Recently, relevant organization held wind-force to generate electricity in Beijing inside course of study blade pushs window and seminar of industrial development mode, relevant guild is aimed at retire of blade reclaim and aftertreatment problem. The industrialization technology that how advances blade to reclaim and efficient and integrated use undertook seminar, this also is at present wind cable industry reachs data industry second special subject reclaims with respect to blade reach an aftertreatment to be used integratedly undertake publicity discussion formally.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Wait for traditional fossil the sources of energy as coal, oil, natural gas gradually extinct, the development of the new-style the sources of energy such as wind energy, solar energy is used also more and more the attention that gets people, already became energy field to provide commerce to popularize one of projects of foreground, developing domestic and internationally at present rapid. The wind report development of our country begins at 20 centuries 50 time, the inchoate electric power that expands to basically be used at island and remote region is vacant problem, basically be be not and the net is small-sized the construction of group of wind electric machinery. 20 centuries 70 time evening, our country begins to consider and net wind report, basically construct demonstrative electric field through introducing series of foreign wind electric machinery, in May 1986, wind-force of Ma Lan of electric field of demonstrative sex wind sends electric field to be in Shandong Rong Chengjian is become and the net generates electricity. In ceaseless development process, the wind cable industry of our country begins from 1986, experienced inchoate demonstrative level, phase of industrialization exploration phase, fast growing phase, high speed development, adjust level and increase level steadily from what began 2014. Pass earlier stage shuffle, the phenomenon of overheat of industry of cable of our country wind gets certain keep within limits, development mode arrives from heavy dimensions, heavy speed heavy benefit, heavy quality. The proportion that report of our country wind increased installed capacity newly to occupy full electric power to increase installed capacity newly 2016 is 15.5% , accumulative total installed capacity is occupied than 9.0% . Wind report adds installed capacity newly to occupy than all maintaining 15% above in last few years, accumulative total installed capacity takes the posture that promotes steadily than appearing. On electricenergy production, 2016 wind electricity electricenergy production 241 billion kilowatt hour, 4.1% what take total electricenergy production, electricenergy production year after year increases, market share promotes ceaselessly, after wind report already made afterwards coal report, water and electricity the 3rd large power supply of our country. Of home overall in producing a business, carry of Xinjiang gold wind, Zhejiang is amounted to, Dalian is heavy industry group, Oriental a few market prospect such as turbine plant is valued by industry, held the share with more market. And in wind cable industry, the circumstance of blade market decides the move is overall greatly the circumstance of the market. At present sheet is company of Danish LM Glasfiber held an international market the portion of 40% above, its product by GE WIND, Xi Menzi (former Denmark BONUS) , the company such as SUZLON, Repower, Nordex all or the part is used; Additionally Vestas and Enercon company also have respective lamina to produce a section. Blade production proprietor of an enterprise of home wants Baoding of the boat in having in the Hui Teng, harbor that connect the cloud answer wait for even group of numerous composite material. Current wind-force generates electricity the enterprise is in the development process with an intense competition, development business of home try to overtake each other in friendly emulation, rise quite with posture of industry of wind cable magnate, still have certain space at present. And the development that wind report lamina is affecting industry of whole wind cable, in wind report lamina, data system and workmanship are deciding the development level of wind report lamina. Show the progress of lamina of level wind report, what composite material is used is extensive. At present composite material generates electricity to apply mediumly in wind-force basically is cover of rotor lamina, engine room and rectification cover make. Relative to character, engine room cover and the technical doorsill that rectification overspreads are inferior, the difficulty that produces development is not great. And one of crucial parts that lamina of rotor of wind- driven dynamo is wind- driven generation set, its design, material and craft decision wind-force generate electricity the function of device and power. In wind- driven dynamo arisen in 100 old histories, blade material experienced lamina of ligneous lamina, cloth envelope lamina, aluminium alloy to wait. As the occurrence of couplet net wind- driven dynamo, wind-force generates electricity enter high speed to develop period, the lamina of traditional material is in increasingly large when be being used on the wind- driven dynamo that change certain property already the development demand of lamina of short of instantly, the development of composite material lamina that has Gao Bijiang to spend then rises. Now, almost all commercial class lamina all use composite material to be made for main body, wind report lamina already made one of fundamental application fields of composite material. Lamina of wind- driven dynamo is the shell structure that a composite material makes, comprise partly by root ministry, crust and reinforcement or Liang San commonly, composite material occupies 90% above commonly in the weight in lamina of whole wind report. On the workmanship of blade, traditional blade production uses modular technology commonly, especially hand burnt means is more, the meeting in producing a course has the volatile toxic gas such as a large number of styrene to arise, bring a harm to handlers and environment; Additional, as the addition of blade dimension, mix smoothly to make sure the dynamo moves mast is safe, this must make sure blade is light and quality distributings even. This makes blade manufacture technology by fly a model to the development that shut a model. Use the technology that shut a model, if popular now vacuum colophony guides,enter moulding law, not only can reduce substantially shape the volatilization of the styrene in the process, and content of colophony of easier and accurate control, assure the uniformity that quality of composite material lamina distributings thereby, can increase the quality stability of blade. The development of wind report makes a person glad, however, retire of blade reclaim the problem is ignored by everybody all the time, as the elapse of time, can cause more people to take seriously more and more, be what reason is brought about now such result? It is what kind of composite material, reclaim even “ should be ” placed on the desktop to discuss? Its professional title calls fiber to enhance colophony composite material. Not the epoxy resin that the colophony that speaks of here includes each type, saturated colophony and the polyurethane resin that using promotion. Composite material uses big character of course is light qualitative excel in, unit density has steely 1/3 only, the material of coequal weight is several times function is a metal more mechanical; And function can be designed, as different as metallic stuff is anisotropy, undertake designing according to the physical attribute demand of the product, fan lamina had such functional requirement to use composite material to regard blade as material just about. But, the chemical process that a character of composite material is material cannot converse, once solidify shapes hind, cannot return original material matrix property, if be not handled through new technology,more important is, be cannot degradation, policy of high pressure of this pair of current environmental protection, it is a kind of tremendous menace. Of fan lamina reclaim processing and recycle become industrial pain spot. The report asks “ strengthens solid litter and waste disposal clearly, boost resource comprehensive and managing use with the loop, implementation produces system and life system loop to link ” . Apply since September 1, 2020 " law of prevention and cure of environment of solid trash pollution " the “ that be called history on Yan Gu abandons law ” . New " solid abandons a standard " to solid trash contaminative environment prevention and cure supervises trash of solid body of administrative system, industry to pollute an environment blowdown of trash of solid body of outspread system, industry permits responsibility of system of prevention and cure of pollution of rubbish of system of prevention and cure, life, generator 5 respects had the system more strict regulation. Below policy of environmental protection high pressure, one when reclaim to had become an industry to be about to be faced with with the aftertreatment of blade weighs big difficult problem, no matter which use to plant,return debit form because of blade, need the cost of high specified number, accept “ solid to abandon code the system with rigid ” is restricted. The lamina of kiloton class reclaims shortly: The lamina that began 10 thousand tons of class 2026 is faced with processing. Make clear according to statistic of industry conference data, end by 2020, wind report installs machine stage to count more than 140 million, to 2021 the end of the year, can retire actually fan amount exceeds 383 thousand kilowatt (data of this dispute government, estimation statistic caliber is differ have difference) , calculate according to the dosage of kilowatt of current lamina unit, with 16 kilogram / kilowatt estimation, to this year the end of the year can retire actually the weight of composite material lamina of fan is as high as 6096 tons (calculate roughly) . Will look according to trade statistic data: The blade dosage 2006 second more than 20 thousand tons, mean blade reclaimed 2026 the final examination that the industry can welcome second wind report to retire. To 2029, year processing reclaims the quantity of blade will achieve 220 thousand tons, its dimensions will achieve 527 thousand tons or so 2035. Blade reclaims the aftertreatment still is in start level: The industry still has time to answer. From the point of dimensions, arrive before 2023, annual blade treating capacity is in 1000~2000 ton between, from composite material use integratedly in light of, still be in project experiment phase, that is to say, the industry still has 2~3 year the experiment research that time goes having this side and project turn dimensions application. Began year of dimensions to begin to achieve 5000 tons of above 2024, the large-scale processing that this can solve with respect to the industrial business that is not small mill type. Current, having ex-service blade is simple processing, but it is to be based on the way that handles temporarily, truly large-scale retire after fan lamina begins, on the base that if where,must consider to satisfy environmental protection, had done retire of blade use integratedly, implementation becomes useless to be treasure. Actually, blade industry business also is acting, new material of science and technology of the material in including, times, Cheng Fei knows the research that also doing this side again, the support that also got, but the application with large-scale distance still has very a paragraph long the route should go, what need points out is: Business of blade of —— of the person that serve as the correlation of familiar lamina should be blade reclaim reach the unit with be used integratedly main, should be this reclaims the person that the main body of the aftertreatment is carried out, and the owner of fan must want to fan retires the consideration that handles cost. Of blade reclaim and aftertreatment: Wind electric field of future needs to prepare fan to retire a link that reserve regards complete lifecycle as, of fan retiring also is need cost, this likelihood does not have a consideration in the wind electric field in the past, but in real life terminative moment, need takes out brushstroke money to come to those who be used at fan retire. Besides blade, other metal component can realize second birth to use for the most part, but blade is abandoned as solid of industrial blame degradation, must want to brushstroke solid wastes processing fund, with metal of tower canister, aircrew second birth is different is, need reclaims to blade the solid with processing corresponding unit abandons processing fare, use integratedly plus what one share achieves after blade reclaims, make the commercial pattern that blade reclaims holds water, have basic industry profit (the industry can run normally) , so the fan of wind cable industry retired to achieve real green progress with the loop. In addition, the industry also is making solid of relevant blade composite material abandon processing standard, good limit prospective lamina reclaim whether does processing amount to policy of bid environmental protection, this also are a when be faced with new task. The green of industry of wind phone equipment develops circularly, it is the foundation that wind cable industry achieves healthy progress, of blade reclaim the aftertreatment also is the new issue that evolution appears to certain level and faces, the industry is paying close attention to, the enterprise should pay close attention to more, especially owner of wind electric field, how to spend little money, let blade green of implementation of trash of this kind of solid is used integratedly, can avoid the chasten of policy of high-pressured environmental protection again at the same time, this is task of another of person of wind report lamina important history.

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