In anticorrosion construction, the glass reinforced plastics of nothing is more... than that uses the most extensively. Bases of glass reinforced plastics enhances framework for fiber, powdery makings, colophony, still have vinyl colophony besides epoxy resin, furan colophony, phenolic aldehyde colophony is waited a moment. The colophony since that regards glue of glass reinforced plastics as sticky agent is stuck receiving part also is important anticorrosive layer, especially the content of colophony glue fluid has very big effect to function of glass reinforced plastics, be like anticorrosion function, intensity load, water penetration can be waited a moment. Accordingly, in can satisfy above function requirement already, also want to control economic cost, must control the content of fluid of glue of colophony of construction of glass reinforced plastics effectively.

The ceaseless exploration that passes master worker of extensive anticorrosion technology staff and worker of construction of glass reinforced plastics and practice experience, writer summary gives the per cent that controls content of colophony of glass reinforced plastics, have important referenced sense to the actual construction of colophony glass reinforced plastics.

Multilayer 02 cloth (with successive silk fibre glass cloth is given priority to, other enhance cloth or 02 above ply has a specification additionally) when discontinuous law sticks line glass reinforced plastics, average content control is in colophony between 50%-60% , anticorrosive layer expresses facing namely, its and corrode an interface to be contacted completely effectively, colophony content must be abounded, what occupy scale to want tall, this one is the first defense line that control etchs, we say in the industry for ” of layer of “ rich colophony, colophony content is as high as 80%-90% between, ensure anticorrosion sex and impermeability.

Intermediate layer is belonged to enhance a layer, basically assume intensity and laden function, also but when anticorrosion the 2nd line of defence, when invalidation of the first anticorrosive layer, the 2nd can remove amortize to corrode continuity sex, its colophony content can be controlled in under the limits of 50% inside.

Control to the content of footing of course, the author thinks with rare give priority to, besmear for many times brush, proposal viscosity is under 18S. Overall for, control of content of juice of glue of effective to construction of liner of glass reinforced plastics colophony is inside 50%-60% limits, achieve the balance status of quality and economic cost, nevertheless the author still still is a proposal: Rich colophony layer must want prep above this limits, the basis corrodes medium chroma, temperature and movement state case decide colophony content, the colophony content place that the author sums up holds proportion is not a fixed cost, mix inside this limits undertake analytic adjustment in actual construction, ceaseless refresh content controls personnel of technology of need anticorrosion construction and worker master workers limits, reach exact numerical value, make product of glass reinforced plastics simple actor price cheap, develop glass reinforced plastics adequately the excellent performance with this conventional anticorrosion distinctive technology.

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