As the development of circular economy, can last the concept already was in all trades and professions is rooted and gemmiparous. Recently, answer lumber industry also transmits carbon fiber good news, the carbon fiber that by Nantong answer source new material develops answer material reclaims processing system and recycle solution obtain industry to approbate, its develop year of processing independently splitting decomposition of litter of 1500 tons of CFRP answers midwifery to produce technology and equipment, but automation moves continuously, reclaim function of carbon fiber of low, second birth maintains specific power consumption rate is high, can handle large size, large wall, complex structure, much material jumbly litter. Recycle respect, developed a series of quantities to produce technology and equipment, development production gives product of carbon fiber of second birth of two kinds of big low cost: Second birth carbon fiber does not have the series that spin felt and product of series of grain of second birth short staple, already all commercialized application, fill home is blank. Up to in July 2021, product line already finished wheel of proper motion of 100 tons of carbon fiber to encircle / pole of many 40 tripod, useless fishing / ball lever / 200 thousand bat, colourful comes ES6 leftover material, Woerwo pole the star exceeds run the car experiments / edge horn. The success application of a series of this innovation solutions brought new directional —— composite material to bring stuff not only for circular economy light quantified advantage with managing the sources of energy, still can reclaim through using material enlarges circular efficiency further. Expert of the inside and outside in classics is evaluated, this series plan obtained “ answer material to exhibit - award of JEC” innovation product. Worth while and glad is, maikemen also contributed a force for this series solution. In process of composite material production, the size agent that application handles at the interface (size) crucial. It can improve the exterior configuration of composite material, promote an interface adherent force, rise thereby eventually the mechanical function of manufactured goods, fight wallop, tensile strength, fatigue resistance to wait for example. The advantage of use carbon fiber is clear, include: Exceedingly good intensity weight is compared, achieve light quantify a target tall hardness and intensity are anti-corrosive of small hot coefficient of expansion is able to bear or endure agent of size of series of Hydrosize Carbon of chemical sex thermal conductivity and door of Mai Ke of of solution of carbon fiber of door of conductivity Mai Ke the solution can make carbon fiber manufacturer is aimed at chemical matrix colophony custom-built its enhance fibrous become apparent, make the interface between polymer and fiber adds exert oneself to achieve thereby much better. This technology makes composite material industry can make full use of the advantage of carbon fiber.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Pursue on: Carbon fiber of process of carbon fiber production is compared already size VS not size uses Hydrosize®The carbon fiber of size of Carbon series product is in nylon 6, 6 matrix (be like Zun Tu) on even besmear Fu, adhere to to stronger interface is offerred between colophony matrix and fiber force, for eventually manufactured goods rises fight wallop, tensile strength and fatigue resistance.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
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