The necessity   that car of research and development uses knitting composite material since energy crisis, how to use fossil fuel reasonably, efficiently, managingly, enhance its to develop with what use but durative it is the mankind's collective task, already became long-term scientific research goal and applied premise in numerous domain, the car field that takes dominant in traditional fuel machine particularly apparent. Use benzine car to multiplying, every reduce 100 Kg, much but section oily 0.39 L/100km; Truckload to pure electric car if weight reduces 10 Kg, add boat course of development can increase 2.5 Km. Accordingly, the car is small one of keys that quantified a technology to make car research and development, our country also gave out to develop requirement and program in detail to this, be versed in according to our country letter ministry releases " measure level of the 4th level by the specific fuel consumption that use a car " : To 2020, by with car new car quantity of average specific fuel consumption achieves 5 litres / 100 kilometers; To 2025, by with car new car quantity of average specific fuel consumption reduces 20 % than 2020. Knitting actors or actress as a kind chosen car composite material enhances body to machine means, already was paid close attention to by the height inside course of study, the strength of research and development that builds in the light of this kinds of material and compose is increased gradually, be in the car is small quantified a respect to produce distinct effect. The characteristic     that the car uses knitting composite material 1. Knitting car composite material is had can design sexual   to pass compose of appearance of form of knitting structure choice, 3D to build, the method such as lay up design and interfacial control, big limit ground achieves expectant performance characteristics goal, on this foundation, the great freedom of contented design is spent, in can realizing auto industry conveniently on real significance, develop and make what have the car member that beautiful sex price compares. 2, the material of knitting car composite material and component are made have oneness   to adopt knitting figuration technology, according to component part eventually form appearance and the preparation that function requires to be realistic to strengthen prefab put oneself in another's position now, make enhance body and matrix to have figure same as synchronous as preparation feature. 3, the optimizes design   knitting integratedly to enhance the flexibility of prefab style design and weaving, material to choose limits extensive sex that knitting car composite material realizes whole likely uses composite material integration to realize a car design and to material, structure and workmanship optimize integratedly offer a possibility. The composite material of construction of foreground   knitting that the car uses knitting composite material designs function of agile and changeful, figuration with its admirable wait for a characteristic, for high-powered, muti_function the implementation of car composite material lays good foundation; Figuration of structure of knitting 3D abnormity is prefab body will make the car realizes little part to change with convenient processing becomes a possibility, it is remarkable promotion stability of character of car design and manufacturing efficiency, safeguard, and the fundamental premise of means of production of change automobile industry.

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