Since 90 time, Epoxy resinTrend of solidify agent development appeared a lot of new characteristics, basically have the following sides. New breed of ① of solidify agent type emerges in endlessly, amine department still is resided, it is acid anhydride department next. The half inorganic of “ that ② contains the element such as P, Si, B, F, Mg agent of solidify of high polymer ” causes people attention with its distinctive function. The sulfur alcohol of ③ modified is fastened and the agent of phenolic department solidify of modified also has the development of different level. ④ extreme has sulfur of alcohol radical embed paragraph of copolymer newly to put in the market in great quantities. Agent of solidify of sex of function of development trend ① becomes people to study the heat of development. (1) versatility (have solidify, add pliable but strong, flame retardant, promote wait for a function) the good product that solidify agent makes people go after. Because development is brand-new structure and the epoxy resin progress of rich and superior performance is not great, the functional auxiliary that gets used to colophony modified requirement thereby becomes the target that people seeks, potion is much can the product is increasing. (The solidify agent development of 2) fast solidify, microtherm solidify and minor bibulous rate is rapid. (The solidify agent of 3) special function also had very great progress, be like stretch solidify agent. Low poison of ② solidify agent, avirulent change. Contemporary solidify agent developing a characteristic is, people pays close attention to the noxiousness in solidify agent is being produced and using a process and environment to pollute a problem not only, and the environment that takes goods of deserted epoxy resin seriously pollutes a problem. In develop, much glue of simple much Xi, balmy amine is all already be replaced by the modified amine place of avirulent or low poison. ③ gets used to special environment (damp, underwater, outdoors etc) use solidify agent is quite welcome. ④ is those who get used to epoxy resin is high-powered change a requirement, the solidify dose with electric function, mechanical function, mechanical good performance will get very great progress. Agent of ⑤ electron beam and smooth solidify solidify causes people more and more take seriously. ⑥ coating is special coating of epoxy resin of solidify agent, ability in swimming is special water-solubility solid compares agent and odd constituent adhesive dosage of special solidify agent is very big, perspective is wide. Technology of technical ① modified times pay attention to sufferring blueness, application is increasingly wide, be like: Adipose amine modified; Modified of sweet amine of — epoxy resin (especially benzene 2 amine, benzene) of modified of 2 armour amine; Acid matchs modified and liquid state to change; Modified of double cyanogen amine and liquid state are changed (our country is 1000 tons of) about to year of demand of amine of liquid state double cyanogen; Mi Zun modified and liquid state are changed, and quantity of modified small element gets together cruel amine. ② answer matchs synergism and collect outfit to change a technology in the ascendant. Suffer the element such as code of noxiousness, environmental protection, cost, efficiency to restrict, brand-new solidify agent of the structure develops difficulty of all the more, through answer match collect to install and raise efficiency to make the efficient way that develops new-style solidify agent increasingly. Liquid state of agent of solidify of ③ solid state changes a technology to have development outlook very much, if normal temperature issues amine of the acid anhydride that presents solid state, double cyanogen to wait to make through modified,its are below normal temperature to liquid state, can raise its operation and performance characteristics not only, can save the sources of energy again. Production of ④ solidify agent is operated and pack essence of life to refined dynamical ① user to raise taller, updated requirement to solidify agent, be like: Use absolutely on the safe side, get used to environmental protection, sanitation and security tide; Applied effect is being shown rise, character is outstanding and outstanding; Use, lay aside carry is convenient; Valence, qualitative than appropriate, cost — efficiency is balanced, your person is happy to buy and be used; Tall rarefied, vitrification. ② face seriation, special change, form a complete set is changed, change development subtly. ③ falls in the premise that accords with environmental protection code and contented user demand, reduce cost ceaselessly, realizing taller gain is the long-term mission of solidify agent manufacturer. Manufacturer of ④ solidify agent andSolidify agentThe associate that the user forms concerns, be success of solidify agent company surely the road of classics. Foreground already appeared the following trend: ① pays attention to the solidify agent with education omnibus high quality to consider to develop a person with ability; Technical reformation of manufacturer of ② solidify agent and new product development are unusually active; Once battalion management considers to develop a system,lifetime of ③ aggrandizement scientific research produces one application; ④ strengthens intellectual property protection; ⑤ and epoxy resin form a complete set develop, promote each other. More information pays close attention to of composite material website please

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