On May 20, in product of forward position of science and technology of much money of Che Tangshan company is on congress of the 5th intelligence ” appears on the means “ wisdom that adopts objective and model. Home lists fact of train of float of magnetism of new generation of railroad car of new-style and wireless power supply and our country car shock is released, 400 kilometers cross speed per hour interconnection each other tells the state motor-car group and new generation nobody drive the product model such as the subway, the ode can not come city of wisdom traffic, wisdom, traffic of path of the future that help strength develops.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Home lists   of model of railroad car of new-style and wireless power supply to occupy in Pan Shuo of total stylist of railroad car of wireless power supply of Che Tangshan company introduces, by in it is brand-new that the country that Che Tangshan company develops independently lists railroad car of new-style and wireless power supply generation railroad car, use inductive type to be not osculatory power supply system, power supply of car of orbit of implementation our country makes type by “ wired ” arrives “ is wireless the breakthrough of ” , made up for domestic course industry to be not osculatory power supply to make the blank of type. In the meantime, train still used carbon fiber light quantify bodywork, medium independence annulus bogie and car hold place store can wait for crucial technology, traditional railroad car is compared to come true to upgrade in the round in the respect such as intelligence, comfortable, energy-saving environmental protection, it is the new technology achievement of domain of our country railroad car, representing the technical tide of prospective railroad car. Current, this train already was received Portuguese the overseas order for goods that wait. In addition, by in the train of float of magnetism of our country new generation of own research and development of Che Tangshan company also opens mysterious veil. 200km/h of train high traversal speed, innovation uses carbon fiber light quantify composite material and synchronism of “ permanent magnetism intermediate drive + the key such as ” of in suspension of electromagnetism of F course permanent magnetism, the perfect confluence of float of magnetism of the low speed in coming true and technology of float of high speed magnetism, have traction efficiency specific power consumption of tall, in suspension is low, turn radius small, climbing capacity strong, moving noise is low characteristic, it is brand-new new generation agile, spry and light, green, wisdom magnetism float train, will be trunk railroad network, city group 0.5 to 2 hours of traffic the circle adds interior of close, city to nod carry to the dot offer new alternative.

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15-18 December

New York City