Consumer sails to add course of development is reached charge time is very sensitive, because this is light,quantify attach most importance to especially to car of new energy resources should, as future car of new energy resources gains ground ceaselessly, charge establishment is enclothed in succession, demand of energy-saving environmental protection rises, car of new energy resources is small quantify market space very capacious. Of the car light quantifying is to point to to quality of car automobile body is reduced as far as possible below the premise that does not reduce in the strength that retains a car and safety performance. Traditional car is truckload every reduce weight 10% , oily bad news reduces 6%~8% . Our country was mixed 2020 cost of target of specific fuel consumption was 5L/100km and 4L/100km respectively 2025, real 2019 value is 5.7L/100 Km, distance target cost still has difference, make so that leader plant quickens light below policy requirement quantify layout. Well-known, car of new energy resources is right light quantify demand more pressing, pure electric car is truckload every reduce weight 10kg, add sails course of development can increase 2.5km. Will look at present, the car that tesla and colourful come to is small quantify lead an industry, mix in material, craft the structure is light quantify went up to form oneself particular technology advantage. Of tesla light quantify density of layout   batteries: The promotion of density of tesla batteries energy gifted the add with longer Model 3 sails ability, and the use measure that uses the 2170 batteries with single larger size to still can reduce batteries, from Model S 7000 knaggy 4416 when reduce Model 3, the fall that batteries section counts makes tesla is decreased further heavy. Batteries join craft: The batteries in group of tesla batteries model joins means is having simple change compared with traditional resistance welding, compare with Model S photograph, model 3 admiral negative pole connects splicing from a whole aluminium piece join became layout to be in batteries group two side, two sides aluminium piece union became bosseyed aluminium piece, reduce aluminium piece use quantity, reduce batteries weight. Batteries includes a construction: Reduce modular group to use, relatively at Model S model (batteries bag cent is group of 16 small models) , the batteries bag of edition of boat of Model 3 long add has 4 models group only, fewer modular group means fewer batteries to wrap BMS of group of in-house partition, batteries, wiring harness and interface of radiating tube road; Batteries housing construction is transitional, with Model S carapace of special setting batteries protects batteries to differ, the batteries group of Model 3 installed the position to enclothe cabin of the member that multiply basically, use steel structure of high strenth of automobile body bottom to protect batteries, component of batteries bag structure is used at bearing the weight of only weight of batteries bag oneself, relatively bag of Model S batteries decreases heavy 125kg. Light quantify material: At present aluminium alloy and high strenth steel are remained light quantify material anthology. On automobile body bracket, tesla Model S used automobile body of complete aluminium alloy to reduce automobile body weight effectively, because Model 3 considers oneself fixed position and cost control more used high strenth steel. 2019 homebred Model 3 use steel aluminium to mix automobile body, aluminous material is occupied come than dropping 21% , freeboard strong steel is occupied than rising to 15% ; On high-pressured lead, tesla uses high-pressured aluminous wire, the cupreous wire photograph of more identical current-carrying capacity is heavier than decreasing 21% , and cost is lower. Automobile body structure: Tesla used different automobile body design, model 3 cancelled air room to fall board, by plastic replace below board running water, decrease serious effect to amount to 40% ; Door compares Yu Chong to press window frame to decrease without window frame design heavy 65% ; Inside door board, inside around door board differ makings thick design, optimize door to sink, can come true reduce serious effect. Advanced technology uses: The advanced technology that the spare parts of different share used tesla to differ, suck in collision can the position (column of the carling before be like, A, B column, hind carling) use technology of hot punch armor plate, increased strength and reduced weight. Model 3 is touched in side suck can the position uses roller of steel of extra high strength to press like car floor beam shape craft, decrease than stamping workpiece weigh 17% above. What colourful comes is light quantify layout   aluminium to make automobile body: Colourful comes ES8 automobile body applied Nuobeilisi's advanced car aluminium alloy, completely aluminous automobile body reduced the weight of about 40% than traditional steeliness automobile body, realize weight of white automobile body to be 335 Kg only eventually. ES8 still used Maigena to be its before place design, made complete aluminium / hind deputy frame; Colourful comes to ES8 use aluminium alloy material to pledge entirely in chassis and pensile system in the meantime, automobile body is achieved with aluminous rate 95.8% , for tall. Advanced join technology: To answer aluminium alloy material qualitative itself extends sexual difference, deformation to restore to wait for a characteristic hard, wei Laicai uses a variety of advanced join technologies. Include to heat up be in harmony to attack riveting oneself, belong to from strong riveting, aluminous spot welding, Leng Jin transfer rubber of arc solder, construction, laser beam welding is received, high strenth smokes core to pull wait for advanced join technology.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

ES8 white automobile body applies high density of   of technology of 7 kinds of join to spend batteries: Colourful comes ES6 cell type is battery of 3 yuan of lithium, the supplier is peaceful heart times, ES6 model can select the group of batteries of constant temperature of 84 KWh liquid cooling with outfit bigger capacity (ES8 batteries group is 70 KWh) , density of energy of monomer report core is 170 Wh/kg, the add below NEDC integrated operating mode sails course of development exceeded 510 Km. Larger batteries size reduced batteries effectively to include the weight that itself fetchs. Light quantify batteries carapace: Germany Xigeli carbolic element company already became collaboration with Wei Laida, will come for colourful carbon fiber of research and development increases model plastic (CFRP) batteries crust is archetypal, this batteries crust is lighter than traditional aluminium or steeliness batteries crust 40% , have tall tigidity, and 200 times lower than aluminous thermal conductance. Particular weight can be reduced after the cell that uses this data is wrapped not only for colourful, still can give change report to bring advantage. Of traditional car look forward to light quantify look forward to of layout   traditional car to be in car of new energy resources is small the layout that quantifies a respect in recent years, build car new power besides car of new energy resources, traditional car look forward to also enters circuit of car of new energy resources stage by stage. Depend on itself to be accumulated in the technology of the respect that build a car at the same time with capital dominant position, traditional car look forward to is in car of new energy resources is small quantify a respect to also having good performance. For example: Masses car uses brand-new automobile body position in MEB of its brand-new platform of car of new energy resources, blend in batteries and electric machinery automobile body chassis, adopt group of model of flat type batteries to put park axle two side, use aluminium alloy material to serve as batteries carapace to protect batteries character at the same time, reduce batteries to wrap weight to drive light quantify. Biyadi is manufacturer of home's principal traditional fuel car, also be main new energy firm at the same time, in car of new energy resources light quantify a respect to have larger dominant position. Biyadi controls collect to be an organic whole in electric machinery of admiral of its E platform, electric machinery, reduced automobile body bulk and quality effectively. Among them weight drops 25% , power density promotes however 20% . On the whole, tesla and colourful come to what the car regards new energy resources as the car to get military vehicle look forward to, its are light quantify application to have surveyor's pole effect, domestic car look forward to divides Biyadi besides, boreal steam new energy resources, auspicious car also in succession follow closely is light quantify process rhythm, mix in material, craft the structure is light quantify go up to all expedite layout and application. Will look at present, the car that tesla and colourful come to is small quantify lead an industry, mix in material, craft the structure is light quantify went up to form oneself particular technology advantage.

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