Announcement weighed day suitable wind energy a few days ago, predict vest in appeared on the market first half of the year 2021 the net profit 7.60–8.69 of company shareholder 100 million yuan, than going up 40%-60% of year of growth of the corresponding period.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Main reason is: 1, new energy industry persists Gao Jing bearing, development situation is favorable, wind energy industry welcomed tremendous   opportunity and challenge. 2, this company holds to domain of deep ploughing wind energy all the time, hold to strategic deploy, extend onshore, maritime market, hold to big client strategy, approbate and acquired more market share what won increasing client with superior quality and elaborate government, portion of order of canister of tower of area of 3 north ” has “ rate promote substantially, abroad reach maritime order to be produced completely also completely, predict to be in first half of the year hand order 720 thousand tons. 3, the pressure that rises in the light of raw material, the company pays close attention to wave motion of raw material price closely. On one hand, company and upriver supplier sign strategic cooperation agreement, use imprest means price of material of seasonable Suo Dingyuan; On the other hand, demand of machine of wind report outfit is exuberant, bearing of situation of trade of wind phone equipment is tall, the company already adopted a variety of means to will rise in price pressure swims downward conduct.

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