetallic places between two plate so is the couple between metallic crust and carbon fiber of Z axis milling corroded? ”“ this is not a problem, ” his explanation says, “ cooperates in the metal of ZRT film because of us a rich resiniferous was used on the face layer and / or adhesive or TP film were used in coping. Of course, do not need pron any thing to titanium, but if the client thinks to be necessary to satisfy applied requirement, we also can use fiber of thin fragrant black silk ribbon or fibre glass veil. ” bimetallic preform warms punch arrives adjacent thermoplastic polymer matrix is fused in the component of temperature. Bostonian data company is being carried with consumptive electron, car, lorry at present and 7 of aerospace domain famous manufacturer cooperate, increase in this locality, electromagnetism interference screen, be struck by lightning defends, the respect such as heat management and damping seeks product aptitude. Qualificatory attestation predicts to will be finished 2022, this company plans to announce new partner concern, application and product. “ the latent capacity about technology of Z axis carbon fiber, we still lie iceberg one horn, ” Gu Li merchant pulls those who say us eventually the target is to enlarge composite material market. ”

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