On Feburary 17, person of the Supreme Being limited company (Teijin) announce to will invest 10 million euro to install composite material of moulding of sheet of a new fibre glass in company of Benet car component (GF-SMC) product line. This product line began operation Summer 2022, in order to satisfy Europe to person of the Supreme Being the driving demand of composite material recipe.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Benet company is located in the Milovice area of Czech, it is the one class supplier of component of automobile industry composite material, in July 2019 by person of the Supreme Being wholy-owned buy, be subordinate to belongs to business of composite material of car of person of the Supreme Being. Benet firm increases in carbon fiber plastic shape to technology and car besmear are installed and assemble a respect to have rich technical experience. According to introducing, product line of this new-style GF-SMC will satisfy car market to design freedom to spend to rising, efficiency of productivity, cost and light quantified demand, at present Benet company already received the new order that comes from Europe and American car manufacturer. The car component that these order will produce through new product line comes consign product. Person of the Supreme Being shows, as automobile industry forward new 4 change (dynamoelectric change, net couplet is changed, intelligence is changed, share change) the trend develops, automobile industry needs to change its trade pattern quickly, make in order to satisfy the car that new generation quantifies muti_functionly, gently. Person of the Supreme Being bought mainland structure in January 2017 plastic holding company (CSP) the one class supplier that makes car composite material. After this, person of the Supreme Being still was bought Portuguese the company of Benet car component of Inapal Plásticos SA of banner supplier of car composite material and Czech, the mill that plans to be located in French Pouancé in CSP builds a plant of new GF-SMC composite material again. Person of the Supreme Being established center of Europe of car of person of the Supreme Being in German Wuppertal 2020, regard the research and development of business of company car composite material as new base. In addition, in December 2020, CSP still establishs sophisticated technology to develop base in the United States, accelerate development car to use the new generation technology of compound figuration material. In not long ago, person of the Supreme Being and be engaged in LS-EV (EV of low speed of = of Low Speed Electric Vehicle) light the company of Australian Applied EV that quantifies development develops hand in hand can answer the multipurpose platform “Blanc Robot” that drives automatically, its coping used GF-SMC of the small amount of CSP company, high strenth, Gao Gang sex, in shaping with respect to achievable metal with about 3 minutes only of tall difficulty thin model an organic whole of complex form shapes, and make coping photograph compare with aluminium, those who realized about 20 % is light quantify.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Graph Blanc Robot, come from AEV Robotics   to look into future, the target of person of the Supreme Being is to realized sale of business of car composite material to make an appointment with 1.7 billion euro 2030 (2 billion dollar) , will try hard forward this direction is ongoing.

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