As people safety consciousness increases, hasten of environmental protection code is severe, ask domestic and internationally to will rise even more to the flame retardation of electric home appliances<gj, add car of new energy resources and establishment of form a complete set (charge picket) , the rapid development that 5G builds, flame retardant the application of material is becoming more extensive. But, flame retardant not be a very relaxed topic. ? ? ? Plastic combustion and flame retardant the 3 element that mechanism combustible, temperature, oxygen is combustion happening. When temperature rises to fair numerical value, plastic be heated first degradation is macromolecule compound, continue next splitting decomposition measures compound for small element. The compound that these small elements measure is to have volatile combustible to pledge, certain chroma is accumulated in air when its when, can produce combustion phenomenon, combustion caloric is released promoted plastic degradation further again. From plastic combustion mechanism knowable, flame retardant can pass slow down or prevent one or more element to come true. Plastic and flame retardant mechanism is divided commonly for gas phase agglomeration is flame retardant, flame retardant and suspend hot trade flame retardant 3 kinds. Fire retardant is a kind of plastic additive, use fire retardant to be able to be opposite plastic undertake flame retardant processing, shun stuff thereby combustion and prevent igneous situation to spread, make synthetic material have disappear smoke sex, from extinguish sex and fire resistance properties. ? ? ? Contain bittern flame retardant suffer gradually desolate and general will tell, flame retardant material can be divided for organic and flame retardant material and inorganic are flame retardant material, among them, organic and flame retardant material basically is haloid additive. Haloid and flame retardant material is flame retardant efficiency is tall and dosage is little, make the mainstream product on current market, application is extensive. But, the defect of haloid fire retardant is, when fire happening, contain bittern flame retardant material can produce much smog and gas of toxic caustic halogenate hydrogen, bring about circuit short circuit thereby thing of other perhaps metal is corroded, cause a harm 2 times. In addition, still cause air pollution, produce serious effect to human body respiratory tract. The electron that the European Union promulgated last year shows code of screen zoology design asks, since March 1, 2021, prohibit showing to halogenate fire retardant is used in the box of screen, monitor and TV and baseplate in all electrons. Environmental protection asks the key that is prospective data pays close attention to direction, the use of the fire retardant that do not have bittern will be hasten of general trends place, accordingly, its dosage also can grow day and day. ? ? ? Without bittern flame retardant be chased after to hold in both hands add fire retardant without bittern not only can remove dilute to be able to light action of material pH indicator, more important is, can pass dehydrate of oneself absorption of heat or make material dehydrate, absorb the quantity of heat that combustion produces, drop temperature of combustion material surface, achieve the goal that prevents material afterwards afterflame to burn. The sound insulation layer that some fire retardant form a kind to be not lighted after oneself dehydrate or make can light exterior char, segregation can light material and airy contact, have flame retardant objective thereby. The ideal plastic fire retardant that do not have bittern should satisfy the following requirement: Flame retardant efficiency is tall, can gift plastic and good fire resistance properties; As good as plastic consistence, but better land is in dispersedly plastic in form homogeneous phase system; Do not decompose below plastic treatment temperature; Do not reduce plastic mechanical function, report performance, be able to bear or endure await function to wait; Wear is good, the play in material of high polymer of can long-term reservation is flame retardant action; Avirulent, without smelly, free from contamination, in flame retardant toxic gas does not produce in the process, do not produce pollution 2 times. Without bittern flame retardant the auxiliary of material is given priority to with phosphorous department compound and metallic hydrate. This two apperception close matter, do not volatilize when combustion, do not produce caustic gas, return department having silicon and azotic department fire retardant to wait for a few kinds of new-style fire retardant that do not have bittern additionally. New-style without bittern flame retardant amount of smoke of the hair when material burns is small, density is small, cost is low, the poisonous, caustic gas of generation is little also, without doubt, without bittern flame retardant material is flame retardant material increases rate at present fast. ◆ phosphor department does not have bittern fire retardant phosphor fastens fire retardant cent to be inorganic and organic phosphor fire retardant. Inorganic phosphor fire retardant basically reachs phosphor with red phosphorus, phosphate - azotic radical compound is given priority to; Fire retardant of organic phosphor department is main with phosphoric acid ester, inferior phosphoric acid ester, phosphine acerbity ester is given priority to. Get together ammonium phosphate (APP) it is the research domain with phosphorous department at present more active fire retardant, its exterior is white powder, decompose temperature > 256 ℃ , degree of polymerization is in between 10-20 be water-solubility, degree of polymerization is more than the difficult dissolve of 20 at water. APP compares organic fire retardant valence cheap, noxiousness is low, thermal stability is good, but alone or as compound as other fire retardant use at plastic flame retardant. Below high temperature, APP is decomposed quickly ammonia is enraged and get together phosphoric acid, ammonia enrages the aerobic chroma in OK and attenuant gas phase, rise thereby prevent flaming action. Red phosphorus is the fire retardant with another kind of good performance, not only have curb smoke, efficient advantage, and have avirulent characteristic. However, in applying actually, material of red phosphorus fire retardant sucks wet, oxidation easily, and release harmful and virulent gas, in addition combustion generation dust causes explosion easily, refine and the dangerous sex with the constant presence in noting the processing such as model are mixed in colophony, accordingly, phosphor is flame retardant material is used restriction certainly. Passing improvement red phosphorus fire retardant is amid joins metallic hydrate, plastic noxiousness problem was solved on certain level. Fire retardant of ◆ metal hydrate compares common metallic hydrate fire retardant to hydroted alumina and oxyhydrogen change magnesian fire retardant. Hydroted alumina Al(OH)3 is the fire retardant with inorganic hydrate much sale, its dosage occupies fire retardant to use the 40% above of gross, basically use at machining temperature to be in colophony of sex of the elastomer under 200 ℃ , balata, man-made balata, hot solid and thermoplastic plastic in the center. Hydroted alumina itself has smoke of flame retardant, disappear, stuff 3 functions, by its flame retardant plastic smoke sex is sent in blaze lesser it is an outstanding advantage. Because hydroted alumina does not volatilize, avirulent, can cooperate with with a variety of material generation again flame retardant action, be known as without fire retardant of inorganic of social effects of pollution. Oxyhydrogen changes magnesian Mg(OH)2 is the inorganic fire retardant with a kind of better thermal stability, more than 300 ℃ are stable still, use extensively at a lot of man-made balata, colophony, include a project the colophony that plastic etc issues in high temperature treatment, the effect of smoke of flame retardant, disappear has in polymer system. Hydrogen is magnesian as compound as hydroted alumina use, each other is complement, thereby the improves data anti-flammability of big limit, reduce the generation of the smoke index, quantity that send smoke, calorific quantity and carbon monoxide to measure, promote oxygen the index, improve drippy function to wait, flame retardant the effect is better than be being used alone. ◆ silicon fastens fire retardant to contain silicon compound to regard new generation as environmental protection fire retardant, the character such as because its are efficient, low poisonous, free from contamination, and the treatment function to material and physical function influence are minor, also be paid close attention to gradually, if get together silicon alkyl, get together silicon oxygen alkyl. The commonly used breed that ◆ nitrogen fastens fire retardant nitrogen to fasten fire retardant has 3 to get together cyanogen amine, 3 get together acerbity salt of make water of cyanogen amine cyanogen (MCA) etc, often need to join in coordination agent, nitrogen / phosphor is cooperate with commonly usedly flame retardant system, basically use in the colophony such as PA, PU, PO, PET, PS, PVC. MCA is a kind of nitric does not have bittern environmental protection fire retardant, special the PA6 that agrees with not to add filling and PA66, have pulverous shape and grain state two kinds of forms, when with this product flame retardant polyamide bubble burns, formation carbolic bubble layer protects action to arriving since polymer, heat insulation lies between oxygen. ? ? ? Without bittern flame retardant the material application in car component industry the car retains the promotion of the quantity, let accident of on fire of car spontaneous combustion also emerge in endlessly. Much is plastic be in flame retardant the performance of the respect is endless and good, so when will plastic at car component applying, the issue that wants a consideration is security, must ensure plastic flame retardant up to mark of fire prevention function. Generally speaking, undertake flame retardant modified, preparation is become when those who have flame retardation is plastic, can promote 25-35% the left and right sides LOI of its limiting oxygen index mostly, ability promotes car whole safety effectively the index (the author notes: Limiting oxygen index is to show the material below the condition in the regulation mixes the low oxygen chroma that undertakes combustion place needs having blaze in air current in oxygen nitrogen, the flaming when can judging material and blaze contact is difficult easy. Think LOI<22% belongs to combustible material commonly, belong to between 22%-27% can burn material, > 27% belong to flame retardant material) . In addition, add at present electrification is mixed the double setting of target of ” of “ double carbon, plastic this kind of product that is raw material with oil, and all sorts of containing haloid fire retardant, will be restricted by more. So, the development direction with flame retardant and plastic future, besides the mechanical property with enough need, in order to satisfy light quantify demand besides, car especially the domain such as electric car still can need new energy resources the requirement that material pays attention to respect of flame retardant, electric, treatment, environmental protection.

Without bittern flame retardant material can satisfy electric car in advanced and electric be opposite with electronic application function and but what durative higher demand should get off in using component, apply is flame retardant and plastic basically give priority to with PP, PU, ABS and PC, also have composite material accordingly according to the special demand of car component (plastic alloy) , of the material such as PA, PBT and PMMA use. ◆ is flame retardant PP polypropylene (PP) it is the car is used plastic and useful generous is plastic, but as a result of the PP before adding fire retardant flame retardant model poorer, its LOI is only 17. 8% , produce postaccident to burn easily. Flame retardant PP starts in our country later, but development is very rapid, grew industry of swift and violent automobile of new energy resources to be driven directly in recent years especially flame retardant the rapid growth of PP demand. Current, be opposite domestic and internationally the car is flame retardant the research that use PP key focusing at efficient with environmental protection, main around undertake modified to PP matrix, pass at the same time add the low poison, fire retardant that do not have bittern, development is had exceedingly good and mechanical function and flame retardant the PP of effect composite material, with contented car component flame retardant demand. In have pair of PP to undertake do not have bittern flame retardant in the technology of modified, expand model fire retardant (IFR) because the treatment to PP is fluidity, low density advantage impact is little and its are had flame retardant efficiency tall, dosage is little, low smoke, avirulent, without corrode gas to release wait for a characteristic, be considered as do not have bittern now flame retardant one of development way that PP has perspective. Because expand model fire retardant is even it is dispersedly in polymer, so each constituent can rise in requirement system assist effect effect. Of future expand model heat of fire retardant development can center in the following respects: Expand technology of the finishing technology of fire retardant, small capsule processing, imperceptible change all sorts of processing technology, fire retardant assist the copolymerization of effect technology and fire retardant and modified technology. ◆ is flame retardant ABS rises abruptly in automobile industry before, ABS also is home appliance course of study uses generous plastic one of. According to not complete count, the ABS consumption of about 80% comes from our country at home appliance domain, and the performance of exterior besmear outfit with superior ABS of this main profit from, wear and anti-corrosive properties. But because ABS colophony contains C, H, O3 only,plant element, oneself does not have flame retardation, this makes ABS colophony is in stability of high temperature level is very poor, burn extremely easily; Still accompany the generation that has peculiar smell gas and black smoke grain in ignition course, use its at the car to be put with component directly have safe hidden trouble. Must undertake to its before use function of flame retardation, heat-resisting does modified to handle so. Environmental protection does not have the promotion of halogenate, let do not have nitrogen of bittern, phosphor to fasten fire retardant to be used at ABS to be paid close attention to. ◆ is flame retardant PC polycarbonate (PC) as 5 big projects plastic one of, because its have the advantage such as high strenth, Gao Kangchong and heat-resisting to be applied at the production of car component, for example system of car dashboard, lighting, heat board, defrost implement reach PC to add up to gold bumper to wait. PC itself has certain anti-flammability, relatively at other and common plastic (like PE, PP) have definite advantage, LOI can arrive 21%-24% , UL94 is V2 class. Be opposite however car component is flame retardant the demand is relative taller applied domain, its flame retardation still is competent hard, still still need to undertake to its flame retardant modified. Current, much phosphor is being used to fasten fire retardant in industrialized PC product basically is TPP (phosphine is acerbity 3 benzene ester) , RDP (ester of 2 phenyl phosphoric acid) with BDP (double phenolic A double, namely ester of 2 phenyl phosphoric acid) . Solid state is below TPP normal temperature, thermal stability is poorer, volatilize easily below PC treatment temperature, develop gas phase only flame retardant action. The liquid is below RDP and BDP normal temperature, have better thermal stability, can develop gas phase and solid photograph at the same time flame retardant action, at the same time BDP and PC have better consistence, can rise to add the effect of fast sclerosis, so PC+BDP system is become use a kind of more system, BDP adds scale 10% . Car component also is in when choosing fire retardant with PC stand by to the environmental protection that do not have bittern, through adding a variety of auxiliary or preparation is compound model the way such as fire retardant, promote the integral performance of PC. In addition, PC constitutes composite material through waiting with ABS, PBT also is function of promotion PC treatment and flame retardation not 2 choices. ◆ is other and flame retardant plastic PP, PU, ABS and PC are current what main application produces at car component is flame retardant and plastic, in addition, will two plant or plastic melt mixes above in all the composite material of preparation also is to use a kind of more data at present, be like PC/ABS, PC/PBT composite material. Lang Cheng company rolls out without bittern flame retardant a kind of material that PA6 model Durethan BKV30FN04 is for connect of electric car wiring harness development, UL94 is V0 class, anti-flammability is tall, is mechanical function stabilized? ? ? Inside flame retardant and plastic development direction limits, flame retardant code is carried out strict is electronic electric equipment and cable domain, euramerican etc develop the market corresponds to electric equipment of car, electron, network the industry such as equipment was made relatively strict flame retardant code, pull thereby changed pair of flame retardant and plastic requirement. According to statistic, the project is plastic 2020 it is 311 thousand tons with fire retardant demand, among them demand of domain of electronic electric equipment is 288 thousand tons about, the demand of car domain is 23 thousand tons about. Without bittern organic phosphor fastens fire retardant respect, the demand of BDP was 194 thousand tons 2020, 62% what take demand of all fire retardant; Among them the demand of domain of electronic electric equipment is 173 thousand tons about, the demand of car domain is 21 thousand tons about. As industry of electronic electric equipment promotion of car of development, new energy resources, 5G is built reach an European Union to be carried out without halogenate policy, predicting project is plastic will grow further with fire retardant demand, demand will achieve 441 thousand tons 2023.

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